Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sitting and Waiting

Waiting for my son after school.
Waiting for friends to arrive.
Waiting for the show to start.
Waiting at airports.
Wherever I may be.
Crochet is always with me.
Waiting goes from being passive, to active.  10 minutes here, 15 minutes there, and in no time at all, I've got a stack of dishcloths to give as gifts.
Yesterday while sitting for two hours with the craft group who were knitting and sewing and stitching, I was able to finish a crocheted cowl. 
Sitting and waiting is very productive with yarn and hook in hand.
Have a super Sunday!


Mary said...

You certainly make good use of your 'waiting time' Tammy! I love to see your crochet pieces - and the yarns you use. Lucky are those in your community who receive your pretty gifts - always so much better than store bought!

The cowl is lovely - will you get any cooler weather to wear something such as that? I've been digging out my Fall/Winter scarves, also looking at new ones in the shops - so many lovely patterns. I notice although the infinity style is still around there are many more long open scarves again - I love both styles. I did get a bargain one last week, actually two the same and I'll gift one, very light and open knit with fringe. . . . . . and of course in the always useful black, haha!

Have a great week dear.
Mary -

barbara judge said...

When I looked at your photos of your crochet pieces I thought that your overall photo captures were beautiful. You are an accomplished photographer as well as on who crochets lovely pieces.
Enjoyed -- barbara

Teresa Kasner said...

I just love making something out of time that would be wasted. I had the rare and unusual day yesterday.. home alone for most of the day. I crocheted, read, played Scrabble on my iPad.. pure pleasure. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Betsy said...

I always have something with me too, whether it be crochet or knitting. It's amazing what I can get done in a little bit of time.
Your dishcloths are all beautiful colors and will make someone very happy to receive each of them. The cowl is pretty too. Will it get cold enough for your to appreciate it's warmth? Have a lovely week my friend.

Diane said...

It's a good feeling to accomlish something while waiting. Otherwise you're just twiddling your thumbs.
Pretty things, tammy. Diane

Kit said...

You are a smart lady. So many people get so agitated when they have to wait, and then they upset people around them. I cannot stand the ones who start talking really loud hoping that the workers will help them. We all need more patience and to carry crochet, books and tablets. :) Your items are so lovely. Kit

handmade by amalia said...

I thought I was the only one :-) I always have my little crafting bag with me.
These pretty dishcloths will make someone very happy.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

I completely agree with you Tammy !!! I like to be productive, too, in my waiting times or even in my passive times, as when I'm watching TV (question : am I really watching it???) !!!!
Crochet gives you this possibility anytime, anywhere and that's why, I think, I've become so addicted with it!!!
Have a good week, xxxxx Ale

Linda said...

It's wonderful that you enjoy it so much and make so many lovely items.

I don't have any interests like that - I've always been one who tries some things but never keeps up with those things because I'm just not always interested in doing them. Like drawing, even reading books... I come and go over the years with those things. Most of the time, I'm just doing other things and for the moments when I might be waiting, I use that time to reflect on God's presence; I need that.

Well, here it's Monday morning and yet another work week. Time just goes way too fast for my liking.

Have a great week!

Mereknits said...

If you have yarn with you waiting is never bad. Love that you are so productive and happy.

Jennifer said...

I'm the same way, productivity should be my middle name. :) I think there's no better way to spend "down" time than by getting something done.

Patty Antle said...

I'm like you, always have something with me to keep my hands busy! Love your projects. The cowl will come in handy soon! Thank you for visiting me!

Wanda said...

That's such a smart thing to do. I take my knitting bag everywhere I go for the same reason. Of course yours is more exciting as you do "different"'ve given away a ton of them.

Gracie Saylor said...

Remember the part on elementary report cards that allow judgement for how a student has used their time, Tammy? Well, you get an "A" from me for your efforts :) I like to take a stitching project with me wherever I go, too, and am pleased to make some progress on projects in those in between times. xx

Sam I Am...... said...

Beautiful items! Your crocheting has gotten so good from all that practice too! LOL!
I always make sure I have some handwork and a book with me but I don't have much waiting time anymore. I never mind waiting though. Have a great week!

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