Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Snapshot

Greetings from a sweet little bird outside my window this morning.
I put water for them in a bowl on my balcony but imagine it's not very refreshing because of the heat.  It certainly doesn't take long for the water to completely evaporate when it's 120  degrees outside.
We currently have a family friend and business associate visiting from Madrid, so took him to lunch at Radisson Blu for Chinese food.   
The Al Hashemi sits right outside the hotel and is registered with the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wooden dhow ever built.
As you can see from the hazy look of this picture, we've had humidity the past couple of days.  As soon as we step outside, everything fogs up.  
Back at home, I did a quick watercolor for today's ICAD prompt of dessert or desert.
An obvious choice since I live in a desert country.
There's also some crochet happening that I'll tell you about soon.

Happy Sunday!


Mereknits said...

We have the humidity but we are not near that hot here in FLorida. I so wish you were traveling the US this summer. Have fun with your friends.

Createology said...

What a lovely post with lots of interesting things. Your watercolor icad is perfect. I believe I would take humidity over dust. <3

crafty cat corner said...

How do you survive in that heat Tammy? I would wilt.
Love the little bird. Where do they get their water from I wonder in such a dry place

Gracie Saylor said...

So many interesting things in this post, Tammy. The wooden ship is amazing! I love your camels...wooden and the painted one, and now you have me curious as to what your crochet project is :) Happy Sunday! xx

Susan said...

Oh gosh, Tammy. Truly, I would perish in Kuwait's heat. 12 years in Arizona just about did me in. I am a New England girl who loves face-freezing weather. You have adjusted so wonderfully. Take care. Always good to see post by you. Susan

Jodiebodie said...

Some of the tones in your crochet echo the tones in your watercolour.
I'm sure the birds appreciate your water, even if it doesn't last long.
Be careful not to melt!

Beca said...

I've been wanting to venture into painting but haven't taken the plunge. It looks like fun. It's good you have a few indoor hobbies going since it's so hot outside. Hope you get some relief soon.
xx Beca

Lotusblommans vardag said...

Beautiful photos! Cute ICAD.

Delicious food. To see those yummies made me hungry.
I feel I have to make something to eat.

Have a nice evening among your camels and elephants. ;)
And send some heat here so you get a little less left!
( Life is unfair... )


Sam I Am...... said...

How have I missed so many of your posts? I think I was in a coma for awhile or something! Gracious, this getting old is like I am standing still while the rest of the world goes zooming by! LOL! Oh well, at least I can revisit them...better late than never. So fascinating about the wooden dhow! Amazing world we live in and it is so big and you never run out of things to learn about it. My windows were fogged up this morning because of the AC on inside and the rain and heat outside. I'm already looking forward to October! LOL! I think after living here I would be happy in the arctic! LOL!

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