Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy December

It's hard to believe December is already upon us. The kids and I went back to school today after our 5-day break. We ran over to the British Ladies Festive Bazaar after school but zoomed in and out. It was way too crowded and not enough space to maneuver around everyone. The few things I did buy were for charity. Operation Hope spearheads the Trash to Treasures program at an embassy women's shelter. All of these ornaments are handmade by the ladies using pages from donated magazines and fast food fliers. Pretty palm trees and hearts and stars.

I just love this cluster of grapes.

And proceeds from this cookbook benefit schools in Malawi.

Several years ago, we went to Jerusalem to visit my husband's family. Friends went along with us for the trip and it was a wonderful history lesson as well as a family reunion. The best of both worlds. Here's a picture of the kids in Bethlehem in front of the Church of the Nativity. There's a very small doorway that leads into the church which you can see just above Yusef's head on the right. I wish I had all my pictures from that trip on a computer somewhere, but once I printed them for our photo album, I deleted everything from the camera. The Church of the Nativity is where Jesus was born. We walked down into a little cavelike room where the manger is. An Italian tour group was there and spontaneously started singing "Away in a Manager" in Italian. It was the most beautiful sound I'd ever heard, I literally started crying.

Yusef said he had a headache after school and not long after we got home, he threw up and went straight to bed. I now have to give the bathroom a good scrub down. He didn't even get to eat lunch. Zack ate lunch but also said he had a headache. At 5 pm, they were both asleep. So off I go to take care of cleaning, then I will take a nice, hot bubble bath and settle in with some crocheting for the evening. Wishing you health and happiness, peace & blessings, Tammy



Sorry to hear the boys are sick. Enjoy your bath. Gwen , hugs!

Purvail said...

Love the things that are make from recycleable materials--magazine pages.
Hope the boys are not sick for long and if it's the flu..better to get it over now than have it at christmas. Love to all.
Aunt Elaine

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your boys are feeling sick. Hope they are well soon!!
What a wonderful trip to Jerusalem with family. It must have been wonderful....
Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Your ornaments that you found at the bazaar are beautiful. Absolutely amazing what people can do with their hands and inventive thoughts. Really fantastic. Sorry you did not get more of a chance to walk around. It looks like it was a nice event.
Sorry to hear about the boys not feeling well after school. Sure sounds like they might be allergic to school. HA! Good luck getting everything cleaned up and ready to do it all again tomorrow. Have a great day!!


Me....bunny said...


Sometimes your life sounds so exotic to me and then WHAM! reality hit me and both boys get sick...Perhaps our lives are not all that different. Sick kids are the worse...go ahead and enjoy your bath...Have a wonderful day.


Jill said...

Love all your delightful finds! so sorry the boys are sick...hope everyone is much better soon!

Sunny Tuesday said...

Those ornaments look so fun!

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are beautiful. So sorry to hear the kiddos are sick. I guess it is the same everywhere. What a wonderful trip it must have been to go to Jerusalem. Thanks for sharing with us.

Rita said...

Dear Tammy,
love your new blog header photo. So festive.
Thank you for sharing so much about your life events. it's so interesting to learn about life in another country during the holiday season.
BTW those recycled ornaments are stunning. isn't it amazing what creative people can do?
sorry to hear your kids are sick. hope they're feeling better now. Mine was sick all week last week. she had a strep throat and was a nightmare for nearly 5 days.

Jodie LeJeune said...

Hi Tammy!!!!
Hugs...I miss you! Oops, I don't want to get too close as I hope the boys are feeling better this morning ;) and I hope that you enjoyed your nice long relaxing bath and got some creating done. I'm just plain jealous! haha
Anyway...I wish you had more photos to as I would love LOVE to hear more about the Church of the Nativity!!! I love all of that and much of it is on my list of places to visit. You have such good memories girl!!!
Okay, I'm off to scroll down some more and see what I've missed in the last week while I was out. I was having "Tammy withdrawals" and I thank you sooooo much for always checking in on me. It meant the world to me, you'll never know!!!
Happy Holidays (and I love all of your charity finds!!)
everything vintage

Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs said...

Hope your boys feel better soon. I always hate when my little on is under the weather and breathe a sigh of relief when he's on the mend. Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a beautiful story for this precious time of year. I did not know your DH's family lives in Jerusalem. That's fascinating. The part about the Italian's singing "Away in a Manger" about made me cry.
Ewww, sorry you're having to deal with two sick boys. Hope your bubble bath eased away the ick ;) I know the crocheting helped! You sound just like me, I'm crocheting away the free time I have...so fun and satisfying :)

Sunny Tuesday said...

PS - I love the new header and background!

Melissa said...

I still need to see your pictures from your trip as it sounds like it was very spirtual. I've been feeling headachy to since yesterday and it clobbered me today. Drugged myself with Advil migraine and then went to the club to work out. Did the trick. So now I'm sitting enjoying some coffee, which I NEVER drink at night as caffeine tends to help. Glad to see my magazines made some beautiful ornaments that went to a good cause. Wish I could of went to lend some support.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Just checking on you this morning. Love those ornaments they are so pretty hard to believe how they were made. I would of never guessed it.
I hope by the time you get this that your boys are well and back in school. I so remember all those days with my babies. It really tires you out both mentally and physcially.
Take care of you.

Linda said...

You found some lovely items at the Bazaar. The photo of your sons in Bethlehem is wonderful. How I would love to visit this precious place. You can scan the photos from your album and save as .jpgs for your computer - that's what I'm doing with all of the old printed photos that I have. Big job, yes. But worth having them saved on the computer and backup disc/drives as well. My husband maintains the backup of all of our photos and we have discs stored at my parents house as well, in case something happened to ours.

I'm sorry your son is ill and hope he will be better very soon ♥


Cynthia K. said...

Oh my, how fabulous that ya'll were able to go to Jerusalem - I would so love that - walk where Jesus walked and see the places we read about in the Bible. Maybe, one day... The picture of your sons is such a beautiful keepsake. The Away in a Manger song would have had me in big tears too...

Cynthia K.

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