Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Stash Busting Again and More

I hereby declare Sunday as Stash Busting Day with Ana and Linda.
In addition to granny squares, I've been making lots of hearts.
So easy to do since both patterns are committed to memory now.
Have you been visiting Nancy at Sugar Lump Studios for 14 Hearts?
A project a day through the 14th.
So many lovely ideas.
And now a thank you!
Sangeetha has passed this little award my way, she says for "my sunny disposition and finding joy in all the simple things in life."
That certainly is what I true to do every day!
There's enough chaos and craziness in the world without creating more.
Thank you, Sangeetha!  Your blog posts always make me smile and sometimes laugh out loud.
I do hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Best wishes,


O meu pensamento viaja said...

Dear Tammy, I just love those little hearts!
Have a nice week.

Vicki Boster said...

Tammy- I love the idea of making Sunday a stash busting day!! In fact it should be a national holiday- !!! Sure you have a beautiful stash-- the little hearts are just perfect! What will you do with them all??? I can just see your little stash of hearts after you get them all created!

You always make me smile girlfriend. Right now I'm nursing a horrible cold/ not feeling very productive!!


La Tea Dah said...

Such beautiful little hearts --- as always, you inspire me.

Enjoy a great week!

GrannyTaughtMeToCrochet said...

Love hearts!! I have stash busted some sock yarn into a string shopping bag. I'll post about it this week sometime. Xxx

linda said...

Great idea Tammy, stash busting Sunday I like it, love your hearts too. :)

Teresa Kasner said...

Love all the hearts.. just 4 days until the day of love! Have a super week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Becca said...

Oo I love these Tammy! I can make the little ones, but I've had a heck of a time finding a pattern I can follow for the puffed version. I think I've been working with crochet "thread" for too long that only my head is puffed and I can't seem to grasp the puffed heart. Lol! Yours are very pretty!

Betsy said...

I love all of your hearts and the squares in yesterday's post as well. Your hook has been very busy!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

The little hearts you have crocheted, are so sweet and you have been very busy.
Congratulations on your Award and will go and check out Nancy's hearts.
Enjoy the week

Mistea said...

Sweet little hearts and lovely larger sachet hearts.
Your stash is moving nicely.
Perfect award for your happy blog.
Enjoy this week.

Dagmar said...

Looks like your stash that had grown over the last few weeks will be getting a work out..Love, love the sweet to have them committed to memory!

Quinn said...

Those little hearts are so sweet :)

I've been knitting down my stash for over a year now, except for one small holiday project. Still got quite a ways to go before the bottom of the basket!

Everydaythings said...

sweet hearts... now what are you going to do with them>? any project in mind? I am curious!

Tammy's in Love said...

Great idea for stash busting! At the warehouse sale for scrapbook paper October Afternoon I suggested to the other women in line that at my funeral I would offer gluesticks, embellishments and scrapbook paper to design my coffin with! Waste not, want not!

Ana BC said...

Excellent! I'll be checking in Sundays... Your hearts are so cute. The cross-stitch gives it a special touch...
♥ Ana BC

Kit said...

I love that you are using up your stash. How many hearts have you made by now? :) Kit


Tammy, all your hearts are so very pretty. I will look forward to seeing your stash busting creations . Hugs Judy

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
LOVE your attitude and the way you CREATE with your crochet hook. Indeed, there is enough chaos and craziness in the world and why adding more? You do the right thing.
Congrats with your award; well deserved.

Susan said...

Sooo cute, your hearts, Tammy.

Yes, you definitely deserved that award. You always try to be chipper and pass on good news to us.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday. Susan

vintage grey said...

Such pretty hearts and I love the cross-stitching in the middle! I have been playing around with gingham and cross-stitching. Wishing you a beautiful week Tammy! xo Heather

Libbie said...

She's right! You are always cheerful & always up to something interesting :)

I am in love with your little hearts Tammy! So sweet!

Astri said...

Hearts made by a sweetheart!

Hindustanka said...

I also found heart making a perfect way for busting stash/left overs. Your hearts look so sweet, I liked those stuffed ones very much!
Congrats on the award from Sangeetha :)

Neesie said...

Oh those hearts are so cute ♥
Congratulations on the award from Sangeetha. I think its so important to keep positive and pass on a smile if we can.
Neesie ♥

Mereknits said...

Love your hearts.

Rostrose said...

Hi my dear Tammy,
this are really lots of sweet hearts (for lots of sweethearts??? ;o))
Congrats to your award, you really deserve it. I hope you will have a nice Valentines Day this week! (Full of hearts, I'm sure :o))
Warm hugs, Traude

Barbina said...

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes Tammy! I have just marked your birthday on my calendar, so I will not forget to send you my best wishes! :) Your hearts are supercute! I love this pattern too.
Many hugs and kisses to you!

Wanda said...

All you gals are just marvelous. As for quilting fingers, and flying!!! haha. I love the way the little jungle babies look puffy as I quilt around them.

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Such cute little projects. Congrats on the award!

Melanie said...

What are you going to do with all those lovely hearts? I especially love the red puffy one with the little x's. :-)

Sheila Rumney said...

What cute little hearts! I love to have a weekend without plans... I wish I could get my kiddos to enjoy these weekends as much as I do!

Have a great week.

Elna said...

I like your hearts they make me happy. For the moment I'm doing a lot of granny squares and it's snowing again.


val said...

sweet little hearts! I'm stilling hooking away on those cat beds this month!

AppleApricot Wen said...

gorgeous hearts Tammy! Congratulations with that super cute looking award. And thank you for your sweet visit at my blog.

hugs and happy day with lots of smiles,

Serena Lewis said...

Lovely hearts, Tammy! You have been busy. I love it when I can know a pattern by heart. xx

Aishwarya said...

Valentine Day's just round the corner. A Happy Valentine Day to you Tammy. Love love the cute lil hearts. And Cutie Pie, Congrats

Have a lovely day

crafty cat corner said...

Sangeetha has said it all Tammy. I also think you are such a lovely lady, your posts are always a joy.

By the way, I think you may be right about the needles, they could well be for lace making though how you use them who knows.

Love the little hearts.


Sam I Am...... said...

Your hearts are so sweet and if I didn't already have so much going on I'd start making some myself. I would also join the stash busting but I don't have much of a stash.
Love the little premmy picture and hat too.

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