Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Pink Saturday

I actually found some more pink around here. Today I am wearing this perfume given to me by my friend, Elena, for my birthday this past February. It's by Celine Dion --smells so nice. The pink handblown ornament was a gift at a British Ladies Society Christmas dinner I attended several years ago.

My cousin Gwen made me this lovely card and gave it to me along with a gift bag of goodies before I left the States this summer.

These are my moss roses on the balcony. There's very few plants that can survive the temperatures of Kuwait all year long, but this is one plant that does. It doesn't flower all year, but when it does, it is so pretty -- and now is blooming time! (Bloom where you are planted -- that's what I am trying to do each and every day!)

And finally, I am working on another baby afghan -- this has pink in it, and I am even using a pink crochet hook.

Live today through rose-colored glasses. :) Peace and blessings! Tammy


Anonymous said...

I am in love with your Moss Roses! Imagine, flowers in Kuwait. And I love your pretty perfume bottle and the beautiful handblown glass ornament. I crochet, too! God bless ya :)

Martha's Favorites said...

Love the Moss Roses. I couldn't imagine flowers in Kuwait and there they are. Isn't wonderful what God can do for us. Those flowers are just there giving you a smile from God. Blessings, Martha


Lovely pink pretties! And there is the card I made you. {blush!}

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