Monday, August 22, 2011

Being Entertained

Jingles could barely contain herself this morning. As I was getting ready for work, she was being entertained by birds on the balcony.

First the sparrows.

Then the doves.

I get a kick out of seeing her try to get to them through the window.

After school I headed over to Shereen's place for lunch.

Vegetarian Indian food.

And Gulab Jamun for dessert.

She was in India this summer visiting family and brought me back these two pillow covers made in Rajasthan.

Our weather hasn't been quite as hot the past couple of days but the humidity has been high.

I tried to take a picture of this evening's sunset but my camera immediately fogged over when I opened the door.

I have quite the headache at the moment. Definitely will be hitting the hay early tonight. Hope your week is off to a great start. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


no spring chicken said...

What deliciousness returned from India... first the food, then the beautiful pillow covers. I love them!
My cat does that too. I kind of feel sorry for the poor thing. She wants them soooo bad.

Take care of yourself, headaches are no fun at all!

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Jingles is adorable.... Good thing for the birds there is a pane of glass between them.
We are blessedly cooler here. This morning it was 54 & today it isn't even in the 70's. It almost feels like Fall!!
Have a Great Day!

Teresa said...

It's cooled off a bit here too... but then we only had a couple of really warm days this summer! Still the humidity is so high it seems much worse than it is...
Lucky you, I love Indian food (maybe it's my Indian great grandfather's genes ;) ) AND vegetarian food, even though I'm not vegetarian! And the pillow covers are gorgeous :)
I bet my Pantera would like to meet those doves too :)!
Hope you get better from the headache soon!

My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Tammy....I adore coming here and visiting your part of the world. Indian food happens to be one of my favorites....and oh those pillows.....right up MY ALLEY.

Take care of that headache sweet lady,


Little Treasures said...

It must be hilarious watching your cat being entertained :)
You always have interesting and yummy things to show! Love the Indian pillows!
Have a nice week too and hope the pain subsides!

The English Romantic said...

I always fell hungry when I read your posts. The food looks delicious.
Jingles is a happy cat!
Hugs, Angela.

Linda said...

Don't know what all that food is, but it looks enticing. :)

Appears that you had a lovely day, despite the humidity and the headache. Hope the headache leaves promptly and that you have a good night's rest and a wonderful week.

June said...

I think I know what Jingles dreams about when she goes to! So cute!
Take care and I hope you get the headache to go away after some rest Tammy.
sending hugs...

Cozy Little House said...

I get a migraine whenever 1)I get too hot and 2) dust. The wretched dust.

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Hope you are feeling better today. :)
Your sweet kitty cracks me up. Those birds don't have a clue how lucky they are that the glass protects them. Too funny. Wow, it even looks hot in the photo, too.
Hope you get a few cool breezes and some hooky time , too. :)

Blessings always

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope your head feels better after getting some sleep. Don't work too hard!

val said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for stopping by....YES, my first week back was AWESOME! There were a few kinks in the works but overall, a great week. I love my job...wish it was full time. I hope you have a wonderful week.....I can't wait to send your goodie...I'm sending Jingles a lil somthing too....I hope she likes it......

Anonymous said...

I can just picture Jingles licking her lips!

Kind of like I am seeing the tasty treats you had for lunch.

The pillow covers are so pretty....they would look really nice in my home, too! wink wink

Hope your head is better. Nothing takes the vigor out of you like a headache. Ech.

Warm hugs, my friend,

Diane said...

Hope your headache has gone away by now. I'm glad you have it a little cooler. Jingles seems to be able to amuse herself easily. Such a pretty cat. The lunch at your friends looks like a feast for the eyes as well. Diane

crochet lady said...

I used to get a kick out of my cat trying to paw the birds on the TV.

Looks like a great meal! Beautiful pillow covers.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Jingles is adorable--and what beautiful pillows from your friend--how sweet of her!! I sure hope you feel better. And I know what you mean about the humidity...Every time I go outside to get pics, the camera fogs over within seconds!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy! We have had cooler weather here...makes for a pleasant walk/jog for me in the mornings!

I love how jingles has so much to watching television or something to keep busy with, right! lol

and the vegetarian food is right up my alley!

ciao bella

creative carmelina

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

Your headaches are because of a certain barometric pressure. The weather station that I use does give that info too. On August 10, 11 and 12 I had those migrain headaches and than I got real sick on the 12th at night. Now I feel fit and happy so let's hope your headache is leaving you alone soon!
Oh, how I would have loved to savour that Indian food... We know the dessert too. Yummy and one never tires of it.
Jingles had a good time, poor girl trying to escape through the glass...
Love to you,


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hope your head is feeling better!! Jingles would love to figure out how to open that door! Lunch was beautiful and I'm sure delicious. Our heat continues, too... though never as bad as yours. My car thermometer was 108 today in the shade. Stay cool! blessings ~ Tanna

LuLu Kellogg said...

Jingles is soooooooooo cute!

The pillow covers are so lovely...what a wonderful gift.

I hope your headache gets better!


Catherine said...

There always seems to be lots to watch on the birdie channel!

Hope you are having sweet dreams and getting rid of your headache Tammy!
xo Catherine

Katherine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm browsing you blog and I so jealous. What a wonderful adventure you and your family are having.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Jingles is going through the adjustment of not having you and the boys home during the day now. I would like to think he misses you. Good that he has the birds to keep him occupied... He, he!
Lunch looks relaxing and inviting as always with Shereen. Glad you were able to end your day with a nice meal and good company.
Hope the headache goes away soon!!

Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

Poor oughta let him loose someday on them birds just to make him happy.
As always, Shereen has beautiful presentation and those pillow covers are beautiful. This humidity is suffocating but I'd rather have that than dust. Heading out to the Avenues for some shopping tonight. Not looking forward to the crowd so will try to go early. Hope you're headache free now.

Chow chickie, Melissa

Sherry from Alabama said...

Tammy, Thank you for sharing your day with us. I enjoy peeking into a life that is so different from mine in ways but so like mine in others. I hope you're feeling better today, Friend.

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

Garter Mademoiselle said...

What fabulous pictures of Jingles and the birds outside the window. I love how you captured them, making one feel as if we were right there to observe it for ourselves. The food looks delicious. I love tasting food from other cultures. My mother in law taught me to make lots of traditional German dishes, and I still make them today, much to hubby pleasure. Sorry to hear about the headache. I am a frequent sufferer myself, so know how awful it can be. Take care. And have a great week, inspite of such heat. ~Debby

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

The food looks wonderful as well as the pillows! Hope your headache is gone and the humidity is down! blessings,Kathleen

Gwendolyn said...

Beautiful pillow covers! You eat so differently than I do. But of course you know that. Lately I just eat what I can find around the house. I had such a craving for chocolate last night, but alas , none in the house. Yikes!! Going to take care of that today!
Hugs cuz'

Pearlin J said...

all that food looks so yum.I love the food presentation your friend did as well.Its sooo beautiful.the pillow covers are gorgeous!

Serena said...

I hope your headache cleared away quickly after you posted. Those pillow covers are lovely and the Indian food....YUM!!

Small Things Simple Pleasures said...

I feel like your cat sometimes the way I'm watching birds from my windows much more than I used to!

That food looks delicious. Bet it was. x

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