Friday, March 19, 2010

Color My World

We are having a dusty, drab Friday where the sky is completely white, the sun cannot shine and fine dust is swirling and twirling outside. Zack had a 9 am ballgame. It was a close one til the end. His team lost 4-1.

After much needed showers from hours of sitting in the dust, we went to lunch at TGIF. Outside it may be dreary but inside Friday's it was bright and colorful.

Life is a celebration of passionate colors. ~ Leialoha Cator

At yesterday's International Festival, there was a colorful display of small quilts made by a quilt group as part of their monthly challenge. This challenge was to create a quilt that described their heritage.

I loved this one made by an Indian lady. India is another country that I would like to visit. My husband lived in India and Pakistan when he was 16, 17 years old and can speak Urdu fluently.

This one was made by one of our parents from Argentina. She combined cross-stitch with quilting and painting. I haven't cross-stitched since some time last year, so I am inspired to start with something small to get back into the stitching groove again.

I am drawn to color because the environment around me is so drab, made even worse by dust and sandstorms.
Color is joy. One does not think joy. One is carried by it. ~ Ernst Haas
This last quilt is one that was handmade and donated to Operation Hope. A 1-KD donation receives a ticket for the drawing to be held at the 16th Annual Mother's Day breakfast on the first of May. All proceeds benefit the mission of Operation Hope.

Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows. Moliere

Sending many blessings your way for a day of color and beauty! Tammy


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

How I looooove your quotes on color today, sweet Tammy! Have a great weekend too. xo

Sharon's Cottage Quilts said...

Tammy, wishing you oodles and oodles of color to brighten your day! Thank you for sharing your quilt photos with us. They are magnificent!

Jane said...

Those quilts were works of art. I am always in awe of all of the work that go into making a quilt. They are colorful!
Sorry Zack's team lost after a hard fought battle!
Have a wonderful weekend.

glor said...

I hope that your day is made brighter by the thought of how you brighten and color the day of others. I cannot imagine sand storms, must be quite a sensation. Its always such a delight to see your pictures ... the quilts are amazing. One thing I have never done, adding to my list of to do. Wishing you blessings, grace and joy.

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Those colors will certainly brighten any day! Those quilts are each masterpieces of joy!

Me....bunny said...

Sounds like you live in an International Hub...which makes for a very interesting life.
Wishing you and the family a very happy and clean


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

I just love your posts! They were a wonderful little escape while I was in the chaos of tax season.
Love the colors!
Have a wonderful weekend,

crochet lady said...

I am so very thankful for colorful things to brighten the days. Thanks for sharing your colorful finds.

Claus said...

Lovely quilts! Very talented and inspired people indeed. I wish my hands were needle-proficient :-( , but have to settle with other crafty abilities :-) I love color as well!!, but in my case it's because I am always surrounded by it! Living in a semi-tropical country lets you have color in everything year-round: fruits and vegetables, nature, I miss it when it's not around! :-)
Have a lovey day!...hopefully less sandy?



Lori R. said...

Those quilts were amazing. What talent!!! I agree with you, I love color! Hope your sunshine comes out soon. Ours did for two days and tomorrow they are predicting snow, we don't want anymore! I think everyone could benefit from some light therapy around here... have a wonderful weekend... blessings to you Tammy, Grace and Peace....

Sandra said...

Color is wonderful isn't it? Hope the wind stops and the sunshines bright for you soon. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment!

June said...

Tammy the quilts are so pretty and the colors so rich and vibrant. Truly works of art! I loved all the beautiful booths in yesterday's post. They are full of gorgeous things. It is so great that your school holds such events.

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts, Tammy. They truly are a day brightener. We aren't having sand storms here but it was cold today and sleeted on and off. Warmer days are promised by the weatherman. Did you grow up in the US? Have a nice evening. Diane

Barbara Jean said...

Hi Tammy,

Do you have a new banner? It is really nice.

Thanks for your visits and sweetness. =))
Have a great weekend.


barbara jean

Melanie said...

Love the colorful words, the colorful art work, the colorful fonts! Next weekend, I am attending a Holi Festival of Color at a local Krishna temple. I'll remember all of colors while there. Perfect!

Susan said...

Many blessings to you, too, Tammy. Nice post. I don't think I'd like Kuwait's dustiness. Arizona was arid, too. I like cold weather and green! So happy to be back in New England. But I love looking at your blog and learning about your part of the world. Sincerely, Susan

Melissa said...

We definately need some color around here. Today doesn't look any better outside except I think the clouds are rainy looking and not dusty. We shall see as the day progresses. It would be nice to get a little rain. Haven't been out to TGIF in a while. You need to let us know what quilt won. The quilt for Operation Hope is beautiful. My KG class made a Hawaiian quilt for International day and I still have to put it together. (paper quilt mind you.) Hopefully I'll get lucky this time around and win it. Any luck finding an extra ticket for me. Sending a rainbow your way to brighten up your day.

Julie said...

I love your thoughts on color--and all those beautiful quilts! It is interesting how much more you're noticing and appreciating color living where you are...

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Got to hate sand storms. YUCK!! Sorry your day at the ball field was accompanied by the dust in the air. It has been WINDY here for the last few days. I felt like I was being litally pushed from behind on my walk yesterday. I made great time due to the help the wind gave me. We had another freeze last night. Imagine freezing temps in March. Very unusual for south Texas.
TGIF looks like Hard Rock Cafe from inside. Glad the decorations inside the restaurant added some much needed color to your day.
The quilts are amazing. Really, people are so creative. My parents' church made a quilt a few years back and had the paritioners each make a square. My parents blew up a nice picture of them taken on that bench up at the park that overlooks the lake and had that as the centerpiece of their square. It turned out really nicely, as did the ones that they made for the show at your school. Really nice.

The quilt for Operation Hope is beautiful. I am sure the winner will be thrilled!

Have a great day.

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