Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sightseeing Saturday: Las Vegas NM

Las Vegas, New Mexico may be small but there was much to see and do while we were there.
My friend and former hairdresser, Kathy, whom I met in Kuwait, bought a beautiful Victorian home there which she has painstakingly renovated over the past 2 years.
It was built in the 1890s by a Syrian family and owned by them up until the time she purchased it.
Kathy is very much into historic preservation and in August (before we arrived) she had coordinated a Tour of Homes that included hers and 7 other older homes of the area.
On this day, we made our way down to the old town plaza where there was a lovely park ...
 a huge antique store filled to the brim ...
 and the old Plaza Hotel that was known as the Belle of the Southwest when it was built in 1882.
We stopped for fresh tortillas with honey at the Spic (as the locals call it).
Oh my, if you have never had fresh tortillas, you are missing out.
Absolutely incredibly delicious!
I was impressed to learn that the area offers three colleges.
Luna Community College (no photo)
Highlands University
 And the Armand Hammer United World College which is attended by 200 students from around the world who are between the ages of 16 and 19.
There are only 12 UWCs worldwide.
Just down the road from the college there are hot springs which are claimed to have healing properties.
We visited the Victory Alpaca Ranch where we fed alpacas and lamas.
 Stopped by Salman Ranch Gardens.
Had lunch at a quirky little RV Park.
And a late dinner at the Historic El Fidel Hotel which aims to serve high quality seasonal cuisine with a twist.
I am so thankful that Kathy took the time to show us around the place she now calls home.
I highly recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.
Best wishes and blessings,


Alessandra said...

A nice tour, indeed!!!!
happy weekend, xxxx Ale

SusanLotus said...

What a beautiful house!
Wish it was mine. ;)

Best wishes.

Everyday Things said...

Tammy I just wrote a reply back to you on my blog - thanks so much for stopping by... and as you were there I was here catching up on all your news! we've both been away for a while, now its good to see what each other has been up too lately! enjoyed this post very much!

oldthings said...

Dear Tammy ,it was a nice tour and lovely to see a friend ! Thank you for sharing these wonderful memories from your trip !

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I think your friend, Kathy, and I share similar passions! I would have loved to go on their home tour! And, visit the Alpaca farm. AND, eating at all those fun spots would be at the top of my list. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Pradeepa said...

What a lovely house your friend has! Thanks for taking us on this wonderful tour.

Mereknits said...

Tammy, thank you for the wonderful tour. I have never been there but have a nephew on my husband's side that lives near there.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Tammy, It looks like you had a great time in New Mexico. Thank you for the lovely tour. It' s wonderful that your friend showed you around. Her house is very beautiful.
Have a great Saturday!

Createology said...

I love small town America with its melting pot influences. Blessings to Kathy for restoring and taking pride in this beautiful home and area. Amazing history and universal importance in this small community. Thank you for the tour dear...

Anonymous said...

That used to be my break point when I used to drive to southern NM in the 80's. I'd get out and stretch and have a Blizzard from Dairy Queen before heading south.
How beautiful your friends home is and your photos make me want to re-visit the town again. Hmmm, could be a fall trip, who knows!

And yes, fresh tortilla's are the best. Not like those store bought ones, for sure!

by Teresa said...

Isn't it amazing the wonderful gems of places you can find in the most unlikely places? Thanks for sharing it with us!! I'd love to go there some time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Diane said...

When I came home from Phoenix with my daughter, who had been in art school there, we drove by Las Vegas, NM. I wanted to stop but we were traveling and couldn't. Thanks for the tour - now I have an idea what I missed out on. So glad you met up with your friend. Diane

Yvonne said...

It's been many years since I've been there, but New Mexico is full of wonderful 'unknown' treasures. Her home is beautiful and what a nice tour. Thanks for sharing with us.

Kit said...

Oooo, I loved the tour! Looks like a great place. :) Kit

Sharon Chapman said...

Love seeing all the exciting places you saw. Thanks for sharing. By the way we are still finding HUGE zucchinis..... what am I going to do. LOL

Vicki Boster said...

A lovely little tour Tammy- I love all the places you visited and ate. So nice that you were able to visit your friend for a bit. You really did sort of travel the whole world on your recent trip back to the states!!

Lori ann said...

loved seeing your photos tammy, new mexico is a wonderful place to visit (and i imagine living there would be too!) so glad you had a great time!

Betsy said...

Such a fun tour! It looks like a town chock full of wonderful things to do and places to visit. The antique store would be high on my list. Thank you for taking us along with you.

September Violets said...

So nice that you were able to tour through the States and meet up with old friends. Your friend's house is gorgeous! What a great little town to call home :) Wendy x

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Kathy is living in a gorgeous Victorian home. Is it part brick at the bottom? From the photo it is hard to tell.
The wood work is so beautiful!
Those little towns off the beaten track are often full of surprises! Never heard of a Las Vegas in NM but from what you show us here it contains quite some treasures.
Hugs to you,

Susan said...

Hi Tammy....Enjoyed the tour. I've been to New Mexico but not the area you described.

I liked Santa Fe very much.

So glad you got to connect with an old friend. Susan

Dagmar said...

We have been there several times....we had friends live close by and I have always thought it was a sweet little town! How cool it is that you loved it as well.

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