Saturday, October 13, 2018

I Love Yarn Day!

Today was the regular meet-up of my craft group, Kuwait Crafters, which just happened to coincide with I Love Yarn Day!
(VERY humid weather.)
Seven years ago, the Craft Yarn Council deemed the second Saturday of October as a day to unite yarn lovers across the world, spotlighting the benefits of yarn crafts such as crochet and knitting to
"reduce stress and provide a sense of pride and accomplishment".
6 knitters, 3 crocheters and one felter in attendance and lots of yarn brought in for a swap.  I decided not to bring any back with me as I really need to use up what I've got, but am happy to say that most of the yarn brought in did go home with new owners.

Happy Yarn Day!
Happy Saturday


Kit said...

What a lovely event! It must be wonderful to gather with like minded people doing something you all love. :) Kit

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Oh, it no doubt is stress reducing to handwork!
Sounds so very happy and upbeat to be together with others that create and produce.
We're glad the weather is calm again and that we have full power and Internet since the hurricane Michael passed through.
What an experience.
On top of that we had our refrigerator die on us on Monday so today we got a new one delivered. Pieter was very busy connecting it and making it work again.
Now slowly we can start cleaning up our home, nothing one can do without power, no laundry no vacuum cleaning not even making coffee or tea. We got hot water from Chick-fil-A with a grilled spicy chicken salad and it felt so good to make a cup of tea/coffee!
Sending you hugs for Sunday and on the 17th I will start posting about our West Canada adventure...

Teresa Kasner said...

What a fun group and meeting you had and I always enjoy seeing what you all are working on. I decided today I need to start donating and getting rid of some yarn. I have way too much in my craft studio cabinet. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mereknits said...

IT sounds like fun. I just bought some yarn today, was not planning on it as I have been so good this year, but I think stress is making me hoard yarn.

Betsy said...

Hello Tammy! What a bunch of pretty yarns and projects. How fun to get together and play with yarn. I’ve been making a real effort to use up some of the yarn I have and only buy the sock yarn as I need it. We’re driving home from Omaha today and tomorrow. So far we had 3 hours of snow and have about 3 inches of ice on the front of the car! 9F degrees windchill! The opposite of your hot and humid!

Mini said...

As always lovely day with Kuwait crafters. I just saw your post for yarn day in 2015 , can't believe its been 3 years already when we first gathered for i love yarn day.

Linda said...

Glad you enjoyed your day, doing what you love. :) Like the writer above shared, our weather is of course very much the opposite now. Highs in the 50s here (if that - more like highs in the 40s) and lows in the 30s now. Saturday, I was mowing the lawn, taking my Dad for his flu shot and preparing dinner for him and us before finally having some down time to relax in the evening with friends.

Angie said...

What a coincidence - when our daughter visited us last December, she saw some yarn in our local shop that she loved but did not buy because it was quite expensive (it had a large percentage of cashmere in it). But I made a note and I just bought her 3 skeins and sent them to her for her birthday, which is next week. I LOVE YARN!

Lorrie said...

Getting together with like-minded friends is one of life's delights. I'm glad you have a group who enjoys working with yarn and chatting. I was struck by the strangeness of a coffee shop named Caribou in Kuwait.

Preeti said...

Glad to know you all had a successful Yarn day with lovely creations.

artemisa said...

Hi, Tammy! Thanks for your comment on my blog you made me very happy. I make a promise not to buy new balls until I knit everything but I always end up giving up. I love what they do in your craft group.

crafty cat corner said...

As you know, I love my needlework but yarn comes a close second for my loves. I had such a big clear out of my yarn and gave several bags to charity, I thought I might regret it but I don't, I still have enough to keep me going, lol
I like the eye type design.
Hope you are well.

Gracie Saylor said...

Happy Yarn Day! Someone brought in donated yarn to our group on Wednesday morning and I took some home because I finally finished the preemie blanket I was working on and I needed some new yarn and the rest of mine is packed in hopes the house will soon sell so I can move on :) xx

Rostrose said...

Dearest Tammy,
I think this Yarn Day is a very good idea to be inspired, meet like-minded and yarn swappers! I love what I see on your photos.
Thank you so much for your comment on my aluminium post!
Hugs my dear!

handmade by amalia said...

Looks like great fun. I think that if we live right, every day could be yarn day :-)

Quinn said...

I haven't been knitting much this year, but that will probably change when the really cold weather comes - if it does, I mean who knows anymore - and I'm spending more time indoors trying to avoid cleaning the house. And I love the idea of a yarn swap...all those single balls and hanks that are in a drawer instead of of somebody's hook or needles!

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