Sunday, December 13, 2009

Slow but sure

Sunday salutations to one and all! We had work/school today and it's been a long one, but I am slowly getting this place decorated for the holiday season.

I found these bottle brush trees today while shopping at Daiso, a Japanese store that is the equivalent to the Dollar Stores in the States. They also had the trees in pink but I decided to stick with earth tone colors.

This pot was decoupaged by a friend and then embellished with paint and glitter.

A couple more Santas.

And the tree is up but needs to be adorned.

There's also a smaller one for the tv room. I have literally been on my feet for 6 hours since we got home, I still have messes all over the place, and cleaning to do but that will all have to wait until tomorrow. Goodnite!



Yeah! Your tree is up, can't wait to see it decorated. Looks like you collect santas. good thing to know. I hope you can relax the rest of the night. Blessings and hugs! Gwen

Anonymous said...

Your tree will look lovely I am sure. Can't wait to see the pictures!! Love your decorations......
Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy you are hustling, just like us all. I do not have work to deal with I am still behind. We Mom's love it though, don't we? Wouldn't have it any other way. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!! I hope they loved the cookies!! was you stuff you made it with room temp even the eggs? That makes a huge difference when baking. My birthday is in march! Love the bottle brush trees! awesome find. Hugs


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Tammy, things are looking great, pretty tree. Wow, love those bottle brush trees they look so old, and your Santa's are so cute. Can't wait to see all your photos when things are done. Have a great week!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I love all your Santas and look forward to seeing your tree decorated.
I hope that you have a good week and some time to relax.


♥Mimi♥ said...

First, I'll tell you...if I had a chance to get my hands on pink bottle brush trees I would have bought out the store. You have NO IDEA how much I ♥ pink. It is my passion.

Second, I know what you mean about being on your feet all day decorating. I could have said that yesterday and the day before. It seemed like every time I thought I had finished a room I turned around and found something else that would look cute here or there - you know - everywhere!☺

Jane said...

I loved the bottle brush trees you found and the earth tone colors will work with everything. I collect Santas so I really liked seeing the Santas in your collection.
Have a great week.

crochet lady said...

Looks like you got a fun start to decorating. Get some rest! Hope you post a pic of your finished tree.

A Fanciful Life said...

Tammy, you are sooooooo far ahead of me with decorating! I may just do some minimal decorating at this point. I was so tempted to buy a cute white tree at Michaels today. Love your bottle brush trees!
Sharon :-)

Me....bunny said...

Hey Tammy,

I'm glad to know that there is a dollar type store in your area..what would we do w/o one?
Love the bottle brush trees too! Lots of decorating...looking good.


Linda said...

I adore the Bottle Brush trees!! All of your decorations are lovely.

Melissa said...

Love the vintagey look of the Santas. Amazing what you can find at the dollar store, nobody would have known better. Don't worry, it'll all come together soon enough. Enjoy and put on your Xmas music to keep you in the mood.

Vicki said...

Hi, Tammy,
I hope you were able to rest up some and get off your feet. I just got my tree up and some decorations out. As I have grown older, it is harder for me to get myself in gear for Christmas decorating. When I think of the grandchildren coming for Christmas Eve, then I am able to get myself up and moving and getting some decorating done. I love your Santas. Each one so cute and unique!! I think bottle brush trees always look so festive, and sadly, I don't have a one. I hope you have a good week. Wishing you much happiness!! Vicki

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