Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend. It's a slightly dusty day around here.
 I'm continuing to decoupage all the cans I spray painted. Also had a wicker wreath just laying around so wrapped some lace and ribbon around it then attached a little rose that I pulled off an old box.

The card on the right with such a lovely springtime image was given to me for my birthday and is just too beautiful to hide away. Small decoupaged cans will be filled with colored paper strips and chocolates for Easter.

Crocheted flowers are easy to make and will be used in some future project.

I've started single crocheted squares with the yarn Jodie sent me. I was inspired by a project posted by Gloria at Crochet Galore. You can check out her post here. I've not combined crochet and cross-stitch before so will be working on that during this week of Spring Break.
Blood tests were taken care of early this morning but will take nearly a week for the results to come back. Tomorrow I see my doctor about the other test results. Sending sweet wishes your way for a most beautiful day! Blessings, Tammy


glor said...

Can't wait to see your cross stitch. You'll love this I'm sure. Sending prayers and love, let me know about the tests ... my email is listed on side bar.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for tests....the pits! Hope the results are ok and that you are, also!

Thanks for coming over today. I have the same thought on Crochet patterns. I love the 'easy' ones. Making the bolero is a new thing, but it's one big piece, so should work up just like a huge dishcloth, huh?

Have a lovely day and hope the dust settles down. It's sunny and windy here and we didn't get the snow they predicted. A good day!!!

Diane said...

Hi, Tammy, I Love the can idea. It's a good way to use beautiful images that you want to keep looking at. And the crocheted roses are so pretty. What kind of pattern do you use? Have a nice weekend. Diane

koralee said...

Sending you prayers my your sweet creations. xoxo

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

My mom used to do crochet and cross stitch together, and it always looked so pretty. I've been decorating those cans too. I'm thinking of getting some ready for summer now.

I'm going through some of the same tests you are. It's not the first time, so I guess I'm less concerned this time, as everything came out fine then. Apparently it's part of my age, but of course, they always have to check it out, and we'd still rather be safe.

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Tammy, Jodie is such a sweetie and know's just what would thrill us. Love the doilie envelope! Your altered "cans" are just gorgeous, love that pink rose. I'll be keeping you in my prayers for good results.
hugs and blessings,

Jane said...

You are a busy lady. I like the altered cans, they will make great containers for Easter candy. Your crochet projects look very pretty too.
Enjoy your weekend.

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Keeping my fingers crossed over here that the test results turn out okay for you. Nothing worse then waiting for results to come back. But keeping busy helps and it looks like you have been doing just that. Love the cans, especially the one with the little girl in her blue dress! And the crocheted flowers - I have been trying to get my daughter to try some cuz she likes to crochet on occasion, but she will have none of it right now. A shame, cuz I have lots of ideas for the flowers! :-) I have been out of the loop for some time now, so it feels good to be getting around to everyone once again to see what is new and see how everyone is! hugs, Debby

Rustique Gal said...

Hi Tammy, I'm liking your cans and your crocheting! I've been thinking of covering cans too. I can see your crocheted flowers bunched on a sweet hat...Hope all is well with your tests.
Take care!

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

What a fabulous idea using those cans for Easter treats! Happy Pink Saturday!

Susan said...

How nice you keep busy with your crafts on Saturday, Tammy. Very nice! Take care. Sincerely, Susan


You are always a busy girl. I probably said this before , but you will need to teach me some new crochet things when you come.
sweet blessings to you too!

June said...

Tammy you have been creating the sweetest things of late. You are putting Jodie's yarn to the best use. The crochet flowers are lovely.
Of course I saw the beautiful pink shrub and thought. gee, I wonder if that would grow here?! lol
My prayers are for good results on your tests.

Piney Rose said...

These are all so pretty! I used to crochet, but haven't in a long while. The crocheted flowers are very popular right now for crafters to use for embellishment. I do hope all is well with your blood test results!

Janean said...

prayers for the blood test...

your decoupage and crochet looks great!!!!

Rita said...

Tammy dearest,
each time i visit your blog I am astonished at how creative you are.
is there one thing you are not good at???????????
I love your decoupaged cans and your crocheteed flowers are so darling. would look perfect on the lapel of my denim spring blazers.
have a blessed sunday
lotsa love

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I love your pretty tins and this is such a wonderful idea.
Love the pink tree too ~
My thoughts and prayers are with you and wish you all the very best with your results.
Enjoy your spring break.


Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Hi Tammy: Love the decopauged cans and your crocheted flowers,they would make darling pins.
Hope all is ok with your health. Take care.
Talk to you soon.

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Tammy,
That is the brightest pin tree I have ever seen!
Just beautiful!

Thanks for coming by for a visit and leaving the sweet note. I'm so glad any of my little things inspire others. We learn, so we can share.
blessings on your Sunday

barbara jean

Lori said...

You are so very creative, Tammy! I'm keeping you in my thoughts for good test results and also a good visit with the doctor. There is NOTHING like waiting for test results, unfortunately. Keep that creativity flowing and it will help keep your mind off of the rest! You are quite talented!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that you are loving your vacation days. The crafts you have been working on are just wonderful. Such great ideas. I shudder to think of all that you could do if you were not working... The crocheting looks wonderful. I can't wait to see how it all turns out! Enjoy your days!! I know you are!


podso said...

Enjoyed catching up on your blog and seeing all your crocheting! Thanks for the link to the cross stitch project! It is interesting how yarn and knitting needles or crochet hooks can bring forth a conversation. When I crochet in, for example, a doctor's wait room, I either get comments or a smile. Always something!

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