Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Tidings

I came across this quotation the other day and just love it.

All these little crocheted chains ...

become flower cards to give away. The grandfather of one of the ladies at school died suddenly last week, just days before he was to come to Kuwait for his great-granddaughter's graduation. I thought the above quotation and a handmade card would be a sweet little pick-me-up for her.

Today is hot, hot, hot! 111 degrees with a low tonight of 87.

Hot weather calls for cool foods. Farmhouse bread with guacamole and a Boca burger, along with a fresh tomato salad with coriander, olive oil and lemon.

And for dessert, sweet ripe cherries.

Please stop by and visit Claudia's Desk. Her country of Guatemala is in turmoil -- first because of a volcanic eruption raining down ash and then a tropical storm has caused much flooding and destruction. I am sure she would appreciate all well wishes. Have a beautiful day filled with life's sweetest blessings. Tammy


Susan said...

Hi Tammy: Your cards are darling. And your lunch look yummy! Mmmmm. Think I'll go make a salad. Thanks. Have a sweet day. Sincerely, Susan

bunny said...

How sad for that little girl. This has happened a couple of times at my work too...so sad. Your dinner looks so yummy and healthy but I wish I could eat tomatoes..they are my favorite. I don't know how you do it...111 degrees...whew! You must really love Kuwait...and your hubby...lol Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

So sad to hear of this mans passing.
Hot indeed....Do you have air conditioning??? I hope so.....87 at night!! OMGoodness....
Have a Great Day!!

glor said...

How sweet your card is and I'm sure will be held dearly. Very thoughtful. 111 degrees ... yikes! And I complain at 90's. I'm not a heat fan, dont' know what I would do. Dinner looks and sounds delicious, my type of food. Have a wonderful day and evening. Blessings!

La Dolce Vita said...

just perfect food! love the boca burger and my mouth is watering over your tomato salad!! yummy! and thanks for stopping by for T!!

DeeDee said...

Hey Tammy

Thanks for stopping for a visit today...I cannot wait to see what you do with your summer...mine usually brings house cleaning since so hot to go out side...lol....and a bit of crafting too...now that my etsy shop is full I can sit back a bit and do some things for me...well once I up load these charms that is...I got a few other things for there also..like barbie patterns...they usually sell like hot cakes as soon as I post them..thats why I will post them last...hehehe!

wow it is so hot therenow..I sure miss winter..lol...that lunch looks so yummy to me right now....whoosh...I lvoe your cards too..those chrochet flowers are so darned cute.

well I am off to work..cannot wait till my friday...which is Wednesday night real life....weird uh...

take good care...and hug that little kitty for me...I love the pics and your stories....so glad school is almost out..the kids can runa nd have fun...

Diane said...

Oh, my, gosh!!! I would die from that heat.

Your cards are cute and unique. And the best part is that you enjoy doing it. Your food looks so yummy. Please try to stay cool. Diane

Susan said...

Your salad looks good! No you are right I wouldn't like the airflight to Washington...will you be in my area this summer??? We could have lunch in Geneva.

Linda said...

Wow Tammy, as I've been feeling down in the dumps today with continuing sinus migraine pain, I come here and read your blog and am reminded that I shouldn't gripe. First of all, we have humid heat of 90 but at least it's not over 100. Secondly, I hadn't heard about Guatemala at all - though I must confess that I don't regularly watch the news or world news, as I'm easily depressed. I visited her blog and it's very interesting to read.

I'm sorry about your friend's Grandfather. That was very sweet of you to make those thoughtful gifts.

Here, I'm just trying to stay focused on the end of the school year activities and namely Sarah's graduation on Thursday. Next weekend we have her big party - on the 12th - so there will be lots to naturally prepare. I'm working on it...

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!

wow, look at your chains! and to think I inspired all that creative beauty that you've done here! they are lovely cards...well done my friend!

now we have something to do with our crochet chains! hehee

i love that you stop in each day and like what you see...and clutter up your head with creativity!

how's that for a new quote?> lol

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been busy! I know your cards are bringing lots of smiles to all. Very cute idea!!
It sure sounds like it is a hot one in Kuwait this year. We are in the mid 90s, but it feels hotter than that. I was walking this morning before 8AM, and it was hot then. Good time to stay inside working on crafts when it is that hot out.
Dinner looks wonderful. I made chickpea salad twice this past week. I can't get enough of it. We are having salmon burgers for dinner tonight. YUM!!
Have a wonderful day!!


peppermint said...

Oh I love how a simple crochet chain made such beautiful cards! They will bring sunshine to any recepient! My goodness, such hot weather! Our high today was 64 degrees! We are keeping our fingers crossed for some warm weather in the 70's next week!

Hugs and glitter, Patti

The Garden Bell said...

HiYa T-

Your cards are too sweet. Nothing like some fresh tomatoes to fill the tummie. I know you are in the midst of the heat over there, so I won't tell you how hot it is here.


Beach Vintage said...

That tomato salad look delish.

Sandra said...

Wonderful cards...I am sure they will be loved and appreciated. Love the summer salad dish...we will be up to 110 degrees in Phoenix by the weekend...HOT for the next three months!

miruspeg said...

You are a kind soul Tammy!
I love the card and the quote.
It is cold and wet in Sydney Australia so I will send you some of our weather in exchange for yours.
Peggy xxxx


That dinner looks so delish! I found a new avocado recipe I will make when you come. You are such a good soul, making a card for the little girl. How sad for her. That part of the cycle of life is never easy.
love you!

Claus said...

that sandwich and that salad...YUM!! I'm in the mood for some of that! :-)
It is only now that I'm slowly catching up with friends, and I was gratefully surprised and thankful for mentioning my small country in your blog. Good vibes, positive thoughts and lots of praying are certainly needed. Thank you very much dear Tammy!

Melissa said...

Leave it to you to spread cheer when there is sadness. I'm sure it helped knowing that someone was thoughtful at this difficult time. You are the best!!
I see you've changed your page. Swithcing up your living room wasn't enough for you huh??
For what its worth your Boca burger looks pretty good. I ate one of those one time and the next day broke out in a nasty rash. Now whether it was from that or some other freaky thing, I will never know. Wish I liked to eat tomoatoes on their own. You always make your meals look sooooo appetizing. Now the cherries I can do. Turkey has the best selection of fruits....big and juicy....especially peaches and cherries. Enjoy!

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