Monday, July 17, 2017

Dubai: Day Two

Friday morning started out a bit hazy.
We first had coffee in our room and then took a walk around the grounds before being joined by our friend, Yamanaka, for breakfast.
They decided they wanted to see War for the Planet of the Apes in 4D -- that means wearing 3D glasses while the seats move for extra effect.  I've never been a fan of Planet of the Apes so chose instead to spend several hours on my own.
So, I walked and walked and walked some more.
There's much to see inside.
And outside the mall.
Shortly before meeting back up with the guys, I sat and had a dairy free strawberry lemonade yogurt sorbet with fresh fruit.  So refreshing.
After resting up late afternoon, we then headed out to old Dubai for the evening.
Where we walked some more.
And took a boat tour.
We ended the day with Lebanese food.
When we got back to our room, I checked my health app.
I'd say I definitely got in my walking for the day.

Best wishes for a great new week.


Amy at love made my home said...

You definitely did a lot of walking! All good though and lovely sights to see while you were out and about.

Kit said...

I can't sleep, so I am visiting! There are the umbrellas. I commented on your last post instead of And love that water shot, so pretty! What a great little get away. :) Kit

Linda said...

Looking great on the steps! :) Neat photos.
I can't do any kind of movie like that due to motion sickness.

Have a great week!

Betsy said...

Wow! That's a lot of walking. I usually try to get 12,000 steps a day because that's what my cardiologist wants. But the most I've ever had a 17,000. You put me to shame, my friend! I loved, loved, loved every single one of these photos, but my absolute favorite are the umbrellas. So pretty. Thank you for taking us with you. Dubai is somewhere I'll probably never go so it's wonderful to see it through your eyes. Blessings always, Betsy

Teresa Kasner said...

What a nice time you're having there! I love that tall tall building. I also enjoyed the umbrella art installation.. I bet it also helps cool and shade the area below the skylights. I hope you got a souvenir in the gold shop! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

IT looks like a wonderful place to walk and search out amazing things to see. Those umbrellas are so cool! Glad you had fun.

Lotusblommans vardag said...

Wow! That´s alot of walking. A really healthy number of steps.
It's more fun to go and discover a city yourself than to go sightseeing trips.

I love the spice market photo. I think I see some candy there too. ;)
The umbrellas makes a great scenery. And the boat tour looks nice.

The Lebanese food sound like a perfect end on a rewarding day!

Warm wishes!

Lorrie said...

While piling up those 20,000 steps, you saw a lot of beauty. The spices in those containers really caught my eye, and the parasol ceiling. How beautiful Dubai is. I'd have made the same choice as you, walking rather than a movie.

summersundays-jw said...

Such an interesting place.....thanks for the tour. Doubt very seriously that I ever visit Dubai so I have to depend on you to take me there. Beautiful!

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

You walked a lot indeed, Tammy! I love that umbrella installation. It looks great, especially from above. I don't blame you for not joining the guys. These are not my kind of movies either.
xo Julia

Melanie said...

You certainly did get a lot of walking in! What's the health app that you use...does it count steps using your phone? (I don't have a FitBit.) Thanks for showing us more of Dubai.

Createology said...

You certainly did get in your walking and then some! The colors and textures and sights in your photos are amazing. Such an interesting and varied (long) day you enjoyed. Lots of cultures in your dining experiences and how wonderful to be so international! <3

handmade by amalia said...

I would have joined you for a walk - what a fascinating place. And beautiful photos.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Wow, you have explored Dubai on foot and got an excellent work out.
That makes enjoying any meal so rewarding as you EARNED it.
Lovely photos and I would have teamed up with you those two days, movies are not my priority either and not that title.
Both of us have been enjoying our biking, we even did drop off parcels at the post office for mailing out.
Pieter did one in the morning and I did one in the afternoon. Showed that if I bike solo, my average speed is a lot better and also in 25% less time as Pieter does. But it is unfair to compare his age and heart condition with mine! So I usually slow down when we go together and at times when I go full speed, I step off and wait till he catches up with me.
Such is life and the important thing is going it together and enjoying it.
My favorite biking routes are through the fields, the smell, the tranquility of nature and the absence of cars I do LOVE.

Angie said...

Tammy - catching up on postings! So much beauty here ... I had heard about Dubai, but this certainly exceeded my expectations! From the umbrellas to the boats reflected on the water - but my absolute favorite are the sculptures of the men diving into the fountain!

Sam I Am...... said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I love visiting these places I shall never get a chance to if it wasn't for you and other bloggers. Especially seeing things that ordinary travel shows don't show you. The umbrellas were a beautiful site and the divers and water features....just gorgeous! I really liked 'old' Dubai too....I had never heard of Dubai until they started building it up. I wonder what changed? It seemed like all of a sudden it was this bustling new city that was being talked about everywhere. Have yo u ever watched The Knitting Expat? Probably not but she was from London and she moved to Dubai with her husband for his work and then they moved to Bahrain while he worked in Saudi Arabia but she had to travel to Dubai for her they are living in New York! LOL! It was very interesting though to hear her talk about her experiences just like I enjoy hearing about yours. Your photos are so great and the food and fauna are amazing! That is why I want to cook some of these dishes so I can try and taste these countries....I can't do that through your posts!

Sam I Am...... said...

P.S. What is that walking pedometer? Is that a fitbit? I would like to get something like that but some are very expensive....any suggestions?

Mary said...

I loved that mall so much - hope to return some day!

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