Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thankful, Thoughtful Thursday

Well, the jig is up! It was the manner of the giving that gave me away. Today I wrapped up one of the yummy sour cream cranberry oatmeal bars and placed it in a red mug with cocoa mix, along with a holiday towel and Rita decided that she only knows one person who would give these kinds of gifts.

She came in to my office with her half eaten cranberry bar and asked if I had made it. I pulled her leg for just a bit but then admitted that I had been her little holiday elf and that my sole purpose and desire was to help spread a little joy her way. I certainly never expected anything in return.

“Hands that give also receive”

But today she gave me a lovely Christmas towel and the red bag was full of chocolates.

Rita's brother who lived in the States died suddenly in June just at the end of our school year here, and she has been mourning the loss ever sense. In fact, she told me today that she had decided that she wasn't meant to be a part of Secret Santa since it had been too late for her to join and she figured she really wasn't in the spirt of it after all. But, when she started receiving all the wonderful surprises this week, her attitude changed and she felt happy again!

“For it is in giving that we receive.”
St. Francis of Assisi quotes (Founder of the Franciscan order, 1181-1226)

Isn't that the true meaning of the season?


DeeDee said...

Tammy Thanks for stoping by to visit today...I feel for you my friend..I know this person will not be back in my life I just wanted her to know where my heart was.i know she still stops by to check things out....I feel for her becasue she has lost..I will move on and make more friends... my thoughts are with you....Happy Holidays thanks for always dropping me a note..I love them...and the theme of your blog...I have been doing a private blog which I post to every day for my grandies....

Me....bunny said...

This brought tears to my eyes..and yes Tammy,that is the meaning of the season and luckily for all your friends, you continue the season all year long with your genorousity and kindness.


Linda said...

Yes, that's most definitely the real meaning of the season and it's wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing how selfless giving can make all the difference. ♥


Sorry to hear about your friend's loss. Holidays are harder when we have lost a loved one. I am glad you all put her back in the spirit of Christmas. It is snowing and blowing like crazy here. When I am finished with all my comments on blogland I am going to go make a cozy fire. LOVE! Gwen

♥Mimi♥ said...

You bet it's the spirit of the season and should be the spirit we carry in our ♥s each and every day of the year. Being kind to someone gives so much pleasure to the giver. I can't imagine waiting all through each year to just celebrate kindness for a few weeks. It's too much fun to give - and especially to give in secret.

You are a little peach and are a standout sweetheart, did you know that?

Rita said...

Hi my dear Tammy,
I've especially liked your post today. you are indeed so special, sweet, graceful and generous and are there to make other people's lives better. I truly feel for your friend rita because since i lost my mother last year my holiday season is no longer the same it used to be as my mom meant the world to me.
Thank you for being there.
have a blessed weekend my friend

Tammy said...

Aw, what a lovely story, Tammy. I love that you all found it in your hearts to bring joy to this lady. How very sweet. I know this sentiment will be with her for many many years. Yes, giving is so rewarding. It makes someone's heart smile and that comes right back to you.
Have a lovely Friday, my friend,

crochet lady said...

You sure come up with some cute gift ideas.

That was really neat that your gift helped your friend feel special and loved, especially with such loss.

Melissa said...

I'm not surprised that through that kindness and thoughtfulness of your wonderful gifts that you put a smile and hope on this womens face. You were truly her angel in a time of need. I'm sure the people you work with have an extra skip in their step because of you. I'm gonna start making some holiday cookies and breads today to give out at work next week. I think I will try that cranberry cake you made also but for myself:) and send some with my husband to work. His friends are just loving the goodies I send from time to time. Have fun at baseball and hope I get to see you next week.

Ana said...

Hi Tammy,
It is wonderful that you have been able to cheer your friend up and that your kind and thoughtful gift has put her into the Christmas spirit. It is very difficult to deal with a love one's passing, but how wonderful that she has such supportive friends that care for her and are there for her. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs and Kisses,

Terri said...

Hi Tammy, are such a kind and warm hearted person. You have once again touched me today. Your friend is lucky to have you and I know you have lifted her spirits during this time of mourning for her. I wish we lived near each other...I would give you a big hug today. Terri

Julie said...

Hi, Tammy! Sorry it's taken me so long to come over for a visit--been a little crazy lately! I've sure enjoyed your visits and your sweet comments--thank-you so much!

What a lovely, thoughtful thing you did for your friend...I need to do some more of that this week and not be so "busy"!

Thanks for reminding me about what's really important--especially at this time of year! I'll be back soon to see more of your beautiful photos--I'm fascinated with Petra--can't wait to visit there someday!

Hope you're having a lovely holiday time with your family--see you soon!

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