Thursday, March 9, 2017

At the Garden

Besides the normal activities you would expect to find at a community garden, like watering plants, composting, harvesting, there's been a whole lot of other activity, too.  
Did you know that March is National Craft Month and National Crochet Month?
To celebrate, my craft group decided to meet every Saturday this month at The Secret Garden for crafting, crocheting, knitting and yarnbombing.
Rene (you can find her on Instagram @whiskersandyarn) made some very pretty hanging ornaments for the garden.
And armed with the granny square contributions from last year (that I took down and washed from the previous season) we began to yarnbomb benches.
We met again yesterday at the garden for 4 hours and Rene managed to finish all the benches there.  This week was her first ever yarnbombing experience; she really accomplished a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the process.
Skies weren't as blue yesterday but the weather was absolutely perfect for spending quality time outdoors with friends.
Happy Craft and Crochet Month!


Blondie's Journal said...

I think it's great that you all meet every week, many like minded people. A rewarding way to make friends. The veggie garden is wonderful...I know fresh broccoli when I see it. I used to grow a boat load of it, we love it!

I so enjoy hearing how you and your friends look out for and help your community. Good work. Good hearts.

Jane x

Betsy said...

I absolutely love every one of these pictures. The veggies look delicious and the yarn. Well, the yarn is just plain amazing. Seeing all of you work with all of your hearts on this project is wonderful. How fun and yet so satisfying.

Mini said...

I remember the post where you showed us the pics of the vandalized garden and look at it now.
It proves that there's nothing a bunch of enthusiastic people can't achieve. Good work Tammy and Rene.
I'm enjoying the peppers I got on Saturday, the beetroot is already in

Tanna said...

I love that you and your friends join together to create such beauty and fruitfulness in this space!!! blessings ~ tanna

Linda said...

Nice photos! :) Happy craft month to you!
No crafting going on here at all, mostly stress-related events, but I'm having some fun in between.

Hope you have a nice weekend,

Lisa said...

The garden is looking wonderful. It's fun to see how a garden changes from week to week. Although our daffodils have made an appearance I'm still holding out a few more weeks before starting too much gardening. The weather is as crazy as my moods, lots of highs and lows. I love National Craft/Crochet month. I don't know why that is I craft most every month. It just sounds so official. My sister and I are trying to craft every day for the month. For me some nights it's only a few stitches but those still count!

September Violets said...

Look at all the veggies coming up! Very exciting. What do you do with things you harvest? The yarnbombing looks great on the benches. Really adds a nice cozy contrast to your garden. What a happy place ;)

Teresa Kasner said...

Oh I very much enjoyed seeing the yarny embellishments to the secret garden. I bet the benches are more comfortable now. You sure did raise some great veggies there! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Bee Lady said...

I had no idea it was craft and crochet month but I meet once a week at a local coffee shop to crochet anyway, so I'm celebrating! I love the colorful yarn bombing! Those are some pretty nice looking sandals to be working in a garden, in that first picture! Look like Allegria's!!!


Mary said...

You really are an amazing group and you create such beautiful art to brighten up your spaces. I so hope the local people appreciate and respect all that is done to beautify the Secret Garden etc., and hope nobody damages anything Tammy.

Veggies look awesome too.
Mary -

Lorrie said...

Getting together with friends to create beauty is such a wonderful thing. Your Secret Garden is full of delights.

Wanda said...

Your love and care of the Secret Garden is a blessing to all who stop by. What a wonderful way to give back and follow the Lord's command to Give and Share.

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Tammy,

Neat that you and your friends are able to meet and have a fun time crocheting together. You certainly brightened up the park benches and make the park welcoming. The vegetables look great too.
Have a lovely weekend

Susan said...

Oh Tammy. The bench and hanging decorations are both so beautiful. I LOVE crocheted things. You girls are doing an awesome job. What a wonderful garden, really. Thank you for your visits. So happy you are back and happy. Sincerely, Susan

Preeti said...

Nice to see your garden growing healthy and colorful :)

Dagmar said...

How happy and productive your garden looks, what a great place to come together to celebrate crafting, community and friendship.

Helen Philipps said...

Happy Craft and Crochet month to you too Tammy! I loved seeing the pictures in this post...the colourful crochet around the Secret Garden looks so bright and happy. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
Helen xox

She loves to crochet said...

Happy times in the garden, love the hanging decorations and yarn bombing. I think it is too wet for that here. Hx

Createology said...

I could just eat those veggies straight from the ground they look so good! Well maybe a little bath to wash off the dirt. LOL. How fun to meet and work together to brighten up this community space. Love the crocheted hanging ornaments and the decked-out benches. You ladies are such a blessing! March weather looks amazing for being outdoors. <3

Mereknits said...

You are the best Tammy. I am so glad yo have a friend with a love for yarn and your secret garden. Renee sounds wonderful. Love all that you have done to the garden. You spread sunshine everywhere you go.

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