Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Before blogging, I had never heard of Anthropologie.

I'm not a mall person to begin with and, of course, there was no store to be found on this side of the world.

But while in Victor, NY we came across one and I was head over heels.

The textures ...

the colors ...

the open space ...

I told my cousin, Gwen, "I could live here."

While in the Chicago area before heading back to Kuwait, I came across another Anthropologie in the Woodfield Mall (my son who will be 15 in October LOVES shopping for clothes now so the mall is always on his agenda).

This time I bought a necklace (to wear and for inspiration) and picked up one of their catalogues.

(The tag was made by Gwen from a recycled pamphlet)

I thought the necklace would go great with a top I got on sale at JCPenney's for $7.99 (the necklace was on sale but still cost $20).

I also bought some wildflower seed bombs (the West Coast variety, hoping they will grow in this climate).

(Crocheted dishcloth made while travelling.)
Sure wish Anthropologie would find its way to the Middle East!

After unpacking from our trip, I'm organizing, cleaning and rearranging. Hope you are having a terrific day! Best wishes, Tammy


Jane said...

Hi Tammy,
Sounds like you had a full trip and really did a lot of traveling while you were in the States. I'm guessing it's nice to be settled back at home in your own surroundings.
Hope you had a great day.

The Garden Bell said...

Welcome home. I did not know about this store at Woodfield.... What's on the agenda soon. ROAD TRIP.....

Theresa said...

Hi Tammy, So glad you made it home safe and sound. I missed the post about frederick meijer gardens, a few years ago my parents and I took our Max and Hannah there for the butterfly exhibit. It was fantastic! I have never been to a anthro. either, I see the photos on the blogs and it looks amazing, I really need to go one day. Ofcourse, I'm uber cheap so besides inspiration I doubt I'm leaving with much else! Have a great day! Theresa

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh I know..I can get sooo much inspiration from just browsing that store! Love it..and hopefully you will be able to order on-line if nothing else..glad you've had such a fun trip and shared it with all of us ;-D

La Dolce Vita said...

oh isn't it the best? they really have an understanding of what we all want, and YES, couldn't we all live there!! glad you are safe and home and all is well! xx's

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Tammy Sweetie...
Looks like you had a wonderful time in the states. Took back many things of goodness.

Heck love the top you found. It looks so wonderful with the necklace. It looks like the fabric will be cool for Kuwait.

How long were you in the states? Did you get any crafting supplies to take back with you? I bet your suitcases were full when you went back.

Hope you have a beautiful day sweet friend. I am so thrilled you had a safe journey and are home safe and sound.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Oh, that store is outstandingly beautiful. I get their catalogs but have never set foot inside one, so you post was perfect! What lovely things they have and how nicely displayed they are. Love your new necklace! It looks like YOU! Someday I'll find that store and walk in & think of you.

Glad you are getting settled. I sure hope those seeds do well next year. I'd never heard of "bombs" ~ nice marketing! haaa

Warm hugs,

Susan said...

Oooooo, that looks like a nice store, Tammy. Good luck unpacking and getting settled in. Susan

Diane said...

Glad you're home safely and so happy that you could find your favorite store before you left here. It looks like a dream - its ALL about texture, isn't it. I'm going to check them out online - I need some new pretty towels. Diane

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I love Antro's windows and displays!! I have bought a couple of little things there but I enjoy going in just for inspiration...although I must confess I'm so not a mall person!!!

Claus said...

What an interesting place! I think one is definitely able to find the most amazing treasures there, to have very unique decor at home. I especially like the wall with the many frames on it. I love old pictures, and have a couple at home :-)
Glad you are back and safe at home! I hope you enjoyed your time away. I certainly loved visiting all the corners you were kind enough to share!!
have a lovely day!


Yeah!! You lucky girl you found another one. Lovely necklace you bought. Looks like beads on ribbon?
Love, Gwen

My Sweet Rose. said...

Hi Tammy,
Glad you're home safely.
Like you I hadn't heard of Anthropologie until Karen Valentine showed some of her purchases.
Then, sittng on a London bus on Regent Street I saw it on a shop window. Next time I'm up there I'll be going to investigate.
Best wishes and Happy homecoming,

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

We have an Anthropology store about 30 minutes away and I've never been to it. My girls have been there with friends, but it's pretty pricey from what I hear, and Kohl's is about 2 miles away :-) I will have to check it out sometime soon. I've never been to Home Goods or Ikea either. It's like I live in a box, isn't it? :-) I guess I'm not much of a shopper.
I'm glad you had a great trip. I loved all of the photos.

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I've never been in one of their stores, but their website is a favorite bookmark that I visit often!
Wishing you a joyful day, Tammy!!!

glor said...

Happy to see that you are safely home! Enjoying my wonderful happy dishcloth. Brightens up my kitchen and me! Have a wonderful day.

Brenda@Cozy Little House said...

I've been to one once, in Dallas. Great store!

bunny said...

WHEW!! Glad your back...what a trip huh? Enjoyed all the pics and hearing about your family. Back to reality~


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Welcome home, Tammy. I could live there too, for sure! xx

A Vintage Chic said...

It IS a beautiful shop, isn't it? I'm really glad there's not one near me! Love the necklace you bought--and that top--adorable!

Hope the seeds work!

Enjoy the day, my friend!


Barbara Jean said...

Hi Tammy,
Love that little blouse!! I sure do need to do some thrift store shopping for clothes, but somehow I end up in areas to buy for the store instead. I'm sure people here who come into the store think I have only 3 outfits! =)


barbara jean

Anonymous said...

I remember you telling me about that store. It really is very cool. Nothing like what I imagined when you told me about it. I can see why you liked it so much. Glad you were able to find a little something to take home from there with you. Start saving your money so you can visit the store again next year, as I remember you told me they were pretty expensive.
Good luck with the unpacking and organizing activities!!


Sandy at Teacup Lane said...

I have never been to Anthropologie either. I had never heard of it until last year when my niece mentioned it as one of her favorite stores. Imagine my surprise when I noticed that one of my favorite strip malls had an Anthropoligie store! I haven't been there yet but plan to when we get home from our trip to Alaska. We use to live in the Chicago area and I loved to shop at Woodfield Mall!

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