Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

My aunt is having a giveaway over at her blog At Home With Elaine.

A handcrafted vintage ornament from Stromboli's Wagon (known for their intricately hand cut imagery). Giveaway ends January 26th so if you have a chance, blog your way there and sign up.

Today is the birthday of one of my very best friends!

She's the one holding little Lillian born the middle of September. Happy Birthday Melissa!

Today's lunch for the kids was fried ravioli. I first saw the recipe over at Linda's place Over the Fence, but couldn't find it today so I looked up another one online.

Hard to get an appetizing picture, but sure did taste good. I don't usually fry anything, but every once in a while is okay, right !!?? Zack was happy as he always complains there's too many vegetables around here. (I was happy with my vege curry that I've been eating on for the past several days.)

Hubby has been away on a business trip for the past week (Thailand and Vietnam) and should be arriving home any time now. He bought a new camera to take with him so I am expecting lots of pictures.

Hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday. Friendship blessings, Tammy


Claus said...

Never heard of fried ravioli before! I'm curious now :o)
have a lovely day!!

Linda said...
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Linda said...

Hi Tammy,
Oh, I'm glad you tried and liked the Toasted Raviolis :)

Here's the link to the original recipe, which hails from St. Louis's, The Hill, neighborhood:

Hope you have a great week,
(I had the link wrong in my previous post, so I deleted that one) :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Deep fried raviolis! My favorite!! Growing up we went to The Chateau Restaurant in Waltham Mass...they make the best fried rav's!

Elaine said...

Thanks for posting about my giveaway.... Birthday wishes to Melissa .Tomorrow is Gwen's birthday

Anonymous said...

Fried Ravioli - that is a new one!! You know you would need a lot more ravioli on that plate if my boys were coming over for dinner. HA! I am glad you made Zack happy.
I talked with Melissa last night, and she said she sent me an email, but I did not get anything from her. I even looked in my junk mail. I don't know.
I hope Sam got home safely, and that there are lots of good pictures. We had half a day or soft rain yesterday, and more of the same today. Omar said it took him an extra half hour to get boys to school because roads were so crazy. Glad I am home...
Have a great Wednesday!!!


Home and Heart said...

I LOVE the quote at the top of your blog, a great reminder for us all! Thank you for you sweet visit. I love meeting new friends!

Susan said...

Good morning.....that fried ravioli sounds good for breakfast!! We got dumped with more snow, I half way out the door with my shovel. Susan

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy...
I really have been busy with so many things lately!
It's thee best way to deal with those nasty stressors in life that tend to weigh heavily on our hearts...

Crochet....and sketching...movie making...but sadly, no baking...your treats in the last post look so good..and as far as fried pasta...that sounds terrific!

Hope your day is bright and cheery...we have freezing drizzle rain here and a terrible lack of sunshine.

Ciao Bella!
Creative Carmelina

June said...

Hi T,
So great to see you that darling picture of you and you friends. You are such a doll! I hope your friend has a great B-day.
Your aunt's giveaway is a beauty. I shall hop over and take a look.
Fried ravioli looks yum. Sure it's ok to fry once in awhile. I actually fried some bacon the other day. I never eat fried food, but had to make it for a dish I was taking to a potluck, and sometimes I forget how good it tastes.
I'm sure it will be great to have the man of the house back in the house again.
hugs to you...

Melissa said...

Thanks for the bday shoutout my friend. I miss you!! That fried ravioli is right up my alley. Didn't do much on my happy day. Muny was up to no good and brought me a chocolate bar cake. I also jot a marc jacobs watch, bath and body works and armani code perfume. She knows what I like, plus she gets to use it too...lol.

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