Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Happenings

We went to our neighbor who just lives around the block. He gave us 8 containers of dates that he had stored in the freezer. I didn't know you could freeze dates. They are from his yard and are so good.

He also has bees and makes honey.

This is his yard. You forget you are in Kuwait when you see areas like this. So nice!

These chickens were brought from Thailand and are quite expensive.

We took Jingles to the vet. She had a fever, he gave her three injections and tomorrow we go back for more. He also gave her some glucose for dehydration. She actually came home after that and ate a little bit of her food. Hopefully she is on the mend.

We stopped at a couple of Indian antique shops on the way home. I just love the Indian quilts. Such beautiful textures and vivid colors.

Last nite we went to visit friends and when we left, we got homemade date cookies. Yummo! These are my favorite and I don't know how to make them so every year Nisreen gives me some. Delicious! I think I've had at least 6 today, maybe 7.

And finally, I finished the baby afghan I was working on. That means tonite, I can start some new projects.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Peace & blessings to all!


Melissa said...

WOW! You've had a busy day. Glad to hear Jingles is on the mend. At least the weather was bearable today. Love the baby afghan and I'm sure Fran will too. Maybe we can go see her together.

Bunny Missbrenner said...

I'm sure Jingles is feeling better already! Dates...I love dates...sooo sweet! Indian Antiques? Are they really antiques? They are beautiful. I've seen how you decorate...lucky, you get to use all the vivid and eclectic items.


miss lynn said...

tammy, thank you for the kind
words on my blog today! you made
my day, and it is totally cool to
me that you are on the other side
of the world reading about my
happy paper art. wild. :) your
jingles is a beautiful cat, i hope
she is feeling better! cats really
do become the heartbeat of a home.
blessings to you!


Happy to hear Jingles is on his way to recovery. Mom and I were worrying about him! Date cookies sound delish! The indian quilts are gorgeous!! Is that grass I see?! Too bad the chickens are on it, other wise you could run around in your bare feet. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Boy, it is not often you see a bee keeper in Kuwait that has chickens running around his yard. Is this guy Kuwaiti? If so he certainly has some qualities that other people should be paying attention to. What a neat neighbor. Your day sounds wonderful. The quilt shop is great. I love the one I brought home. Hope you get a chance to see Fran before you go back to school. Have a great day, and get some sleep!!

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