Sunday, January 22, 2012

Those Things With Holes

Seven years ago, I cut out processed foods, fast food and junk food from my diet. To my kids dismay, I started reading labels, watching what we eat, and no longer bought any of their favorite packaged foods or cereal.
However, I am a firm believer of everything in moderation (and once in a while I do give in just to make them happy). At least when you make and bake at home, you know what is going into your food and can cut back on certain ingredients (I almost always cut back on the sugar called for and don't make anything that requires more than a 1/2 cup of oil).
On Friday, I tried a baked donut recipe from Lorraine's blog With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful Heart. Glazed chocolate with chopped pecans, powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar.
They were a hit!  Even better the second day.  I will definitely be making them again.  If you head over to Lorraine's blog now, you will also be tempted with a Triple Lemon Cheesecake, and other Improv Challenge recipes using lemon and sour cream.  You really can't go wrong with those two ingredients.

Sending warm hugs and sweet wishes your way for a wonderful Sunday!


Happy@Home said...

Your eating style sounds a lot like mine. It's amazing how once you start reading labels, it's more tempting to prepare food at home. I have always had a weakness for cookies, but now I only eat them if I bake them and can control the ingredients. I never use shortening any more and limit the sugar. I have found some good recipes through Cooking Light. I must say I have pretty much avoided donuts due to the fat in them. But, who knew a baked donut could be so good. I am going to keep this recipe for the next time I'm craving one.

LDH said...

I am so with you about moderation! And I am so happy you all liked the donut recipe. You sure do make me smile :) I think we would be good friends if there wasn't so many miles between us. We seem to enjoy many of the same things.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy...Oooooo, your donuts looked delish. I love Lorraine's blog, too. During Christmas, I made the cocktail meatballs she posted as well as the cherry white chocolate shortbread cookies. Both came out great.

Lorraine always has AWESOME recipes. She's a very talented crafty critter like you, too!

Have a splendid Sunday. Thanks so much for all your visits and comments. Susan

Diane said...

First of all - good for you. We really can't trust processed food or even the dates for that matter. You're a good mom, though, I'm sure your boys were delighted, the donuts look wonderful. Thanks for all the good food ideas Tammy. Diane

Melissa said...

I was never a fan of donuts....maybe once in a blue moon...your's look yummo! I wish I was a bit more better in watching out for process junk. Still working on it. Hope you a wonderful chilly day:)

Jan said...

I haven't had a doughnut in about 10 yrs.....and when the Krispy Kreme franchise hit CO, there were SO many excited women. I tried one bite and spit it out.......ech.

Your healthy doughnuts surely look tasty, tho. But I'll stick to my granola and yogurt with dates. My way of starting the day right. Although, I COULD eat a whole gallon of ice cream if you played your cards right!!!!!!


Astri said...

Yum! I love reading your blog - such a good balance you create, Tammy.We too, have these occasional splurges, just last night we made my father's shortbread cookies with almonds and almond extract. Recipe here...

Oh yes, lemon and very good...also chocolate and cream cheese n'er do wrong either. :-)

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Hi Tammy!!!!!
Its been a while since I've sat for a visit, please forgive me!!!! Where do I start???!!!!
First of all...these look yummy!!!! I've never met a doughnut I didn't like!!! :))))
Girl, I love your new blog look!!!
And your hair!!!! It's so long!!!!! IRS beautiful!!!! Gosh I've been away too long :((( Seems like I missed out on so much.
The boys' rooms look fabulous! Change is always good (just as long as you don't hang anything on the walls!!!) haha
I love the bowl(s) you made with the red heart yarn and camel cool!!!! And yes...time does fly because I sent you that year BEFORE last!!!
And I adore that little green purse you made for Melissa!!! Simply gorgeous!!!!
It was so nice reading and catching up with you.

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

And I miss you!!!! :))))
Happy New Year!!!!!

vicki said...

