Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Urban Wilderness

One of my team members at The Secret Garden recently went to the States and, upon her return, surprised me with some very lovely gifts.
This quilled artcard of a purple finch is handcrafted by artists in Vietnam.
These gorgeous seed packets are works of art themselves.  I sure wish it wasn't the end of our growing season, but I will have something to look forward to come September (or October, or November, depending on the weather). 
 And finally, this book, written by a father, inspired by his daughter and all the questions she asked on their school walks.  The every day things we walk by and often take for granted are magical to a child.  Nature is all around is, even if it's only a tiny weed in the crack of a sidewalk, it is something to to be grateful for.
You all know how I love to wander. And last week, after getting a haircut, I passed by this house which prompted me to immediately pull over and park my car to get a closer look.  It wasn't the house that impressed me, but the front yard that I was interested in.
So many gorgeous hollyhocks, standing so tall and proud.  Certainly not to be missed as one is driving by.
Don't know why we didn't plant them at the community garden, but I told the garden group that we are definitely planting them next year.
They sure do put on a beautiful show.
 I did some more wandering.  Love seeing homeowners add curbside appeal to their entrances.
 Especially happy to see homes where natural elements are allowed to take over. 
So many people just seem to live in concrete boxes and don't leave room for any green space so I am always grateful for those who nurture a green environment.
Beautiful bougainvillea.
A painted wall.
The lovely note I received with my gifts.
I am equally grateful for those who add a bit of beauty to this world.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Rose M Rodriguez said...

Hi Tammy, inspiring to always see the beautiful 'things around us!
Greetings from the Caribbean, Rose M.

Linda said...

Ahhhh Hudson Valley Seed Company - I just received my annual box of seeds from them and I love them. I didn't pay extra for the work-of-art packets this year where possible (some only come in those packets) but I love their seeds. I started buying from them last year and had great success. Here - we are of course just getting ready to do gardens with the beginning of our growing season through the warm months. Most go by the old-adage of "wait until after Mother's Day to set out outdoor plants" but I never follow that rule and always have great success. I plant at the end of April. If, by slim chance, we get a late frost, I simply cover the seedlings - no worries. I also have a little greenhouse on the patio now where several items are beginning to grow nicely.

Anyways, nice things you saw along your walk especially of course the Hollyhocks which I love and they self seed here wherever they want in my gardens and grow annually. Mine are doing really well - they're early this year and already about 2 feet high so I should have early blooms.

Have a great remainder of the week. Tomorrow I'm off as a dump truck load of soil is arriving for my garden space and Jim and I will be working to move all of that from the front dumping location to the garden and it will involve removing a section of our fence in order to do so between my parents' yard and ours.


Betsy said...

Tammy, what a lovely gift and so appropriate for you. You bring beauty into the lives of everyone around you because of your outlook on life. Those hollyhocks are gorgeous. I do love the house too though! The book sounds very interesting. I may have to look for it at our library. Have a lovely day my friend.
Blessings, Betsy

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

Your friend brought you some wonderful gifts, Tammy. The seed packages are so pretty. Hopefully the seeds will grow well and give you something to enjoy for several weeks or even months. Hollyhocks are among my favorite flowers. They come in so many beautiful colors.
xo Julia

hula-la said... lovely! Spring has finally sprung here in New York State, and I always have big ideas and great intentions for a garden. However, living in the woods provides limited sun. Fortunately, a couple trees came down in the past storms, not only providing me with firewood for next winter, but a bit more sun! I do have 2 hollyhocks that seem to thrive against my rock wall. But, after seeing your photo, I need more! Thanks for sharing your gifts and your out and about photos. Aloha!

Maya Kuzman said...

Such a lovely gift Tammy. I know you love it!
And that note was so true, I might have said it myself!

crafty cat corner said...

Such thoughtful gifts that suit you so well Tammy. The hollyhocks reminded me of home, the lady next year did nothing with her garden and yet everything bloomed so well, my Dad used to get so mad (in a nice way) as he tended his garden and she did nothing, anyway, the holly hocks used to encourage lots of bees and butterflies.
Just a quickie on the crochet hearts that will make you laugh, I hung one on the door handle of the car that I parked next to the other day and they obviously were not crochet heart lovers as when I went back to the cat they had put in onto my car handle. lol

Laurie said...

I do love your walks around your city and neighborhood. And, my goodness, what lovely gifts your friend brought you from home. I'm assuming this is the end of your growing season because of the heat. Is that right? Take care!

Acorn to Oak said...

That is such a wonderful gift! And, a sweet card to go with it!

I love hollyhocks! That yard is wonderful!

Melanie said...

What lovely gifts from your friend! I like seeing the houses and flowers where you different than here.

Beca said...

Our planting season is just beginning. Lots of inspiration in your photos.
xx Beca

Claudia said...

Lovely gifts - I think I'd love that book. I'm going to write that title down for my ever-expanding list. Love the hollyhocks!

Teresa Kasner said...

I'm glad your friend sent you such nice gifts.. I hope to see those packets of seeds flourishing in your secret garden. I also adore hollyhocks! Enjoy your week my friend.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

kathyinozarks said...

Hi Tammy, I always enjoy your walks. I love hollyhocks what a gorgeous patch of them-I have not been able to grow them here-I do know they take two years before they flower though-I think once you getting them going then they keep coming back.
those are gorgeous seed packets perhaps you can recycle them into note cards or something.
enjoy your weekend coming up

Susan said...

Oh Tammy, the hollyhocks are gorgeous. Love them! You really do see the beauty all around you. Susan

Tanna said...

I agree with Nora. :) blessings ~ tanna

handmade by amalia said...

Such a lovely gift, Tammy, from someone who clearly understands your heart.

Debra Turner said...

What a beautiful property and grounds! I'd love to explore it too! Thanks for sharing, Tammy!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a beautiful wander ... so many treasures to keep forever (through your photographs) ... and lovely gifts you received from your friend. The book looks like one I should check on for my great-grandsons.

Liz D said...

Remember hollyhocks are biennials and won t flower until second year. But you need to seed again during year one so there are flowers evry year. Finally they should self seed and amass like this lovely garden you found.
What are the white things on the gates?


Mary said...

Lovely colorful post Tammy. Is that one house or an apt. building? Very nice.

Don't forget, hollyhocks are biennial and you may not get much the first year, but the second could be beautiful. they do love full sun. I adore them and have grown some from my friend Gina's seeds (Utah) - they are so pretty and a true English cottage garden.

Here's a link to info on growing -

Hugs - Mary

Sam I Am...... said...

What a beautiful city you live in and hollyhocks are the flower of my youth! Everyone had them growing in their yards and on the farms....I will be growing some too as soon I get back home. Lovely note and she expressed my sentiments too!

Createology said...

I am late to your post...I was celebrating my husband's birthday is my best excuse. Lovely Nature and I adore Hollyhocks. The garden will be so happy to have them next year. Your gifts are so thoughtful from your sweet friend. I agree those seed packets are little works of art! Lovely wandering dear...You add Light and Hope to our frenetic world. <3

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