Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Breakfast Buffet

On Saturday morning, our balcony was all abuzz.  At one point, I counted a total of 10 doves feasting on the plants and whatever it is they find in the soil.  
I also have two containers of water out there.  One for drinking and one for bathing.  So it would seem they've got it pretty darn good.
All of the above photos were taken through a dirty tinted window with my phone but they still turned out pretty good.

I went off to have my own breakfast with friends which was lovely.
And when I came back 2 hours later, the birds were still there, plus a few surprises.
This is the first time I've seen a dark capped bulbul.  And yes, just as I get excited about the moon, I was definitely over the moon about seeing this bird.  I even messaged my husband about it and sent the picture to him.  (He doesn't get quite as excited. :)
Normally we see the common white eared bulbul.
They usually travel in pairs and have the prettiest little singsong.  But when they are angry, they chatter away like little monkeys.  (Definitely need to clean those windows.)
And, of course, another common little bird is the sweet sparrow.
What a joy it was watching them all morning.  Funny thing is, there hasn't been that much activity since.
The good camera came out for this shot of the moon this morning.  Still big and beautiful!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


handmade by amalia said...

You had a fun morning, Tammy. Friends, unexpected guests, yummy breakfast... nice.

Linda said...

Love your moon photo, Tammy. :) Just can't beat the good camera for the best moon shots.

Like you, I LOVE bird watching and do it everywhere... I'll stop everything to watch a bird, especially a cool one that I haven't seen around. Jim is quite accustomed to that while we're out on our hikes together and seems to share at least some of my enthusiasm. ;) We actually spend money buying seed for our backyard feeders - that's a requirement for our yard because I have several feeders out and I feed the birds all year round. They of course especially appreciate during the cold winter months and right now we're getting a lot of migratory bird action at the feeders. We also have a baby skunk in the yard at present which I could do without but it is cute. It's likely visiting the rotting apples on the ground around our trees which I leave purposefully there for the woodland creatures.

Hope you have a nice remainder of the week. Cool Autumn weather has set in here as is to be expected for this time of year. We're in the 40s at night now and in the low 70s for highs during the day. A bit too cool for my liking, but it's sunny and beautiful so can't complain really.

Laurie said...

Oh that moon against that beautiful blue it!

Susan said...

Your bird shots and moon shot are all lovely, Tammy. So glad you went out for a nice breakfast with friends, too! Thanks so much for all your visits. Susan

Gracie Saylor said...

It is neat to see your view of the moon and realize that we both enjoy admiring the moon, although from different angles, Tammy; and thanks for sharing your good times with your interesting feathered friends as well as your breakfast companions :) xx

Betsy said...

Hi Tammy! I love how you get excited at the small things in life. So do I but our men don't seem to quite understand do they? At least they listen to us. :-). Your lunch looks delicious. Retirement seems to be treating you well.

Createology said...

I love watching the birds and other animals we have all around us. Breakfast looks really yummy. Be careful about washing your might bring a dust storm...just thinking of us washing the car and then it rains (except here!). Beautiful Moon photo.

Teresa Kasner said...

Sounds like a great day for you.. wildlife in your window.. friends over lunch.. and a great moon shot! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lorrie said...

What a great way to spend some time - bird watching and having breakfast with friends. The moon photo shows how gorgeous it is.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

Amazing number of birds in one day!!!!!
xxxxxx Ale

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
What a lovely photos, from your balcony happiness and from a perfect looking moon.
Can you buy bird seed in your area? That way you sure could attract even more species!
Enjoy those little wonders as they do brighten our days.
Hugs with sunshine,

Amy at love made my home said...

It looks as though both you and the birds had a great breakfast! xx

Kim Andersen said...

I admire people who know their birds :)
I have lots of feathered friends outside my window and I call them all "nuthatch"

Matilda said...

Preciosa entrada llena de encanto y belleza,besitos sss.

Vicki Boster said...

Tammy-- what a kind soul you are to look out after the birds and the kitties. It warms my heart to know that you set out food and water for the stray kitties....thank you for doing that:)

You captured a gorgeous photo of the moon-- it truly was amazing!


Jaclyn said...

Your breakfast looks so yummy! Love the picture of the moon and your new friends!

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos of those birds, you must enjoy the balcony so much. That moon shot is gorgeous.

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