Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This past weekend was spent with my cousin, Gwen, and a local antiques store was on our list of things to do.

This place was huge and filled with so many wonderful items. It was hard to know where to look next.

I'd love to take these jars home ...

And all these buttons.

Definitely not an option, but I did come away with some things that I could pack and take back.

This looks like something I would find in Kuwait so it will go nicely in my tv room.

A sweet little face and Michigan postcards from 1903.
Loved the handwriting on them.

Only 6 more days in the States. The kids are actually counting them down. Hard to believe summer is coming to an end.

Best wishes for a wonderful week. Tammy


A Cottage Muse said...

What a wonderful trip you are having! I do not want summer to end this year! Thanks for sharing your latest stop!

Jane said...

I have been following your summer trip to the States and it looks like you all have really been enjoying yourselves. Hard to believe how fast summer is flying by.
Enjoy your last 6 days and safe travels home.


I use to have blue jars like that , but wasn't smart enough to hold onto them. Can't believe your time is almost up, seems like you just got here. Talk to you tomorrow:)

Kelly Berkey said...

Just lovely to look at all the treasures with you!

Anonymous said...

oooooohhhhhh......the buttons are wonderful! Hard to resist! Don't you love shops like that? You can't focus your eyes on anything for about 10 minutes. But that's a 'good thing'.

Counting down. Glad the boys are having a good time in the States, but they must miss their friends back home. When does school start over there?

Lovin' your posts!


Susan said...

Ohhhh, it has been great having you in the good ol' USA, Tammy. Are you anxious to get back to your home in Kuwait? No doubt you miss your husband, too. So glad you and your boys have been having a great time. Thanks for sharing it with us. Susan

Lesa's Life said...

You found some lovely treasures!

Diane said...

Thanks for taking me shopping with you. I'll take that little teal colored cupboard with the painting on it. In fact I see a lot of things I'd like, too. Diane

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

What a wonderful antique shop and I love the buttons and the old postcards and photos.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday and safe travels.


Anonymous said...

It won't be long before yo will be home but it sounds like you have had a wonderful time on your trip!!
Have a Great Day!

Linda said...

Hi Tammy,
You found some lovely items and it's always such fun to browse Antique stores.

We're already feeling like summer is at an end here as well, as Sarah has been involved in Cheerleading practices since the end of July and now this week, her days also include full-day Marching Band Camp at the High school in the 105 heat indexes. So, the schedule is already sooooo busy. :P

Hope you have continued safe travels.

La Dolce Vita said...

looks like you have had such fun, and visiting all over the place! getting back to real life will be nice too!

crochet lady said...

I love browsing around antique stores. I'd go for the jar of buttons.

Happy@Home said...

I didn't realize it had been so long since I stopped by to visit you. I just scrolled back and got caught up on your travels. Looks like you are having a fun-filled, busy summer. If I'd have known you were in NC I would have waved to you. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Sheila Rumney said...

Looks like a fun antique store. Enjoy your last days in the states.

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