Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Blessings

Anyone's life truly lived consists of work, sunshine, exercise, soap, plenty of fresh air, and a happy contented spirit.
"Lillie Langtry"

Today is a bright, sunny, cool day in Kuwait. Sam had another day off. We went to Fusion for lunch (Japanese food). Then to the plant souk for pots and plants. These are the tomato plants we bought several weeks ago.

And this is what they look like now. They grow so fast and should have small tomatoes within the next couple of months.

I also found time to craft today. I have so many cardboard boxes that need to be turned into gift totes so I put Il Divo into the cd player and happily created. Here's what I made, intermingled with vintage inspired scrapping extras from a magazine I got a while back.

Hope you are having a beautiful day in your little corner of the world. Blessings, Tammy


crochet lady said...

I love putting on music and crafting too. I think it helps me be more inspired. Your gift bags turned out real cute. It is nice to have that little extra touch to a gift that makes it a little more special.

Your crochet project from your previous post looks nice. I like that pattern.

Judi said...

HI Tammy! Ya know, your Christmas tree should be covered with all things that makes your heart happy! Old or new, handmade and store bought. I sure would love to have some tomatoes growing now, but alas, the cold winter months are setting in and my crop is now just a memory!

I hope you enjoy going around "town" looking in all of the windows at the vintage Christmas goodies on display! Judi

SharDon Exclusives said...

Tammy, NO you did NOT offend me. I appreciated the comment because I agreed with you once I studied the picture again. Thank you for stopping by and for being so sweet to comment in the first place. Come back anytime!
Blessings to you on this beautiful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Oh...I so love Il Divo! The are on my Blog Playlist!!
Your plants are so lush & beautiful!! I just love the Holiday scrapbood decorations....
Have a wonderful day!


And what to my wondering eye should appear....? A great christmas background full of good cheer. Loving your holiday look, I have so much catching up to do here in blog land. Happy to be home, going to take a hot bath, you know we only have a shower north.

Anonymous said...

Your vacation sounds like it has been nicely relaxing for you. How wonderful!! I am happy to hear that Sam has taken off a few extra days. That is unusual for him. Your tomato plants look great. I would love to be there to share some cute little tomatoes with you in the next few weeks. The little grape tomatoes that you can pop whole in your mouth are better than candy!! Love all the bags you created. I love the fact that you are recycling your things that you no longer use and turn them into something not only nice to look at, but useful too. Good for you. Sounds like you enjoyed your day. I love it!!


Melissa said...

Fresh grown tomato's, make for a good salad. So now your getting the green thumb. Loving how your pages are becoming so festive. The creations you are making are brilliant and so thoughtful. I'm sure whoever is receiving these are going to be extremely touched.

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