Monday, December 26, 2011

Keshek for Breakfast

Mona invited me and Melissa for breakfast at her place this morning.
Along with cucumber, tomato and olives, a variety of cheeses, labaneh and zaatar, Mona made keshek.

Keshek is a very traditional food made every year by Lebanese villagers with bulgur and milk (either cow’s or goat’s) at the end of summer as part of winter’s provisions. 

Coarse bulgur is rubbed with milk and left to ferment a few days; it is then placed on the rooftop (traditional homes are built with a flat rooftop) and left to dry under the sun for several days; then taken to the village mill and ground fine into a powder; the powdered keshk is once again dried in the sun for several day in order to dry thoroughly.'

It is cooked up like a thick soup and eaten with bread. Very yummy and filling!

We've had very mild weather lately which makes it nice to get out and about.

Wishing you all a great new week!


Tanna said...

Ooooh, that skyline shot is so pretty, Tammy (last night as soon as I clicked publish, I realized I had done it again... spelled your name like my friend's daughter... so sorry!! please forgive.)

You have such wonderful friends, true blessings in a well-lived life. Enjoy! tanna

Mariette's Back to Basics said...

Dearest Tammy,

That was a yummy breakfast indeed! One of the Church ladies here in town that took me under her wings right way was from Lebanon. Their culture is a rich one and probably with healthier fare than the western fast-food culture.
Enjoy your winter break.
Love to you,


Susan said...

Hi Tammy...I have never tried kesheck and I have a family member who is Lebanese! Love all the rest of that cuisine though, (except kibbe.) So glad you had fun with friends. Susan

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

This sounds so interesting and tasty. Have a wonderful New Year ahead! blessings,Kathleen

Diane said...

Is that the ocean so close to you in that last picture? Have a wonderful week too, Tammy. Diane

Pam said...

Keshek sounds very interesting. Lots of preparation. Love the photo is this post. We do seem to similar weather. We went to the botanical garden today with the family. Beautiful day with weather in the high 60s. Perfect for a stroll in the desert.

Unknown said...

It looks like you're having a nice winter break .... And great weather too! Enjoy the time off with family and friends! I think you already are!! xoxo,kimmie

Createology said...

Such wonderful experiences in culture and spending time with your friends. The weather does look fabulous in your photos. Gentle week to you...

Serena Lewis said...

What a delicious breakfast and so nice that you get together with friends. We had a mild Christmas weather-wise which was great!

Wishing you a great week too ~ xo

A Fanciful Life said...

Ohhhhh, that sounds so good! Anything with cheese has to be good. Lucky for you to have a winter break. We are having the third driest winter since they began recording in the 1800's, so it's very sunny and bright although not warm. BTW, I like what you have done with your blog - the travel photos are great. You are such a world traveler!
Happy Holidays Tammy!

Sharon :-)

Anonymous said...

What a nice morning it looks like you had. Old friends getting together to catch up, with some nice food to go with it. How lovely.
I assumed that Mona was staying at a hotel, but forgot that Ali is living there. When you said that you met her for breakfast, I assumed you were at a restaurant. How nice that she cooked for you, and you were able to sit, relax and catch up. The food looks wonderful!!


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