Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving. (Kahlil Gibran)

Years ago my mom gave me her set of Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks that were published in 1963.

I was looking through this one yesterday searching for a frosting recipe. It gives ideas on setting the table and provides recipes for a complete Valentine meal.

We don't do anything special around here on Valentine's Day. I usually just do small things for friends. (My friend Melissa gave me this sweet sterling silver heart necklace for Christmas.)

Everyone at school enjoyed the sugar cookies. Always nice to spread a little joy. Tomorrow I will give out the crocheted hearts with a piece of chocolate. Decided to extend this celebration of love throughout the entire week.

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love everywhere you go. Mother Teresa

Sending lots of love and good wishes your way! Hugs & blessings, Tammy


Diane said...

Don't you just love those older cookbooks!! I got a Betty Crocker big cookbook for Christmas when I was twelve (about 1954). If I could be sick (which was really hard to fake a temperature) my mother would make me go to bed and I'd read that cookbook all day long and dream about making Baked Alaska

Linda said...

The OLD recipes are by far the BEST!!! I hope you have a wonderful VALENTINE'S DAY:)


Jodie LeJeune said...

Happy Valentine's Day Tammy!!!!!

And...Happy Birthday Month, Day 14!!!! Only 14 days left of it girlie, hope you are enjoying every minute of it!!!!

I love the old cookbooks. Isn't it cool just to curl up in a comfy chair and read them? Maybe bend a corner of one of your favorites???

I had no doubt that everyone at school would love your sugar cookies...they were too cute not to be delicious.

My Birthday Wish for you today is... Artfulness

My you leave your mark in everyone's heart, just by the touch of your hands~
everything vintage

La Dolce Vita said...

I love that Mother T quote, spread your love like Jam!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your so sweet to do this post. Thank you for always leaving me such lovely comments.
One day soon we need to da a post about you for Temptation Mondays...let me know
Happy Valentines Day

glor said...

Happy Valentine's day and week to you Tammy. I love your idea of extending the celebration of love throughout the week. Bless your heart.

Rustique Gallery said...

Tammy, these two quotes are just wonderful. I love your crocheted hearts-they will be a lovely gift. Have a LOVEly day!

Sandi said...

Hi Tammy,
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to you and your family way over there!!!!! lol

deborahspalette said...

Oh.... that is a sweet gift from your mom, I love vintage cook books. Vintage things remind me of a time when being a stay at home mom was expected. Family came 1st, and home was where the heart was. Is that a romantic notion, brought on by memories of Joan Cleaver or did a time like that truly exist? Joy found in making simple treats from a Better Homes and Garden Cook Book. Love Blessings sent to your Home this Valentines Day, Deborah

A Fanciful Life said...

Tammy, wishing you a happy Valentine's Day! The old cookbooks and magazines are so fun to look at. I was perusing several at the flea market yesterday - they make me smile. So glad everyone enjoyed the cookies - how could they not? They were just too adorable.
Happy Valentines!
Sharon :-)

Rita said...

Sweet Tammy,
hope you had the happiest Valentine's Day ever!
Love your crotcheted hearts and I do bet everybody loved your sugar cookies at school. You're so thougthful and caring and on a day like today it is so important to know that outthere someone named Tammy truly cares and is always there and ready to spread lots of love around.
Have a great V day week!!!

Vicki said...

Hello, beautiful friend,
Those older cookbooks are the absolute best. They remind me of a kinder, more innocent time. I am wishing for you and your family a blessed Valentine day and happy week ahead! You always spread love with your kind words. Vicki

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for stopping by, the rink was packed so I chickened out and just watched my kids skate. :( I am so bad though that when someone whizzes past me I topple over! quite a sight to be sure! Your handmade hearts are wonderful, lucky friends. Wow your birthday plans sound fantastic!! Have a wonderful time! See you soon, Theresa

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Tammy, everyone is going to love your crocheted hearts and the love you put in them. I collect old cookbooks. Your's are so special because they are from your mom. I love Fire King dishes so that's why I recognized your's so easily. Thanks for visiting today. I hope you've had a happy Valentine's Day! Twyla

Barbara Jean said...

Thanks for coming by my place.
Hope you got signed up for the giveaway!!
(click on baby shoe est at top of post.)

blessings and Happy Valentine's Day

barbara jean

crochet lady said...

Happy Valentines Day Tammy! Looks like you have some sweet treasures to be shared. Cute crocheted hearts.

Old cook books are the best. I have one I treasure from the early seventies. It is a kids cookbook that my mom gave me. I have fond memories of salivating over the dreamy appearance of the shiny frosted layer cakes. I tried but mine never quite turned out like the pictures. The process however, was the most important part because it was time well spent with my mom.

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Happy Valentines Day! So cool that your mom gave you those cookbooks. And how sweet of you to keep the holiday going by giving out your crocheted hearts and chocolate tomorrow.

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Valentines Day Tammy.
Love all your old cookbooks and all the hearts.
Enjoy the rest of your birthday month!


Me....bunny said...

We don't do anything special either...we love each other every day. Although, Eric washed my car this morning before I woke up...pretty nice huh? Yes, Tammy...spread the love all week and good karma will find you...we did ~


DeeDee said...

That is a good year for lots of things..I was born that year..hehehe! I love all your hearts...Happy Valentines Day...your spirit makes me smile everyday

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I love old cookbooks Tammy. I actually use my newer ones more for recipes, but I love the images in the older ones. I'm glad the kids at the school got to see Nick Vujicic. I'm sure he was wonderful. Btw, today is my "half" birthday. I'm halfway to my next one :-) I just thought about that because this is your birthday month. My birthday is in your "half" birthday month. I hope that makes sense. My kids have made me aware of this as everyone around here knows their "half" birthday :-)

Claus said...

Happy - belated- Valentine's Day! All those "single Valentine activities" I listed where changed for a day of painting walls for my future niece's room. What a better way to give out love!, right?
I'm sure everyone will be delighted with your tokens of love.

Melissa said...

Hope your Valentines was filled with love and joy. I'm sure it was for everyone that you decided to bless with your yumminess and craftiness. How neat that your mother saved those books and that you actually kept them. I'm always getting rid of mine when I'm finished reading them but am now having second thoughts. Maybe I'll save a few GoodHousekeeping ones and Reader's Digest. They're always nice to look back on.
Today I wish you love and friendship as you always give of yourself unconditionally. Love you bunches girl!

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that Valentines day included thought of your mom and the cookbook she have you so long ago. It is cool the way cook books used to include so much more than just recipes...
I have little doubt that everyone at school loved the cookies, and that they will be blown away to know that there is more to come. Keep them on their toes with random acts of kindness. What a wonderful thought on your part to extend the giving over a few days. Nothing like making a good thing last!!

Love ya,

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