Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Day Friday

I recently bought homemade peanut butter from one of the teachers at school. One regular and one cinnamon-flavored; she also makes almond butters, and includes flaxseed in all her mixes. I don't buy peanut butters from the grocery store because most of them have added ingredients, like corn syrup, which is so unnecessary.

Although the weather was still hazy today, we did see a bit of sun, and Jingles was happy to spend time rolling around on the balcony.

The ballfield was our afternoon destination. Zack's team lost today's game; their first loss since the beginning of the season. They now stand at 5 wins and 2 losses. 5 more weeks of games to go.

Inspired by this cross-stitch made by my dear friend, Melissa ....

I crocheted a pillow (intent on using supplies on hand) and when it was done, I realized I put "blooms" rather than "grows". Oh well! Friendship does bloom and grow. Right !!!??? The pillow will be gifted to a friend whose birthday is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LESLIE!

Hope everyone has a super Saturday! Friendship blessings, Tammy


Mariette said...

Dearest Tammy,

That is so funny; looks like you took that photo from our kitchen table as we eat peanut butter sandwiched (open) with a banana. Guess that's something learned in the tropics in Indonesia! We also have right now the almond butter with flax seeds that we get at Trader Joe's. Good for both of us as the sugar content is very low (for me) and the cholesterol and sodium is also low.
Jingles looks happy; even after Zack lost the game... Fun pillow and a blossoming friendship is at its best!



GarterMademoiselle said...

Tammy, Hi. I am so glad that I found you again. It is me, Debby once of The Pink Birdhouse but now with a new blog, and happy to be back into the world of blogging after a long silent period. My blog needs a lot of work yet, but it is a start! :-) The peanut butter looks yummy. Funny, I was just reminiscing yesterday about my first years here in Germany when I was not able to get peanut butter and how much I craved it. Now it is in every store, and I am a happy gal to buy it! I look forward to following you again. Have a great weekend, Debby

Modern Country Lady said...

Hi Tammy, thnak you for your lovely comments on my blog.Friendship blooms- or grows- is equally an nice sentiment for a cushion, and I am sure your friend will love it that you made it for her specially!!I would love it so I am sure so will she !It will always be a lovely reminder of you!!Have a great weekend.Love .
Modern Country Lady

Sheila R said...

The peanut butter looks oh so yummy. The pillow is just beautiful. You are so talented!

Have a great weekend!

LP Vintage said...

Great idea to add flax seeds to peanut butter - looks delicious too!

Your crocheted cushion is a perfect gift idea - I hope I can figure out how to make one for a friend of mine:)

rosarod said...

Hi Tammy, peanut butter looks tempting! you've started well Saturday, the cushion in crochet I am very cute, colorful your friend enjoy it! Greetings, Rose Marie

Rostrose said...

Hi sweetie!
OF COURSE friendship blooms AND grows! :o) Wonderful, your artwork! Jingles enjoying the sunshine is so sweet - and selfmade peanutbutter with cinnamon sounds great!!! Yummie!
And thank you so much for your nice words on my blog! In the meantime I've got a hint concerning to the (English) name of the fruit - it's ATIS. Have you ever heard about? (I googled it and found out in german language it's "Rahmapfel" - that means sourcream-apple :o)!!!)
Oh yes, the news from Japan are terrible - first the earthquake in New Zealand, now Japan ... Uff!!!
I'm happy to be in Austria - here is everything okay. My daughter has her 18th bithday today, but we already had the celebration with the family, today she's celebrating with all her friends and while the party hubby and I will go to cinema and in a pub with our friends :o)
Warmest hugs to you - Traude

Marilyn said...

about once a year I get a taste for peanut butter. It has to be real and have nothing added....except fresh bread a banana and a drip of honey.....then I don't have another for a year....and I give the rest to a friend or the hubs has to eat it.
thank you for all the sweet visits Tammy...
and say HI to Jingles.... >^._.^<

Lynn said...

Cute little pillow, and I love the words you used :)

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Tammy,
beautiful pillow and I like the sentiment.
Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment.Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

Hi Tammy...Friendship definitely blooms. Just like a flower, if it's not tended, it will wilt and then die. Hope your weekend goes splendidly. Susan

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Tammy! Popping to say hello! This is such a restful place for me to visit. It always feels like coming "home". I love to hear about the routine of your days and the friendships you take such good care of. Wishing you a lovely spring, Elizabeth

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

I love your sweet pillow for your friend and yes, friendship does bloom and grow.
Home made peanut butter will be so much nicer than bought, yes, they do put a lot of unnecessary additives in it.
Also great to come and visit you and see what you are up to.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend

glor said...

Love peanut butter, especially on a rice cake! Yum! The cross stitch is so pretty, what a nice gift to receive. And I love the pillow you did from it. What a great gift. I know Leslie will love it. Have a great day and evening.

Melissa said...

My eyes are about ready to fall out of my head. You need to get me some of that homemade peanut butter and almond butter. Sounds delicious. Gave a little giggle knowing that you found a x-stitch of mine that inspired you....lest not forget that you are the one who inspired me to even try x-stitching. Something I havent done in eons. Your little pillow came out great and am sure Leslie will enjoy her theme inspired gifts.

Anonymous said...

Your peanut butter sounds delish!! I love that she puts flaxseed in it. I use ground flaxseed when I make oatmeal, and will sometimes use it instead of an egg when I bake.
I love the pillow, and the fact that you wrote blooms instead of grows makes the pillow unique and wonderful. I have little doubt Leslie will love it!!

Hope you are having a good week. Sorry the baseball game did not come out in your favor. One more week done... YEA!!


Mary said...

What a sweet pillow you designed/made, Tammy! I love it and your friend will too :)

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