Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hello October

Over on Instagram, I've been taking part in a slow stitch-along with @jillwignall.  It started the first Monday in September and each week a new stitch is introduced.
I'm a week behind because we were traveling last week.
Can you guess where?
Since tomorrow is another Monday and another stitch, I'll be playing catch-up, but here are a few of the little stitchings I've done so far.
A look at my blog tells me that I haven't posted since September 9th.  Don't know how that happened but will definitely rectify that this month.
More about our trip tomorrow.

Happy October!


crafty cat corner said...

What a great idea to learn more stitches, I am always coming across stitches that I have never tried. Can you believe that its October already, soon be Spring, lol

Kit said...

Oooo, I can't wait to hear about your trip. Your trips are always so special and to interesting places. Nice stitchery! That makes for a fun project. :) Kit

Maya Kuzman said...

I have no idea where you are? Is that a medina? A citadel? Ours looks just like the one you have in the pictures. At least from the side :)
You stitching is so lovely! Enjoy October!

SusanLotus said...

Hi Tammy!

Nice to see you again. :)
I think you were in Palestine.
Actually I am sure!

Happy evening to you!
Blessings from your friend Sussie

Teresa Kasner said...

Did you go to China and is that the Great Wall? I love all your stitching projects and your crochet, too. I'm been missing your posts! Welcome back. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

September Violets said...

Hello October! and Hello Tammy! It's so nice to see you again ;)
I really enjoy embroidery, although I don't seem to slot it into my crafting time unless I'm making a gift with it. Your embroidery pieces are so pretty. I like the little satin stitched hearts :) I couldn't guess where you have been, but it looks like you didn't travel across the 'big' ocean. Hope you've been well and enjoying life.
Wendy xox

Angie said...

Tammy - so glad to see you posting again - I was starting to worry about you .... Your stitching is coming along very nicely. I finally met this week with the lady that runs the prayer shawl ministry and I have (just) started working on my first one. More to come on that in a future post. I look forward to hearing where you went on your trip!!!

June said...

Happy traveling sweet friend!!!!!

Rebecca said...

Welcome home.
I love your "little stitchings"!
I will look forward to hearing where you were....wondering to if in Palestine????

a rich tapestry said...

I like your stitching designs and your October crochet work. The autumn colours certainly reflect the season. I'm inspired by your projects.

handmade by amalia said...

September simply flew away this year. And it is still quite hot around here but you can feel the changing seasons. I'm trying to make more time for crafting and you've inspired me to take up some embroidery. I love the little cactus on the stripy fabric.

Beca said...

I love the pic of the stitched potted plants. September was a whirlwind for me too. It baffles me how October made it here so fast.
xx Beca

Sam I Am...... said...

Jerusalem? Love your stitches and the last one of October with your crocheted leaves is so pretty! You are really perfecting those stitches!

Liz D said...

Very prety embroideries! I love the October with the crocheted leaves too.

Createology said...

Happy October and Autumn. Love your crocheted Fall leaves. Fun stitchings and always good to learn new and practice stitches. I love seeing your travels. <3

Mia said...

Beautiful stitches, Tammy. Have a great month, my friend. I love the crochet October wreath!

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