Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday Finishes and Saturday Pink

I can see the orange haze on the horizon as the morning exhales a yawn, and seems to be ready to rise. ~ Jeb Dickerson

Saturday salutations to one and all. Wow! Friday came and Friday went. Zack now has baseball practice Friday mornings. Every Friday we go out to eat as a family and pick a different restaurant each time. Zack had a belated Halloween party at 2:30 pm. Sam and I went to the plant souk to buy plants for our bedroom balcony. I cleaned and then somehow, the day was done. During all the car rides, even at the restaurant, and before going to bed, I did manage to crochet and finished off two dishcloths I had previously started plus completed a third just this morning. The pattern is so easy. All the yarn I used was bought while in North Carolina over the summer. Time for a trip to the only craft store around to get some more.

I love the sweet smell of dawn -
our unique daily opportunity to smell time,
to smell opportunity -
each morning being, a new beginning.
~Emme Woodhull-Bنche

My moss roses have been blooming like crazy with the cooler temperatures we are having in the mornings now. I just love them! They grow all year long, can also be used for ground cover, and although they don't bloom during the hot summer months, I can always count on them to provide me with beautiful pink flowers in their own perfect time. (I am thankful that I am able to spot beauty in my surroudnings.)

I was so excited when I found the above magazine at True Value. It came complete with pages of cut-outs and cards with envelopes for Christmas crafting. Quite often, magazines do not come with their complimentary gifts. Although the package was open with this magazine, everything was left intact and that made me very happy indeed! (I am thankful for the opportunity to craft and create.)

Sam bought this purse for me at Bida'a Antiques. I had my eye on it a couple of times. It has bells on it so "jingles" when I walk.

And here's Jingles! Anytime you use the word, she thinks you are talking about her. Even when we sing Jingle Bells, she thinks it is all about her! HA! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. (I am thankful for this day.) Peace & blessings, Tammy


Draffin Bears said...

Happy Weekend to you Tammy.
Sounds like it is starting off well.
Love Jingles and laughed when you sing Jingle Bells and she thinks it is all about her!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy!!
Jungles is adorable but hey, I a cataholic!! (Is there such a word???) LOL!!
I grew Moss Rose quite awhile ago but we just aren't warm enough for long enough to have them look their best. Yours are lovely!
This weekend I am going to continue working on my pillowcases that will be for the giveaway later this month... Stay tuned!!
Have a great weekend!

♥Mimi♥ said...

The moss rose is lovely but I must say that Jingles is just about the cutest blessing I've seen in a long time. I have kitties to be thankful for when they purr for me or rub on me or just spend quiet time with me appreciating the day.

Jane said...

Sounds like you had a busy but productive day. Your flowers were the color (everything here now is pretty colorless - the trees have finally given up their fall leaves)

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

Hi there! Catching up on your posts. Sounds like you had a busy friday!
Thanks for all the short little poems you intertwine with your posts. Your new purse is very cool! Talk to you soon. Tina

Bunny said...

Those roses are beautiful. I suppose it's nice to have flowers grown on your own balancy when your surrounded by desert. You sure are a busy girl. Thanks for visiting me and regarding your doctors over there..waiting is very hard for me because I'm very impatient, so taking a number would be torture...expecially with children, but I supoose you adapt..right? What a wonderful weekend.


Ana said...

Hi Tammy,
How cute! Jingles is adorable. I bet she thinks Christmas is all about her...:-) Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Until next time.



I love that purse! I am so jealous that you have a hubby that actually likes to shop! Your moss roses are very pretty, nothing blooming in my yard. The dish cloths are nice, you have learned some new stitches... you will have to teach me next time you are here. Happy Pink Saturday my dear cousin!!
smooch! Gwen

Leah in Iowa said...

Just wanted to swing on over and take a peek at your Giving Thanks list. It's great, Tammy, and I'm thankful for each of those things as well! Have a great month as you search for all the things you're thankful for!

~ Leah

Vicki said...

Hi, sweet friend,
I love moss rose. They do well here in Texas, too. Sam is a sweetheart to buy you that cute purse! Jingles is a sweet kitty. Thank you for brightening my day with a visit to Bunny Cottage. Enjoy your weekend! Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy! It is funny to read your post and hear True Value! Not the kind of store I expect would be in your part of the world!lol but I'm glad they had the magazine for you. I'm 8 & 10 hours from family so I can't imagine what it is like for you but glad you have good friends there! I like the idea of trying out a different restaurant every Friday! We are in a rut with the same places all the time!lol Glad you had a chance to stop by and hope you have a great week ahead! Sincerely, Jeannette

Anonymous said...

Your weekends sure do go by fast. Even more so now that baseball is in full swing again. Love the fact that you were able to get some crafting done, and time for a bit of shopping as well. I love the look of the magazines you got. I still remember the great card magazine we used to make invitations for Melissa's baby shower. Good times... Your purse is fantastic. Sam is good to take care of your. Make sure he is looking when you oogle at your favorite things at the antique shops. HA! Give Jingles a hug from me. Tell her Garfield is looking for her!!
Have a great day!

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