Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Been a Long Day!

This morning I was up way too early for the weekend. The weather has been awful. So much humidity as you can see by this first picture I took.

Tomorrow's forecast is more of the same:

0% chance of precipitation. Partly cloudy. Extremely hot, Muggy. Temperature of 106°F. Winds SSE 17mph. Humidity will be 42% with a dewpoint of 77° and feels-like temperature of 124°F.

I had to actually wipe off my camera lens to get a clear picture.
The birds outside were happily flitting about doing their early morning thing.

While I am dreaming of the green, green grass of home.

(Photo taken in NC last summer near my aunt's place.)

Hope your day is beautiful! Blessings, Tammy


The Garden Bell said...

Thanks. I need that kick in the pants. I was thinking we were bad here at 90s with major humidity. Doesn't this all just make you want to find a hooky blanket, turn on the A.C. full blast and take a long nap.

Have a great weekend, Hope you cool off.


bunny said... that's yucky. Guess you never get used to it huh? My computer is broken and I won't be on much longer....just wanted to stop by and say "hey"...miss you and happy fathers day to sam the man...


Julies knitting corner said...

Hi Tammy, thank you for your nice comments. I see what you mean about my weather that I had on holiday, you could do with some rain. I don't think I would do too well where you are as nice as it looks, as I am fair skinned and have red hair. Julie.C

Rita said...

Dear Tammy,
thank you for popping over.glad you like my new header photo and layout. Just wanting to make a little show-off of the blue transferware collection I've just started!
When i complain about our hot and humid summer that must be nothing compared to what you guys have over there!!!
The weatherman promised rain this weekend so hopefully temps will go down a bit.
lotsa luv

Marilyn said...

I will never complain about the weather again!!! Well, not very often. I hope when you are over here the weather is good and you can get some respite from the heat and humidity.
Well, maybe you can sit and craft a little and enjoy the family and ignore it outside.
Have a wonderful weekend Tammy and thank you for always leaving a note for me!!
Take care

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

It's almost time for you to come to the states girlie! Are you excited???? woooo hoooo!
I'm just peeking in for a second as I'm about to head to my room to make a cuff bracelet for Paper Cowgirls...I'm leaving Thursday morning. I swear, I need to STAY HOME! I've been ON THE GO it seems like forever...I'm so lonesome for all my blog friends. I'm so afraid everyone forgets who I am :(
I'm free for the whole month of trips! yay! Will you be blogging while you are here in the states? You gotta keep us posted on how your vaca down here is going!!! Don't you make me go through "Tammy withdrawals"!!!!
Have a good weekend. Get a head start on packing and stay out of the heat :)

Privet and Holly said...

Hi T! Wow, I'm really feeling for you, as intense heat isn't my cup of tea at all. I leave for Savannah, GA tomorrow and have mainly packed dresses in order to stay cool. I'm so happy that you will be heading home for NC, soon. I bet you can't wait!!! xx Suzanne

Martha's Favorites said...

Tammy: I am so sorry about the weather. You are a saint to live there. I will pray that God cools it off for you dear friend. Blessings, Martha

summersundays-jw said...

Can't imagine it being humid when you have no rain. Hope you have a wonderful trip home with perfect weather. Jan

Susan said...

Oh Lord, Tammy. I don't know how you STAND it. We lived in Arizona 12 years and that was bad enough for, hot, and hotter. But it wasn't at all humid. Hot and humid would just about do me in. You must ADORE your husband! Susan

Deb said...

Here in Colorado it's been hot some days, but nothing like you're describing. I can't take humidity. A nap sounds wonderful.

Happy weekend!

peppermint said...

Tammy, I wish I could box up some of this rain we are having in the Pacific NW and send it your way. I never complain because I absolutely love the rain here, makes everything green. I can't imagine such high humidity and no rain. I like your header. It sure makes me long for a vacation! Have a wonderful weekend.
Live creatively, Patti

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tammy! I am a cold-weather girl. I do not know how you handle all that heat! Stay cool and do something fun this weekend, K?
Sending Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Your weather sounds like too much to handle. I think I need to come back to Kuwait, as when we were there, the humidity was not this bad. We would get a few days, but it was not constant. Lucky for you, you are heading towards those greener pastures, and cooler temps. I remember seeing that picture you took in NC. SUCH a beautiful place.

Good luck getting through the next few days!


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