Friday, December 16, 2011

No Schedule Required

I love days without schedules. Our Friday started off with blue skies and a slight spattering of clouds.
Increased cloud cover as the day progressed, a chance of rain predicted, but nothing so far.

A perfect pajama day with stockings to crochet.
Icicles to make.
New patterns to try found at Whiskers & Wool. A Six Point Snowflake.                        And Lacy Snowflake Rings

If you have 2-inch rings and are looking to make Christmas ornaments or gift toppers, Doni shares 12 free patterns in a series she calls Ringing in Christmas.  Today I will be making her Christmas Ring Wreath Ornament.

I hope your weekend is productive in a relaxing sort of way.  Best wishes and blessings, Tammy


sissie said...

What sweet little crochet rings and they look so pretty adorning the branches.


Melissa said...

Rare is the unscheduled day in my house anymore. I'm enjoying the clear blue skies and cool weather. Just hope I can go out and enjoy it more. Love the blue and white the decor an icy feel. Enjoyed brunch with you today and always good to see you.

Debi Y. said...

I love those kind of days too. The little ornaments are very nice - I'll have to try a few for next Christmas. :)

Stella said...

What pretty things you create. I am finally taking time to make some Christmas cooke. We have lovely blue skies today and warmer than usual for Missouri. Have a blessed weekend. Stella

Heather - The Good Life said...

Looks like you enjoyed your Friday. I'm hoping to have some of those days next week. One test on Monday and then we are off school until the first of the year! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, schedule-less days are treasures! And you've found the perfect way to celebrate! How pretty those ornaments are and YES, I finally found the 2" plastic rings so I think I'll give these a try!

Hope and happy. THANK YOU for the little treat in the mail. They are TRULY wonderful and are hanging in our home.

Have a good relaxing rest of the day! My 7 loads of wash are finished so I plan on doing nothing tonight!


Serena Lewis said...

I love those types of days too, Tammy. As always, I love your crochet projects...the snowflakes look great hanging on the ornamental branches!

Elaine said...

Just stoping by to say "Hi" Warm hugs to you all.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Ooooh, love the snowflakes hanging on the branches!! beautiful! You are really knocking out the decorations, Tammy!! I'm hoping to have a bit of a no schedule day tomorrow (at least for a few hours!). blessings ~ tanna

Diane said...

Your post is so Christmasy Tammy. I just love the icicles and snowflakes and the laid back tone of your lovely post. Have a great weekend. Diane

Susan said...

Oh, I love days like that, too, Tammy, but they are few and far between at Christmastime. Your crochet projects are always so cool! Susan

Anonymous said...

I have not had a craft day like that in a long time. I love all the decorations you are putting out. They look really nice hanging on your branches. Hope Saturday was more of the same for you!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I love the little rings!

I have been teaching myself to knit since I am still home bound for a coupe of more weeks and I am loving it. Yarn is an obsession for me now!


Pam said...

Your day sounds wonderful. Love the crochet items you have been making. Today is a rainy morning and I just told DH that I just want to stay home today and have a relaxing day. Yesterday was a whirlwind with breakfast with friends, lunch with former co-workers, and family Christmas get-together with Christmas Light Tour. I need a day off before dentist tomorrow and family arriving from Seattle Tuesday.

Have a wonderful week. I was just thinking how you have become so accomplished with your crochet hook since I started reading your blog!!!

koralee said...

I sooo love days like this too my friend...may this week be filled with days that are filled with JOY...LOVE..FAMILY and ooodles of BLESSINGS!

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

Sorry to read about your migraine. Probably the high humidity in your area is to blame for it. We get migraine headache forecasts on the weather channel I use on my blog. You can check here:
It is perfect, beneficial for my area.
Wish I could give you some beneficial weather too!!!
Love to you and compliments for your nice crocheted stockings!


Monica said...

Love your stocking!
Have a Merry merry Christmas, filled with laughter and joy.
Monica xo

Catherine said...

Unscheduled, nothing much to do days are wonderful! Just blowing with the wind - it sounds good to me!

Pretty Christmas photos below!

xo Catherine

GreatGranny said...

Your crocheting is lovely. I just do my own designs, no two alike. I never thought about decorating with it. The rings are lovely on the branches.

glor said...

No schedules, that's like music to my ears. Love days like that. Its like being a gentle breeze and just moving to wherever whenever. Thanks for the link, have to go and get some of these great patterns. I love making these little trinkets and passing on in cards. Have a wonderful, blessed day dear girl. Catch up with you later I'm sure. Off to get ready for my work.

val said...

I that feeling too....and your crochet ornaments!

Garter Mademoiselle said...

Unscheduled, now that is a word that I have not seen in my vocabulary of late! I really need to go looking for it, and enjoy a fun and relaxing day like you just had. Crocheting, is there anything More fun and relaxing. I used to love it so much and still love cuddling up under one of the blankets I made years ago. I love the ornaments that you made. My sister likes to make them too, and we have several on our tree. I like having handmade items from family on the tree, makes them seem closer to me inspite of the miles between us. Forgive me dear friend for not visiting your blog sooner, especially after you left such a nice comment on my last post. I do believe I am finding it harder and harder to keep up with all things in life. Hopefully just a sign that my children's lives are keeping me busy and not that I am aging too much. "-) Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas. ~Debby

Beverly @ My SEw Sweet Studio said...

Oh how I yearn fr a day without schedule. Maybe after the holidays. I haven't been here (or anywhere else for that matter) for a while. Looks like you have been doing a lot of crocheting. You've made some really cute Christmas things. I need to brush up on mine. It would be fun to do with the granddaughters.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, Tammy. Merry Christmas.

Mistea said...

Love the pretty decorations - those icicles look a lot of fun - hope they are helping to keep you cool.
Enjoy the hooky creations.

miruspeg said...

Tammy days without schedulues are my favourite.
Carefree days to relax or get up to some mischief.
Love your crochet work my friend.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
Warmest hugs
Peggy xxxxxx

Stella said...

Just stopping by to wish you the most Merry of Christmas's and a blessed New Year for you and your loved ones. Stella

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