Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Hitchhiker Before Breakfast and Last Week's Crafting

Headed off this morning to meet some of my craft group friends for breakfast and was surprised to find a little hitchhiker on the hood of my car.
I think he was just as shocked as I was.  Really felt bad that I had already driven to a whole other block of our neighborhood before I saw him, so immediately pulled over to the nearest bushes hoping he would hop off.  Not sure he did though since they prefer flat surfaces.  He might have just slid under the hood through the front grille.
The restaurant we went to has been in business since 1953, but they have just started serving breakfast.
Middle Eastern style, of course.
We were asked to give our feedback on the menu and service.
Three of us ate plant based while everyone else tried the egg and meat dishes.
Last Saturday our group met at the Morouj location of Caribou Coffee for our usual crafty morning 
I crocheted pink ribbons for everyone since October is breast cancer awareness month.
It also happened to be I Love Yarn day (created by the Craft Yarn Council in 2011) so we had a yarn swap.
A new lady joined us who is actually certified by the Craft Yarn Council as a Crochet Instructor and she had some beautiful projects to show us.
A quilter in the group made tissue packet covers for everyone.
All of the above and there was still time for crochet, knitting and sewing.
Been feeling very lethargic since breakfast, plus am getting over a cold that my husband unfortunately decided to share.
Hope you are well.
Happy Caturday!


Maya Kuzman said...

The images with the food really made my mouth water Tammy :)
As always, it is delightful to see what everyone is crafting!

kathyinozarks said...

sweet little hitch hiker, hopefully he will find his way.
such a another wonderful craft get together-sounded very inspiring for everyone-and a yarn swap sounds fun-Happy Weekend Kathy

Teresa Kasner said...

What a talented and generous group you have there! I think your pink ribbons were genius. A lady I know makes those kleenex holders and I've purchased several for myself and for gifts. I hope your cooler weather has arrived or will soon.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

So lovely that you are able to share friendship and outings with your craft friends.
Like the little pink breast cancer brooches, and the tissue box covers.
Hope your little hitchhiker escaped into the bush.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Hah, you should learn from Jingles and have a nice day of resting and being lazy!
So nice to see your fur baby. Ours are having lazy days too as tropical storm Nestor has caused some heavy rain the past couple of days and today was the worst, with thunder too.
Coming home from a lovely Italian dinner with friends we spotted two deer running into our backyard. Just standing on the lawn... in the rain! Never have seen such a thing before and we love it.
Hope nobody kills them, could never ever pull the trigger on a deer!
Your pink ribbon was a good idea for sharing and wearing with your crafting group.
Breakfast looked yummy and I would join you with the plant based items, if given a choice!
Sending you hugs, also from our six kitties who get bored from having to stay inside due to the weather...

Betsy said...

I hope you are feeling much better now Tammy. I'm still not myself after the flu shot, but getting better every day.
I enjoyed so much reading about your breakfast out and all of the news of your craft group. There are so many talented ladies in your group and I always look forward to seeing all of the projects they have done and are working on. The swap looks like so much fun.

How thoughtful of you to make the ribons for everyone Tammy. I was supposed to have my 4th follow-up mammogram and ultrasound this month but everyone has scheduled their mammograms for October so I can't get in until the first week in November. This will be my fourth in 18 months! If there has been no change, (they're watching 3 different lumps,) I can go back to yearly tests. Of course they are all on the same side as my pacemaker which makes the mamogram pretty painful. Oh well. It is what it is, but I sure hope the one in a couple of weeks shows no change in the lumps so I can stop getting the tests.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Enjoy the warmth. I got my snow tires put on today. All of the passes around us were getting snow today. Happily, we were getting rain here in the valley. It poured all day. The weatherman said tonight if the rain had been snow we would have had about 18 inches! I'm SO glad it was rain!
Blessings always,

Lorrie said...

The food looks delicious and I hope it tasted so, too. What a fun gathering of crafty friends - love the little gifts you all made for each other. Did you swap for some fun yarn? Have a great week ahead, Tammy.

Mereknits said...

Such a fun day. It is pretty rigorous to be certified by the Yarn Craft Council, good for her!

Derya said...

Hello Tammy, the hitchhiker is so cute, sometimes I meet him too fast. It was a full day with your group. Meals look great especially the hummus :)

Kit said...

What a great event!! I love your pink ribbons. I hope your breakfast turned out great! 😊 Kit

Quinn said...

I love the little decorative details on the food, and now I think I am missing opportunities to make my food look more interesting. Will work on that.
By odd coincidence, I'm in the 2nd week of the worst cold I've had in many years - I hope yours goes quickly!

Angie said...

Tammy - the food looks so delicious. Now that we are back in the UK, we are hoping to go out for some Indian food - I love anything with garbanzo beans and lentils … Your craft group is one productive set of ladies! Hope you get over your cold soon ...

Soma @ said...

I love middle eastern food, that all look very delicious! The crochet pin is such a good gesture and good reminder too. So much beautiful colours in your photos, love it! Today is not Caturday, but wish it was. Your kitty looks so sweet and gentle in that photo :)


handmade by amalia said...

This is my idea of fun - a friendly group, a yarn swap and great food. Lucky you! I was a bit worried about your hitchhiker, in a new street where he doesn't know anyone, but I'm sure that he will soon make new friends.

Susan said...

Looks like you had fun, Tammy. I think that breakfast looked wonderful. Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm always so happy when I see you have been by for a visit. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Wanda said...

Tammy, you are such a busy little bee. We have lizards visit us on the balcony. They are really cute little critters.
Your "handywork" is amazing. Love your Cancer Awareness ribbons. I am a surviver too. 2009 ~ 10 years cancer free. PTL.

Rostrose said...

Oh, what a sweet hitchhiker, dearest Tammy!
I like geckos a lot :-) Delicious food - I love to eat chickpeas /falafel very much. Two days ago, I cooked a vegetarian lentil chickpea stew (Harira style) - my husband is a carnivore, but he said it tastes good. You crocheted and sewed beautiful things - and I was especially happy to see Jingles again!
Hugs and best wishes, Traude

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