Monday, March 5, 2012

Appreciating the Simple Things

I received a message today from Maureen at Daydream Living telling me that she had chosen my blog as her Blog of the Week.  Maureen is a gal after my own heart, living life with an attitude of gratitude.  She is originally from Amsterdam, lived for a couple of years in Texas, and is now in Switzerland with her hubby and two girls.  Thanks, Maureen, for the mention and for thinking of me.

My March calendar reminds me to Appreciate the simple things; notice everyday miracles.
 Days have been busy; our internet has not been working up to speed; and after a dust storm, there is always much cleaning to do.  Time has gotten away from me lately.
In the midst of all the busyness, I do try to make time for simple things that make me happy, like crocheting.  I finished two more boutique bags.
And baking.  Coconut biscuits and oatmeal cookies.
This afternoon I came across the following quote: People overestimate the pleasure they'll get from having more stuff.  This does not apply to new rose bushes, crayons, or yarn stashes.  ~Dr. SunWolf (
Obviously I agree with the latter.
I took time out on Saturday to meet a friend for a late birthday lunch at Nirvana Indian Restaurant.
And then yesterday it was back to school along with lots of dusting and cleaning.  This evening I have a terrible headache that just won't go away so will definitely be turning in early.  As I lay my head down and give thanks for the comfort of my bed, I will say a prayer for those in the Midwest and the South who have lost loved ones and had their lives turned upside down due to the recent string of devastating storms.

Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Linda said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm with you on appreciate the simple things. That's where the most happiness lies. ♥

Hope you have a wonderful week.

Sarah and I are off for our 6-month dental cleanings this afternoon - sort of a yucky way to spend a late Monday afternoon, but I am appreciative for excellent dental and health benefits that enable us to do this at no cost to us. That's actually a big thing and not so simple. :)

I enjoyed your photos.

Kathleen said...

Those dust storms you have must be a pain. My husband's doing some DIY at the minute and the dust is everywhere. It drives me crazy. I hope you have a wonderful week too!

Rostrose said...

Dearest Tammy, congrats to you - I understand why Maureen choose your blog as her Blog of the Week. This is a heartwarming place!!!
OMG, this storms must have been soo bad! I'm glad that you had only problems with the dust, but you are all still healthy!
I wish you and your family (including Jingles) a lovely week! xox Traude

crafty cat corner said...

Your quote is so, so true.
Years ago when the children were small, I didn't have a stash of anything, I went to jumble sales and bought clothes to unpick and use for patchwork, I also bought sweaters and unpicked them to re-knit, I was so happy. I don't say I am not happy now but certainly I am no happier with my work room full of stuff, I used to love the challenge of making stuff for pennies.
Love your blog

Serena Lewis said...

An attitude of gratitude is a great way to look at each day. The simple things can often bring us the most happiness.

I love that pic of Jingles on the seat and your boutique bags are gorgeous!

Indian food...YUM!!!

My heart goes out to those devastated by the storms in the States too. Sadly, we lost one life in Queensland and one in NSW this past week due to the severe flooding in some parts. :(

I hope you wake with a clear head, Tammy...headaches are horrible to deal with.

Enjoy your week too ~

Serena xo

Becky~ said...

Hi Tammy!I agree with appreciate the little things because as the saying goes "Sometimes they may be the big things."

Again your food amazes me.Coconut biscuits?Oh my do they sound good.Maybe you could post the recipe some day.

Blessings!Have niceweek.I hope your headache gets much better.

Becky~ said...

Ok I clicked on the lime green link.Wow what a nice and quick recipe I love

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

You have been busy with all you have been doing. The boutique bags are beautiful.
Do hope you are feeling better and the headache has gone away.

enjoy the week

Kit said...

So sorry about your headache. Nasty things they are. I just love the pic of your cat sitting on the bench. So lovely. Sunny and warmer here today. Kit

Claudia said...

I hope your headache goes away soon! I was complaining about the weather the other day but then quickly realized that I had no right to when so many have been devastated by those terrible tornados.


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Tammy.....Ah simple treasures.....such a great reminder you have shared with us today....I needed this as I am JUST PLAIN CRANKY TODAY! lol lol



Melanie said...

