Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Monday

First, I would like to say thanks to everyone for all the words of encouragement. I really appreciate it!

Yesterday just didn't seem to go my way at all. But today, I was determined to change all that. It was a busy but productive day. I didn't get much crafting done, but I did start the holiday decorating a bit. Tablecloths, table covers, towels and placemats have all come out and are being spread around.

The tree and all other decorations are in the crawl space above both bathrooms so this weekend Sam will get all that down for me. I just love bringing everything out because I never can remember all that I have. Like these pretty cross-stitched linen towels.

It is like Christmas before Christmas when holiday decorating commences.

Years ago, I remember seeing an article in a magazine about using cloves to decorate oranges as a natural room freshener for the holiday season. I didn't have any directions to go by, only my memory (which is not so good most days). But I thought they turned out good enough and they certainly smell divine.

Tomorrow involves work, of course, then when we get home from school, a little cleaning (I need to make room for the tree) and definitely some crafting! Peace & blessings to one and all! Tammy


Anonymous said...

Well Tammy I am doing better than I thought I would. I skipped art class today, since I don't have time to paint now. I agree it is fun getting things out and not remembering what you actually had. When I was working and out and about in the stores all the time, I would buy things and get home and see I didn't need this or that at all. Now days I only go to town one day a week. Am enjoying sharing this time with you.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I am gonna do the oranges and cloves thing. I love that idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh.... I remember sticking cloves in oranges many years ago!! Thanks for reminding me of it!! Then I wrapped a ribbon around it to hold it & suspend it from a hook!! It smelled so nice for quite awhile.....
I am stalled in decorating.... I have my 1 foot pink tree up & haven't put up anything else.
Gotta' get my engine going again!!
Happy Holidays!!

Rita said...

Dearest Tammy,
so glad to hear to have commenced your Christmas decorating. It's so much fun.
Love your cross-stiched towels and, what a coincidence, yesterday I took my "Making Christmas" book from my bookcase and went thru the apples, oranges, and lemons + cloves pages and had it in my mind all day today that this is exactly what I must do next. It'd be my first time as well so I'm glad you experimented it first to give me the right kick with that. Must smell great.
Love & blessings

Judi said...

So glad your day was upbeat and productive! I love the embroidered linens. The little items you made are called Pomanders and we made them every year at Christmas when I was a kid. I forgot all about them! Thanks for the memory. Judi

Linda said...

Your holiday linens are lovely! I adore pretty things like that. And that's a great idea for the oranges with the good-smelling cloves.

Thank you for your very kind comments about my Aunt Maxine's passing. I really appreciate your caring thoughtfulness. ♥
Hope your week is a blessing.
Linda :)

Purvail said...

Love what you have done so far towards your Christmas decorating.. I always loved the scented oranges with cloves.--they do give off a wonderful aroma
Your Aunt

Jane said...

I remember seeing cloves in oranges before. That does sound like a great way to add a nice scent to the kitchen.
I love the cross-stitched linen towels. They have a wonderful vintage look to them.
Have a great week.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Tammy, I have been over here on your blog reading for about 45 minutes. Your life and your travels are so interesting. I especially loved seeing the photos of Petra. I would so love to visit the Holyland someday. I would love to walk in some of the places that Jesus walked and see sites from Biblical times. Thank you for your wonderful comment today, it really blessed me.
I'll come back and visit soon,

Mona @ la la by mona said...

Thanks so much Tammy for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m enjoying your blog!

Merry Christmas,

Rostrose said...

Hmm, it must smell very good - and I'm sure you did it all right with the oranges, dear Tammy! Hugs and warm Advent-regards, Traude

crochet lady said...

Lovely decorations. Love the sweet towels.


You know... I have been meaning to do a bowl of oranges and cloves for years... maybe I will get around to it this year. Blessings and hugs cuz'!

Me....bunny said...

Did you embroider those towels...I love em'. And I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your new blog look. Have a good day Tammy.


Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff said...

Welcome T. I'm Cindy. You'll love being a blogger, I've been one 2 years. I have friends all over, and your the newest. I love your. boarder and header. Your Christmas linens are darling and I can smell those oranges.

I look forward to visiting you often. Come visit me.


DeeDee said...

Hi Tammy

I did make my vistorian calendar on a cookie sheet.. I just love your holiday decoartions...and your snuggly sunday..I had a day like you and al everything just seemed to grind at itself....hope you day is better today..happy holidays...thanks for always visiting...I look forward to it...

Terri said...

Hi Tammy, I love your family photos at the top of your blog....they are beautiful. I decorated oranges with my children yesterday too! You did a great job...better than ours. happy holidays and thanks for being such a spiritual and soulful blogger. Makes my day to read your blog! Terri

Anonymous said...

Ooo, Tammy, your clove-studded oranges look beautiful and I love the red candle burning next to them. It looks so festive and old-world. ♥

Anonymous said...

Tammy thanks for reminding me about finding the link on the side bar for the recipe. MAking those linky things can be tricky - I think maybe you had your address copied when you went to paste the link instead of our family attics address. I did that just the other day!!! You can just go in and relink when you edit your post- there is an option when you place your mouse or arrow on the link to remove or change (might have to right click for that option.)

Well it looks like the cat is out of the bag now on secret Santa but am sure you had fun while it lasted!


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