Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Salutations

The dust is not quite as bad as predicted. For now it remains high up in the sky. The sun doesn't shine quite so bright, which means temps aren't quite so hot. Earlier in the week, we got up to 113 degrees. Yikes! It's only May.

My moss roses are the only blooms that continue to do well in the heat and dust.

They greet me each morning in all their pink sweetness and close by noontime.

Found these lovely images for crafting (details on where they came from are at the bottom of the graphic). I am in the process of cutting up cereal boxes for tags. We go through at least 2 boxes of cereal a week, so tags and gift totes are a great way to make use of something that would normally be tossed.

Hope you are having a beautiful, colorful, productive weekend! Peace & Blessings, Tammy


DeeDee said...

Morning Tammy

I love your roses...mine have all come and gone and we are starting our upward rise to the heat of the summer ...UGH! I hate this time of year....enjoy your day...

Elaine said...

Bless those little moss roses. They do well here also when it is so hot.
Yard sales today with Gwen and then some time with Jasmine. I'm working on a new project using the jars from candles that have seen their day.

Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

I hope it cools down for you soon! I cannot imagine that sort of daughter is living in Arizona right now and it has been hot. Your roses are all so sweet! Have a wonderful Saturday!

Susan said...

Dear Tammy.....oooooo, I wouldn't like that heat. Your flowers are lovely, though. Hope you have a blessed and lovely weekend. Sincerely, Susan

Julies knitting corner said...

Oh goodness that is still quite hot though, I don't think I would last if I came too visit you. As I am fair skinned and have red hair, but your flowers are a lovely greeting for you. best wishes Julie.C

Lovey said...

Hi glad you could make it over to my side of the world too! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I hope STUDIOS will make it to your neck of the woods as really did come out quite nicely! You have a great weekend too!!

koralee said...

Sending you some cooler weather my friend. ....yechs that is hot! Hope you are able to do something fun this weekend. Hugs. xoxoox

Anonymous said...

I wish I could send you some of our cool evenings!! You are so hot...... At least the dust has abated for awhile!! The flowers are beautiful...amazing little things to withstand the weather!!
Stay cool my friend!!

Anonymous said...

113 degrees and dust and you still find beauty and a smile to share with us, Tammy!
Your moss roses are gorgeous & I really like the tags. Craft on! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of using old cereal boxes...for journal covers or tags like these! well done...and way to be green thinking! reduce reuse recylce!

come by and see what I've done with cardboard today!

ciao bella
and thanks so much for your lovely comment!

creative carmelina

Diane said...

Beautiful graphics, Tammy. I'm sure you really do appreciate the pretty little moss roses. They give such joy. I love the picture of Jingles helping with the laptop. Diane

June said...

Yikes Tammy, 112 degrees. I could never do that kind of heat.
I love the idea of using the cereal boxes for tags. What a genius idea. We don't eat much cereal here, but I love to recycle everything I can.

glor said...

I love the moss roses, such vibrant color. The tags are so very pretty. Such great ways to use up those cereal boxes ... I could do the same with pasta boxes. Time to stock up on a few and get these tags put together. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

What sweet roses and that is neat that they can survive in the heat and dust.
I love that you cut up cereal boxes and make tags.

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend and that the weather is not too hot.

Sheila Rumney said...

Love how the mose roses bloom in the harsh heat. Have a wonderful weekend.

Melissa said...

I'm exhausted today. Glad to see you can enjoy your blooms. I can't believe you only go through 2 boxes of cereal a week. If you need anymore, you know where to look. Your tags are going to be lovely.

Linda said...

I had forgotten about moss roses - my Mom always had those in our yard in Orland Park (a south suburb of Chicago). I'll have to look for some for my yard here, as they're so pretty.

Wow - 113. We're going up to the 90's today and this week and I'm super happy about that because I love hot weather and we have a pool which I'm anxiously awaiting to go in (we only rely on a solar cover). 113 would do it :)

My Sweet Rose. said...

Hi Tammy,
Think long cold Pimms, sea breezes and a chat with all your bloggy friends. That heat must be a real struggle.
Keep smiling,

Anonymous said...

Glad to know the dust is not putting a damper on your days. Now the heat, that is another story. We have gone over 90 for a few weeks now, but at this time last year, we were already over 100. It is hot but I am not complaining. On Mother's Day when I called my mom, there was snow on the roof of the barn. YIKES!! Sondra just got back from England, and the temps were in the 40s there.
Your tags look so nice. You are not the only one who goes through too much cereal. Right now, we are going through 2 boxes a week too, just Omar and myself. Oatmeal for breakfast has been set aside for a while, as the only thing I really crave is Fiber One cereal with tons of milk.

Try to stay cool!!



Too hot and dusty for me! I never thought of using boxes for tags. Great idea!
I have a cheerio box I just put in the recycle bin, I will go pull it back out. :)xoxo

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