Sorry you had such a bad headache. I get them once in awhile, so I can sympathize. You crocheted bags are absolutely darling! In the midst of your busyness, I'm glad you took the time to do some things that bring you happiness and pleasure.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy...So sorry you have a bad headache. Hope by tomorrow morning it goes away completely.

I definitely take joy in little things and love giving lots of gratitude for everything, big and small.

By the way, I'm thankful for having met you, too, and for reading your blog! Susan

Cozy Little House said...

That Maureen must have had perpetual culture shock from all that moving! If I lived where you do, I'd have lots of dust head aches. I hate dust head aches.

Lisa West said...

You certainly make many smile with your wonderful blogging. Great quotes and reminder of enjoying the simple things. I need to slow down and enjoy more "moments". God Bless, Lisa

Diane said...

That's why I love to blog with you Tammy - the gratitude and appreciation you have for your life. The picture of Jingles is just beautiful with the light and cushions - very nice. Hope your headache is better in the morning. Diane

Yarni Gras! said...

I love that quote!

Createology said...

Tammy I truly believe you live with gratitude for the simple things. Congratulations for your recognition. Hope your headache is better. We are all praying for the many suffering such devastation from the extreme weather and tornadoes. Blessings to you dear...

Teresa said...

Isn't it great to look around and smile happy at simple things... like the little birds that come by everyday hopping on the ledge by my office (I began leaving them a few cracker crumbs and now they're here everyday :) ) Now I have a little blueish one-legged bird saying hello to me every morning :) and I'm so happy to see him!
Hope your headache is gone by now!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

It is the simple things that make life a joyful adventure!! I'm definitely with Dr. Sun Moon on the yarn business. ;)

Hope your headache is all better and you have a wonderful day. blessings ~ tanna

Mereknits said...

Tammy, hope your headache is better, I suffer from them and they are just horrible. I still try to find gratitude in my day even with my head pounding away. So sad about the loss of life due to the storms. The day after a storm is so breathtaking, nature is funny that way. Love your boutique bags.

no spring chicken said...

The quote made me laugh. You've definitely been turning out some goodness... love the bags and now I need to go eat breakfast after your mention of cookies, biscuits and Indian food!

Blessings, Debbie

Sam I Am...... said...

I journal every morning about the day before and what I am grateful for. There are so many worse off than me that it would be a sin to complain about my life. I love my life in it's solitude and simplicity but it took me years to get here!
I should live over there then I would have an excuse for all the dust in my house! LOL! Your food and yarn fill my soul but now I'm hungry so I have to go fill my mouth! Have a great week and hope the headache disappears! Thanks for taking the time to blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chicky,
I love the crochet bags you made, very cute. Crazy weather over here as you know. For us, one day it is in the 20s the next the 60s, then cold again, back and forth. I am loving that today is a warm day. I hope your headache is gone. Thanks for the ecard.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

What a great post...yes being grateful. I made those crochet purses when I was in high school..I love the memory it brought back..and I have been trying to remember how to crochet again.

What a wonderful and relaxing enjoyed.

Daydream Living said...

Hi Tammy,
it's late here again, but before I go to bed, just wanted you to know how I love the attitude for gratitude way of describing me, just plain old love it! Will have to copy that one, thanks for the mention and if you are reading this in real time, I hope you woke up without that headache, lord knows I have them from time to time, so hopefully yours is gone.
Sorry I didn't wish you a happy birthday, my computer is having troubles. I will be heading a little towards your side of the world end of the month for a holiday (to dubai, not sure about it, don't know what to expect yet but he has to work there again in the middle of the school holiday, so we're combining work with pleasure). So that sunshine will be shining soon on us too (do you know, are there dust storms there too?).
Anyhoo, gotta go, sleep is required for this girl, talk soon Tammy,
hugs, Maureen xx

kimmie said...

I totally agree about the simple things! it looks like your Kitty understands that too :)

Hope your headache is gone ... maybe you just needed a little rest from your busyness :)

xoxo, kimmie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. I have to agree about appreciating the simple things. A tornado hit really close to home last Wednesday, and I have not been up to speed since then. I appreciate your kind thoughts.

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