Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Stash Busting & Sky Watch

The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.
J. G. Holland

Sustenance is required when stash busting.
And lemon ginger infusion with dark chocolate & ginger are a perfect combination.
 I didn't get much time for crocheting over the weekend but did manage to finish one stacked shells doily. A very easy pattern that you can find here.
 As you can see, today's weather was much improved from the dust and haze of yesterday.
 I plan to make more stacked shell doilies using other variegated yarns I have in my stash.

 And also will be upcycling candle jars as I've done in the past.
A large tealight candle from Ikea fits in them perfectly and makes for a great little gift.
For more stash busting posts and ideas, visit Ana and Linda.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


  1. What a cute idea for jars! Love your doily, too!

    Have a great day, T!


  2. I'm glad your weather cleared up. Pretty little doily - and I always love to see crochet covered jars. Have a good day. :)

  3. Hello Tammy..

    I always enjoy reading your new postings, Your Doily is very pretty. I have never tried one yet!! What a great idea of how to recycle old candle jar with some added lovely yarn.

    Tammy I really like your shades of pink yarn with the light beige in it. Can you tell me who made this yarn and what the color name is. I hope you do not mind me asking. Those are all My Favorite colors.
    Hugs Judy

  4. great idea for using up the yarn!

  5. So nice that the weather is better. It's always fun to crochet * smile *. You may have a nice start to the week.


  6. Pretty doily and candle covers. Glad your weather has improved for you. The candy bar sounds delicious! :-)

  7. A very pretty doily Tammy I'm looking forward to seeing the one's you are going to make with the variegated yarn :)

  8. Hi Tammy,
    The candle holders are neat.

    It's still the weekend here for us today (Sunday) and Monday (President's Day Holiday). I wish every week held a 4-day weekend. It works well for me. We spent yesterday in Chicago and that was fun, though I've been in severe pain since I pulled a muscle in my neck apparently during a very scary Asthma attack on Wednesday evening which didn't start bothering me until Thursday evening and worsened over the weekend. Still - on pain meds - I managed to have a fun day with my family, dining on Chicago deep dish and going to the Art Institute.

    Hope you have a nice new week.

  9. Oh I do like those doilies and jars!

  10. Dearest Tammy,
    Never knew that pattern was called stacked shells!
    Learning every day something...
    Your Kermit approves of all the pretty things that come from your hands and hook. Lovely ideas.
    Hugs to you and have a great day.

  11. loving the jar cosy's.
    Not sure about your ginger chocolate. I cant even eat ginger biscuits :(

    the skys are looking really pretty

  12. I've done one jar... you're inspiring me to do more! Love your jars and your sky. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Pretty sky photos and sweet crochet projects!

  14. "Sustenance is required when stash busting." Truer words were never spoken! Sometimes I need tea and a snack just to help me choose a pattern.

  15. Hi Tammy...loved all the pictures, and the jars with tealights, what a great idea. But do you know what caught my eye....those lovely pearl eyes on the frog...Just to cute..You need to crochet your frog a black shawl..then it could be "Basic Black and Pearls" HaHa.

  16. Beautiful sky pictures Tammy. Glad the dust has settled. Love your doily and jars.
    Hugs to you,

  17. I have been collecting jars again to do the same thing...which you inspired me to do! Have a lovely week.

  18. You had me at Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate...YUMMO!!!
    Love your stash busting doily. I may have to try that one. Beautiful day to you...

  19. Hmmmmm.....I got to find me some of that chocolate ginger. Yummy! Hope you have a super week TammY
    xo Catherine

  20. Hi, Tammy!
    I see such beautiful sky at your place..I love such sky!
    The stash busting projects are lovely and useful, great as gifts :) Have a nice week ahead!

  21. Hi Tammy,
    Your doily is very nice and I love your candle jars. I'm heading to Portland next month and may need to visit IKEA for some of those candles.

  22. stashbusting - what a wonderful way to spend the day and with such creative results too at the end of it!

  23. i'm trying to work from my stash too tammy, it's a good feeling. such cute covered jars, those are a wonderful idea. i bought my husband a chocolove bar for valentines day!

  24. Hi Tammy, Never say no to chocolate :) Jars was very nice clothes
    knit feels so good to us, I wish a good week...

  25. Top tip about the large tea lights from Ikea - thankyou x Jane

  26. Loving your stash busting ideas! I can't bring myself to launch on a stashbusting venture... I keep telling Evan I'm storing up for the days they take my keys away. ;) LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  27. Can´t wait to make some of these too...

  28. Dearest Tammy,
    the sky-photos look so pretty - and I love your crocheting-ideas! The clothes of your jars look very similar to the jars with the sleeves in my post, I think it's always important that lantern-glasses don't get too cold ;o))
    Warm hugs and a happy new week,

  29. Everyone who has posted so far has pretty much summed up everything that I could possibly say except for, "Ditto!" I never really thought much about "stash-busting"...normally, I would just gripe at myself for not having enough storage space! Incredible ideas and I hope, that someday soon, I will be able to hit my piles of stash and create something as beautiful as you have done! Have a beautiful week! Kelly xo

  30. Everything you crochet is so cute! And I'll take some of that chocolate bar :)

  31. Gosh girl, you are creative! Love the colours and glad your weather improved, take care, hugs from my house to yours,
    Maureen xx

  32. Girl-girl-girl.... you capture such beauty with your camera! I love how you show/share your world... most people pass it by without a thought. I appreciate you :-)
    big hugs,

  33. Love the architecture in your photos, makes very interesting skyline images. The bell tower is fascinating.

    Oh that crystallised ginger chocolate wouldn't have lasted 2 minutes in our house - it's my favourite!!!

    Shane ♥

  34. It's so nice when there's a change in the weather .... Your sky pictures are so pretty .... And your gifts in waiting are so sweet - you must have lots of happy friends :)

  35. Hi Tammy,
    Sorry I haven't been by your blog in a bit, I've been away from the blogging world for a couple of weeks.. I love the jar covers.. and yes I agree! What a great idea for a gift and I wanted to thank you for sharing the doily pattern too!
    Robyn :)

  36. Love your chosen energy fuel for stash busting! Yummy! ;-)

  37. Your crochet work is awesome. I love your sky photos this post and last post. Such a gorgeous place you live in. Tammy thanks for all your comments. I am doing much better now and trying to get caught up with everything.

  38. I am so all about the treat! Looks amazing! Your creative work is lovely! Happy week to you my friend. xoxo

  39. Hey Ms. Tammy,
    Those blue skies look's been cloudy, dark and rainy all day here so it was nice looking at your pretty sky. Love the sweet little doily. Wishing you a lovely day.


  40. I love your crochet jar jackets! So sweet. I don't mind ginger with dark chocolate either...perfect to have with a hot cup of tea. :) Btw, cute doily too. We've been dealing with rain on and off this past week but I'm not complaining as it sure beats the sauna-type heat we were having last month. Enjoy your week. xx

  41. Aren't those doilies just the sweetest! Very pretty and thanks for the pattern. I wondered if you have to worry about the candle heat and the yarn covering the glass? Maybe not with a tea light? I love the idea of the covered jars....I sure have plenty of them! I like your pot cover too with the plant.

  42. Tammy, I see you have the same chocolate bar on your table as I do. I love Chocolove, especially the ginger one! Your crochets are adorable. I wish you could teach me!
    I have been off crafting lately, recovering from knee surgery. Read lots of books and cooked and did some organizing, but have been pretty lazy. Back to work now and doing well!


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