Sunday, May 6, 2012


It was my intention to create balance in my life this week, but it's after 10 o'clock, time for bed and all I've done is cook and clean, cook again, clean some more and prepare for another day.  Why does everything take so long?
I've also learned that my balance is way off when I try to take pictures of birds in the afternoon.  I actually have to lean against a wall or put my arms on something just to steady myself.  It's very hard to zoom in on a faraway subject and snap a photo at the same time.
 Tomorrow I'm going to balance the scale in the opposite direction.  Less doing and more time just for me.
 Goodnight from my side of the world!


val said...

hope that this coming week will be a craftier week for you :-)

Debi Y. said...

Good night Tammy - I hope you have a good, relaxing day tomorrow. :)

Draffin Bears said...

Good morning from my side of the world, to you Tammy.
Hope that you can get the balance right and have more time for yourself.

Have a wonderful new week

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi dear Tammy...hopefully this week finds you "more in balance."



Diane said...

I hate to tell you this Tammy but I think it gets worse as our life goes on.teehee Great shots, especially love the last one. Hope your week goes really well. Diane

Diane said...

I hate to tell you this Tammy but I think it gets worse as our life goes on.teehee Great shots, especially love the last one. Hope your week goes really well. Diane

Serena Lewis said...

I'm always juggling day to day trying to find balance...easier said than done. I think you need some 'me' time just to pamper yourself. Enjoy! I hope things balance out a little better real soon for you, Tammy.

Love and hugs,
Serena xo

Pradeepa said...

Good morning, Tammy. Balance is what even I have been trying to create in my life but not finding much success there. That's a wonderful shot of the moon. I missed the full moon. I wanted to see it but totally forgot about it.

June said...

It sounds like a good idea to me Tammy. Finding balance when you're a mom and wife a daughter and friend is sometime a tricky thing to do.
nighty night sweet friend!

Lori ann said...

that sounds good tammy, i hope your plan to find the balance works, i think it will. it's so true that when we put energy in something, it happens for us. have a wonderful week ahead, xox lori

lovestitch said...

Hi Tammy,
I'm wondering what time it is in your part of the world, but any time it is, I hope it's a good time for you! Love your photos as always, they are just great!
Have a relaxing day with a lot of fun!
Best wishes,
LS xoxo

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

The daily demands of life make balance a real challenge! I'm hoping the scales tip in your favor today! blessings ~ tanna

Mereknits said...

Being a Mom and a wife is tough. Finding time for yourself while trying to manage a family is incredibly hard. Hope you take some time to take a deep breath, take a moment for yourself and find balance.

Linda said...

Yes, it's definitely difficult to keep everything in balance sometimes. I feel like that and I also know what you mean about not being able to steady my arms when trying to take a picture. I attribute that to too much typing/computer time (in my work and then again when I'm home).

Hope you're having a better day today,

vicki said...

Tammy- we've all been there! Seems like I have more days like that than I want to admit. Try hard to get back the balance-- it's important! But then again-- such is the life of a busy Mom!

Sam I Am...... said...

Yes...balance is difficult...even me being retired find it hard. But you're smart to listen to yourself. I love the picture of that beautiful building with the moon overhead. Take care sweetie!

Mary said...

I pray that you get a little more time for yourself dear. I used to feel the same way when I was working outside the home, when I got home I never had time to really enjoy it, there was always so much to do! Now, long retired, I often wonder how I survived - it's so hard to be 'Superwoman'! Only problem now is wondering if I have enough time remaining to do all I dreamed about back then!!

You'll do just fine though - and all the hard work will pay off.

Sending you a hug and hope you have a lovely week.

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