Hi Tammy- I applaud your determination towards healthy eating-- I've been trying so hard too! But- I agree- once in a while you really must give in---

These look fabulous- I'm headed to your friends blog to look at the recipe. Thanks so much for sharing!!
Love you-

Rizzi said...

You always have great recipes and your food always looks delicious.....
these doughnuts look awesome....our shop-rite sells doughnuts 75 cents a piece.....we do not buy them anymore
they don't even taste that great ingredients...i am really trying hard to eat healthier this year....must lose some weight too......have a good week....rizzi

Heather - The Good Life said...

Wow, those look really, really good. I don't have a pan like that, but will be keeping my eyes open for one. Thank you for sharing the recipe. Oh, and the soccer game was indoors! lol He plays indoor soccer through the winter. Have a wonderful day Tammy. :-)

my4lilgirls said...

Totally agree with your food rules, we try to do the same, no processed stuff YUK!!!!!
Those doughnuts are def not yuk though, they look so goooooood :D
Karen x

Serena Lewis said...

Those doughnuts look delicious! I will be popping over to Lorraine's blog after I comment here. I LOVE cheesecake too ~ ;)

Helen Philipps said...

I agree with your food views too! These donuts do look delicious, thank you for sharing the link.
Have a lovely week ahead, and enjoy your relaxing crochet after your busy days!
Helen x

Kelly Berkey said...

oh yum! those look amazing!! hum...wanna come over for a latte?? you just have to bring the donuts!


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

The food you cook yourself is always so much better, because you know what goes into it.
Your doughnuts look so good and would be great to have one with a cup of tea now.

Happy new week

Sharon said...

The donuts look good, I like a cake donut... the other ones make me sick, but I have to try them anyway, you would think that I would learn...


Bettyann said...

wow the donuts look delicious...will head over..have a great week

~*~Patty S said...

OK first I must confess I hard EVER crave a donut and I do enjoy my sweets...BUT reading and seeing your post

well you ARE a temptress Mz Tammy...they look and sound scumptious!

Melanie said...

Those donuts look so good! I try to eat as "clean" as possible but I do like my sweets if they're homemade. (I don't eat processed stuff.) Will definitely have to check out the site that you posted, thanks!

Sheila R - Blessed and Distressed said...

We are starting to eat healthier, but I think I would have a revolt in my household if I completely cut everything out. We are now a soda free household and I completely cut out my Diet Dr Pepper's. It was hard, but I am feeling much better. I am taking babysteps to a healthier diet for me and my family.

Have a wonderful week.

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

Isn't that the truth for all of us? In the past I could eat what I wanted but for health reasons now we do study the sugar content (and you will be surprised HOW much is in most everything), the sodium and cholesterol. Like you say, if you make it at home you know what you get.
Enjoy what you create this week with your hands.

Love to you,


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, these look so very tasty, Tammy! I'm passing on the sugar for now... but, I'm keeping this in mind for when the holiday pounds are all shed. ;) blessings ~ Tanna

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

I admire your healthy eating way of life. I am trying to do better because I need to eat gluten free but also want to cut out some junk in my diet. Thanks for the inspiration from you and the other comments. The donuts look very good. I probably could make them with my gluten free flour.
Have a great week.------ Shannon

val said...

Our family isn't donut crazy...but I can't imagine telling them we weren't having them anymore! You are BRAVE! hahahaha!

Barbara Jean said...

I should try baked.
I cannot/do not eat regular donuts any more. think I got one fried in bad oil once. Tasted it all day and night long.
have tried a couple since, and not much better. =/

So, baked might be good.
Oh, I can still eat cinnamon rolls just fine. =)

always brings a smile to my face when I see you have been by.


barbara jean

Mary Ellen said...

feta cheese and pine nuts on a croissant- oh that sounds so yummy!!

SusanLotus said...

I can´t continue reading. I´ll come back later! All the tempting food and desserts on your page draws me back to my kitchen! ;)
See you later! byebye

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