Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joy in a Box

Joy is a heart full and a mind purified by gratitude. (Marietta McCarty)
Today I received a package in the mail.

It took 6 weeks to arrive.

But it was worth it. A beautiful doily fashioned into an envelope and tied up with the most lovely ribbon then adorned with a safety pin holding a collection of wonderful charms.

A Bright Birthday
May all your hours be gladsome
And filled with Joy untold
And everything your heart desires
This day for you unfold.

Beautiful cards from a beautiful blogger.

Sweet images, a calendar, lace, buttons, crocheted goodness. I LOVE EVERYTHING and am so honored to be gifted with such treasures.
In my first months of blogging, I remember stumbling onto Jodie's blog Everything Vintage . I took a tour through her studio given by the lovely Sophie and was mesmerized by her work area, her writing and her humor. Having lived in Louisiana most of my life, I felt a connection to this Cajun girl who has the ability to make me laugh my butt off. I've oohed and awed over her beautiful creations, photography and crafting genius, and shared in her sorrow when she lost her father. This girl just makes you love her! I know that anyone who has "met" her, real or virtually, feels the same. She's a girl who pays attention to detail! Look what else she included in my birthday box of goodies! MY FAVORITE ...

Red Heart yarn! Love, love, love it! JODIE you are ONE OF A KIND and I love ya! Thanks so much for my fabulous surprise package! It came at just the right time because today started our Spring Break. We don't go back to school until April 5th. Woohoo!!!!

I hope that you are all having a terrific Thursday! Wishing you many blessings, much joy and beautiful friendships! Tammy


Tammy said...

What a joyful gift that your friend put together for your birthday. How sweet. I know you were thrilled when opening your package of goodies. A belated Happy Birthday, sweets. I am off to check out her blog.

Julie said...

What a lovely gift, Tammy! I love when my birthday stretches out--makes it SOOOO much more fun! Jodie is wonderful, isn't she?

Hope you're having a fabulous day!

sissie said...

Hi Tammy,
Don't you just love it when those surprise gifts from blogger friends arrive! I cannot believe the generosity and love that comes from our bloggerettes. I just love them all.

Your gifts are wonderful and I plant go check out her blog.


Jodie (everything vintage) said...

You got it!!!!
If you only knew how worried I was about that BOX! haha
I'm so glad you received everything and in good shape!!!!
Now I believe that it's got it just in time for your 10 day Spring Break! I can't wait to see the lovely crochet works you will create!!! I'm so jealous of you...I wish I knew how. It was fun shopping for you...I hope you like the colors I chose.
Well, aside from the mammogram...I think I AM all caught up here girl...and so relieved!
Now I can have a WONDERFUL carefree time in Round Top, Texas...surrounded by blog friends and beautiful antiques.
Wish you were here!!!!!
See ya when I get back,
Have fun playing!!!!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Isn't it wonderful your treasures arrived just at the right time... and all unexpected! You have a wonderful friend!


I am so happy for you! Yes I know of Jodie's blog. she has such beautiful things and she gave you some. you lucky gal! Isn't blogging and making new friends just the best?!
I bet this came at a good time for you with the health issues. Love ya sista!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Great package,Tammy. Great timing, too, with the "worries" about the bod. Take care and crochet up a storm :D

Stella said...

What a wonderful gift obviously shopped for and sent with love. A true friend is a precious treasure. Belated Happy Birthday.

Beth Leintz said...

The cards and images are beautiful, and being a knitter, I know how a skeins of yarn can make your heart skip a beat...oh the possibilities....

The Garden Bell said...

I'm away for a few days and look what you got. Do I see a fun ripple coming with all that RH yarn. Feels a little like the US. doesn't it....


Anonymous said...

How nice to know that you finally got Jodie's box. I know you have been looking for that for a while. I have little doubt that you will enjoy the yarn and everything in it. Too bad for the boys if they planned on doing anything during spring break. Mom is going to be crocheting... HA!

Have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Congratulations, Tammy. That was a wonderful present. Sincerely, Susan

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Tammy, Jodie has sent you such beautiful goodies! I'm sure you were relieved when the package finally arrived. The birthday card is very cute and the other cards are as well. I love that lace and all those charms! Have fun crocheting with your new yarns!

Cynthia K. said...

How lovely for you!! Fabulous gifts obviously chosen with love - enjoy...

Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

June said...

Hi Tammy,
This is just a wonderful gift that Jodie has sent to you. What a doll she is! It's just full of wonderful things. It couldn't have made it's way to a more deserving person.

DeeDee said...

Oh Tammy what a lovely personalized gift just for have so many wonderful friends...

so glad your birthday has been such fun for you too...Happy Birthday again...

koralee said...

Oh how I love parcels...and friends. Enjoy...xoxo

Lisa Super said...

A gift in the mail is one of life's sweet pleasures!

Deb said...

Such a sweet friend you have and lovely little treasures she sent! Enjoy! I really enjoy your blog and am now following along! Deb

Melissa said...

What a sweet thing to get something from someone that you didn't expect. Friendship comes from places that we would least expect it. She sounds like a wonderful person and now I will have to check out her blog to see about this wonderful person that has put a smile on your face. You are truly blessed to meet such wonderful people.

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