Sunday, May 7, 2017

Season's End

Yesterday was our official last day of the season at The Secret Garden.
The first job at hand is always picking up garbage.
From an aesthetic point of view, it sure makes a difference when litter is in its place.
We cleared some of the beds of plants, like these peppers, and potted them up for volunteers to take home.
Sunflowers were planted late and are just now blooming.
We left the eggplant.
And for the first time have watermelon growing so will see how it fares the summer.
A large sign is being made for the compost pile to encourage the community to bring their scraps in. We are hoping to have some nice compost ready for the next garden season.
Even though gardening is over, our group still plans to check on things over the summer, making sure trees and plants are getting enough water.  And since I (unfortunately) won't be traveling to the States this year, I'll be one of those people.

Sunday blessings,


Createology said...

Trash all over just boggles my mind...I cannot understand people! Lovely garden and hard to believe the season is over. Sorry you are not traveling to the states this year but the garden will be happy with you overseeing it. Sunflowers are always a great big smile for me! Blessings Dear..<3

Quinn said...

Well, I bet those plants remaining will be VERY grateful for your visits - both for your company and for the water you bring!
I'm thinking of giving the Community Garden Plot a pass this year, as last year's drought meant I had to drive into town every day or so and carry water in watering cans from the library to the garden - back and forth, over and over and over - because I couldn't bear to let those little seedlings wither in that dusty heat. It was worthwhile, but at the end of a day, it was also One More Thing Before Bedtime and rather physically exhausting. may be a more normal summer this year? With rain now and then? What do you think, Tammy - should I put in a few rows of something at the Community Garden this year?

Melanie said...

Makes me sick to see all that garbage on the ground, especially in such a beautiful space such as the Secret Garden. Bless you and the others that take care of this space and clean things up.

Linda said...

It's wonderful all that you accomplish through the garden. :)

Here in Central Illinois, we are still experiencing lows around 40 degrees at night - brrr - and warming up nicely to the 60s during the day. The early hot weather we had in April has long passed and we're into this new rhythm, but that's okay, provided eventually 70s and 80s return for the summer garden. I have everything planted, veggies, flowers, herbs, and things are growing nicely thus far thanks to all of the rain we had. Summer of course is our normal growing season here, so that's still to come.

Hope you have a nice new week. Graduation time here - Sarah graduates college next week and we will begin our summer with another vacation in June and all sorts of fun things.
Kind regards,

Lisa said...

Love the sunflowers. I'm sorry you won't be coming for another state side visit. It would be nice to chat and enjoy another slice pie. Good luck with the summer maintenance of the garden. It's such a lovely space.

Betsy said...

I just cannot believe all the garbage that you're always cleaning up. It boggles my mind that people litter like that. I love the sunflowers. They always seem to be such a happy flower to me for some reason. I'm sorry you won't be able to come back to the states this summer. I'm hopeful that someday I'll get to visit with you face to face, when you come back here.
Blessings, Betsy

Laurie said...

You are a great caretaker of your secret garden, Tammy!

Linda P said...

It's good that there are a group of you who'll be around to maintain the garden and keep the area tidy during the Summer. I hope the melon does well. Travelling back and forth between gardens we're always thinking of the need to do the watering even when there's less growing.

Sam I Am...... said...

What a wonderful group you have! I tried with a gardening group here but they only want to grow flowers when I suggested a community vegetable garden since there is much poverty and hunger in this area.

Jodiebodie said...

I how you get lots of healthy donations for your compost. The summer heat should help it break down quickly into useful material for next season.

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