Friday, August 5, 2011

The Blessings of Color

It is believed the Buddhist prayer flags bless the surrounding countryside. Each color represents the elements: blue (sky/space), white (wind/air), red (fire), green (water) and yellow (earth).

(View of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal)

bless·ing: something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being, or prosperity ...

I have my own color blessings going on here in the blue of crocheted Christmas themed bags ...

a white gardenia hubby plucked and brought home early this morning ...

the red of a granny square pillow made for the kids room ...

a green doily and Christmas tree bag ...

and the yellow of this doily mixed with other vibrant colors.

Weather for Kuwait

113°F | °CFriSatSunMon
Light Blowing Widespread Dust
Wind: N at 20 mph
Humidity: 8%120°91°120°91°120°91°120°91°

Hubby is the only one who has ventured out today. The boys and I have stayed in pajamas and for me, crocheting continues. Hope you are having a fabulous Friday! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


Becky~ said...

I love the christmas tree bag Tammy,that looks kinda easy to do too.I can crochet but Im not real into other things just afghans.

I had to laugh at the weather there,Light blowing widespread dust.How nice huh?Not to good for people who have anything like asthma.

Have a lovely weekend Tammy!

Linda said...

It's a beautiful Friday here - though we really could have used rain. Instead, it looked like it might - after 2 months - but it didn't. All of the clouds blew away and now it's sunny and clear blue sky just like it's been every single day for the past 2 months. Craziness, but it sure is pretty. The temp here has dropped slightly here - though still warm - it's a little more manageable. Nothing like what you experience there of course, but then again - this is Central Illinois. :)

Your items are lovely - I'm not big on vibrant color too much, but I love greens, blues, autumn colors, and I wear a lot of timeless black, lol.

My day is going pretty well - got through a stressful work meeting with a positive outcome, finished a deadline article as a correspondence writer for the newspaper about the high school marching band, and am ready for the weekend - one alone with Jim. ♥

Hope you have a beautiful weekend,

4 Lil' Girls said...

Love your crochet, all looks really good, some lovely ideas for christmas.
Wow that weather is something else, how do you guys cope with it. Went to India last year & felt like dying from the heat, being Irish i am so not used to it, soft weather suits me i think :D
You have a wonderful weekend
LOL Karen Xxxx

La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful crocheted projects --- you do such nice work.

Thanks for your "food" comments on my blog. It would be a pleasure to share a meal with you. Tonight we are celebrating a birthday and I'm making spring rolls. I have a new idea --- hope it works --- and if it does --- I'll post the recipe on my blog. I think you'll like it --- no cooking for a hot summer day!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

What a temperatures indeed. Guess this summer will stay another month like this.
But you 'stitch' the heat away!
What a lovely gardenia you got! Never seen such a full one. That stays well in a bowl with floating candles. Love that but we have almost no flowers this year to decorate a dinner table like that.

Lots of love,


Privet and Holly said...

I promise, I
won't complain
about our summer
weather ever again
after seeing YOUR
temps!! LOVE the
concept of the
Buddhist flags.
xx Suzanne

Marilyn said...

how you stay so positive and sweet in that heat and must be that you really are as sweet as you seem...:)
what a busy hooker you've been much done...I'm happy for that...already ahead of the game with the Christmas things... good for you!

Karen said...

Oh, I love the snowman bags, too cute! Color does do the "heart" good. Stay cool. And I'm complaining about 97. Humidity is 100%.

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

So you're having a cold snap, ah? ONLY 113 degrees! Yikes..hope you're fairing well. The flags and what they represent are are your own "flags"..have a wonderful (and hopefully cooler) week-end. Gotta say how lovely of your husband to bring you that beautiful gardenia! I'll bet the fragrance is intoxicating :-)

Anonymous said...

I love everything about your blog today, except the weather forecast. BOO for heat and dust!! The colors are inspiring!!


Createology said...

Your crochet pieces are lovely. How nice to represent the colors as you have done. I am partial to the blue colors. I hope your heat is a dry one, however staying indoors sounds right to me as long as you have a cooler. Happy crocheting...

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh, I love it all, Tammy! I hope you have a great weekend, my friend.

Diane said...

Your crochet is so pretty. It's so neat to look at them and think of the stitches and to think they're made by a special friend, 1/2 a world away! Diane

Little Treasures said...

Sweet color related post and of course great crochet work!!

The Garden Bell said...

You already know how I adore color. Such to treat to see in your hot part of the world.
Weekend Wishes,

My Grama's Soul said...

I love Buddhist prayer flags....and your special projects that you have connected to each of the colors. I wish I could crochet.

Try and stay cool.....I just took a peak at your temp there...Oh my!!!!



Elyse said...

ooh -- what pleasant pics to help keep your mind cool on such a hot day!!!


Shanda said...

Buddest prayer flags....I love learning new about new cultures and religions!

Earplugs said...

These are so beautiful and awesome. I am not big on vibrant color too much. Well, I like greens, blues, autumn colors so much, so wonderful collection.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tammy!
Thank you so much for visiting! You have to try out this ripple is so easy to follow you'll crochet it right I am sure :)
"Courage" for the weather :) It must be hell!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Pradeepa said...

I love your colourful stuff.

Yarn, needles and a cup of coffee... said...

Hi Tammy!thank you for you lovely comment on my blog post. To be honest, the bird socks look a lot more complicated than they really are. That's the beauty of colourwork knitting!:) so great to discover you blog! This is why I enjoy blogging, you get in contact with people that you might never meet otherwise. Wow, Kuwait! It must be very different from the US. I also just packed up one day, left my home country, Slovakia, and came to the UK for a gap year. Err that was 10 years ago,time flyes!! Anyway, before this turns into an essay, have a lovely weekend, I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts!

Fiona said...

Hi Tammy, thanks for your comment on my blog... lovely to have you round so I came by for a visit... what an interesting life you lead ... and of course I do like your lovely craft work.... hope your weekend is great...

Julies Knit and Sew Corner said...

Hi Tammy, I have not forgotten your pincushion, I will be sending it Monday if thats ok. I have a feeling you did not get my last reply, not to worry it will soon be flying its way over to you.
I am loving all your crochet makes you have been busy.
best wishes Julie.C

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness ~ looks like it is extra warm there! So many pretty things you are making!
Happy Weekend!
xo Catherine

cottage1945 said...

You've got a lot of projects done! I would too with that weather. I couldn't handle 113 degrees!!!

Sussie said...

Fabulous view!
Very interesting about the colours.
My element is probably sky/space and water.
I´m very interested in colour psychology, chakras, auras and energy and things like that so this adds a little extra info "in to my archive" :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Pearlin J said...

Oh you've already started on Christmas stuff.Love the blue snowman pouch.Also the green doily.

val said...

I love that you are ahead on Christmas crafting.....and still in your pjs! (we'd be pj pals!)

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