Monday, March 6, 2017

Unexpectedly Exceptional

Well folks, I did it again.
I neglected this little space here of mine.
Part of the reason was a recent jaunt to Sri Lanka, which I'll share more about later.
But for now, let's start with today.
A day that wasn't planned, but played out in a most lovely way.
It was one of those perfect weather days, where the skies are so very blue that everything seems bright and beautiful.  When I was working, it was days like this that I dreamed of playing hooky.
I took the pedestrian bridge over to the Boulevard which is a 10 minute walk from my house.
And there I met my friend, Emina, for a wonderful walk followed up with coffee and crochet.
Since I have garden duties on Monday, we walked back to my house to pick up my compost bucket and then headed to the garden where we watered plants and discovered some crochet surprises left by a friend last week.
After the garden, we decided to have lunch at Marina Crescent.
And, because the weather was just too perfect to waste, I took another walk late this afternoon.
The bonus is that the health app on my phone says I walked 16,586 steps or 9.4 kms, which is about 6 miles.

Exceptional all the way around.
Happy Monday!


Kit said...

What a lovely walk you had and your lunch looks wonderful. So good to see you back! :) Kit

Betsy said...

Good for you! I've enjoyed some of these photos on IG but it's nice to see the whole day together like this. :-). Such a fun time making precious memories with your friend.

Teresa Kasner said...

Everywhere you took us looked lovely and clean and sunny and nice. I love dining in a restaurant overlooking a boat harbor. I've missed you! I look forward to photos from your trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Mini said...

Looks like a wonderful day to be out. Beautiful pictures.

handmade by amalia said...

Looks like a super day. I like the look of that lunch. And also the idea of jaunting to Sri Lanka.

Tanna said...

This day was definitely EXCEPTIONAL. And, it is always sweeter when it was unexpected! That walkway is beautiful. I love the cover! So glad you took time to stop by your blog; it's hard to sit when there is so much beauty outside to be enjoyed! We have to savor it while its here. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Linda said...

Looks like a perfect day to be out and about. And kudos to you on the steps! :)

My average is 18,000+ per day (over 8 miles) but 5 of that is at such a fast pace that I don't get to notice much about the beautiful day because I'm working on keeping my heart rate up. The problem here is the WIND. Way too much wind always. I've gotten to where I write down the "calm" days on the calendar. I've yet to record one of those in over a month. Last night we experienced straight line winds that were roaring around 2:00 a.m. and today we're supposed to have 45 mph wind gusts with 25-30 mile an hour sustained winds. You can imagine how difficult my run/power walk is under these conditions, but I keep up every day anyway.

You also keep super busy doing the things you love in "retirement". ♥ 2 more years for me and then I'll get to do the same, though I'm not a crafter too much. I do share the love for gardening though as you know.

Have a great evening,

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I am envious of anyone that can walk 4 miles. My goal is to get to 1 mile by the end of this month if I can. I love seeing the architecture there, it is so different. How fun to find the crocheted items in the garden! :-) I love the bee! thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

Diane said...

Sounds like a very lovely day. I think we're going to have a beautiful day, too. Maybe it will melt some of the snow. Sunday was a no coat day. It felt wonderful. Diane

Susan said...

Oh Tammy, six miles! You are a wonder. SO GOOD to hear from you. Loved the colors in the tunnel! There are some lovely places in Kuwait, I can see. Take care and stay well. Susan

Melanie said...

What a perfect way to spend a beautiful day! Will be exciting to hear about your trip to Sri Lanka, too.

September Violets said...

Exceptional day! You see the best of all around you, love seeing a bit of your world in "a day in the life".

Quinn said...

What a perfect day! And that lunch...yum.
Do you know what the white flowers are called? They are very cheery :)

Sangeetha said...

Hi Tammy, as usual your pics are wonderful. At first glance that tunnel looks yarn bombed! :)
Have a super weekend.

Mereknits said...

I wish I could play hooky with you, I'd love that beautiful walk and time to sit and chat.

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