Sunday, August 23, 2020

Sunday Blessings

 Hello Friends!
Hope this finds you doing well.
I see that since I was last here, blogspot has changed the layout for posting so this may take some getting used to.
I've been finding it a bit difficult to get my mojo going every day and to stay positive.  I walk for peace of mind but when I find garbage everywhere and so many street cats having kittens, it is a bit overwhelming and I start to feel angry and stressed.
So I take a day, or a few, to recharge and remember that I can only do so much.
And I get back out there, do what I can and continue to seek beauty in the summer heat.

There is inestimable blessing in a cheerful spirit. When the soul throws its windows wide open, letting in the sunshine, and presenting to all who see it the evidence of its gladness, it is not only happy, but it has an unspeakable power of doing good. 
(Orison Swett Marden)
Just wanted to check and say a quick hello.
Have a blessed day.


linda said...

Beautiful quote Tammy in these uncertain times it's hard for anyone to stay positive, it saddens me to see face masks littered all over the place, I really can't understand how some people can be so ignorant. Yes blogger has changed it's format and has caused quite a bit of upset from the blogging community in the process, I have reverted back to the old format but I have a feeling after a while we wont get the choice. Have a lovely Sunday. xx

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Yes, Blogger (Google) is forcing us to 'change', for whatever reason.
Maybe they just aim to leave behind some of the elderly...?
It is heartbreaking to see cats with kittens in the street, one cannot comprehend the cruel way of thinking by some people.
It especially hurts those that DO care about their fur babies in a humane way.
Also the trashing of our otherwise beautiful surroundings is unbelievable.
How do their 'homes' look like?!
We all have a responsibility for doing the best we can while we're here in this world.
Cleaning up is a big thing. Our homes, our gardens, our surroundings and everywhere we go.
At times I'm afraid that in the end, our final Judge will come along and prick all those that caused such terror for animals and wasted their surroundings, for throwing them in a burning place for final cleanup.
Glad that your attitude still maintains a positive and healthy outlook on daily life, for always seeking out the beauty in little things.
Sending you hugs,

Mary said...

Lovely to see you here this morning Tammy. How different everything feels with the world. Here summer is fading, along with the garden - too hot, too much rain, too many mosquitoes - so autumn will be welcomed by me for sure.
No travels of course - trips to the grocery store is as far as I go these days!

Stay well - be safe.
Hugs - Mary

Melanie said...

Good morning, Tammy ~ it would make me sad and angry with seeing all that garbage and the stray kitties, too.

I know you're missing Jingles terribly right now, too.

I'm glad you at least popped in to say hello and I know that you are still finding bits of beauty in your surroundings. Thinking of you and sending a big virtual hug.

Dee said...

Glad you posted.

Yes ......the new blogger takes some getting used to.

I know what you mean about all the stray animals. We are seeing more of them here too. :-(

There was a very sweet dog rooting around the trash bin at a local walking trail. So obvious that someone dumped her. I really would have liked to take her home, but we just do not NEED a dog. :-(

Teresa Kasner said...

Hi Tammy.. good to see your post pop up to the top of my list. I wonder if you've thought of adopting one of those wild kittens? The little critter would be so happy to be loved and fed. I can see how you'd be disappointed to see how people litter there. Our forest and parks here are being trashed horribly by all the people flocking there after being cooped up for so long.. but then they leave huge disgusting piles of garbage instead of packing it back out. They're even filling the park toilets with garbage! I'd sure like to know who is raising these piggies. Keep on leaving your love, though.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lorrie said...

So nice to see a post from you, Tammy. It's too bad about the garbage and unchecked kitty reproduction. You do well at finding the beauty in each day.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

It is frustrating to see people being so careless to leave garbage everywhere. It is also sad to see so many cats having kittens and needing good homes. Your photos are always so lovely.

Betsy said...

Hello Tammy. It's so good to see you here today. I understand how you feel about the world right now. I can't imagine seeing all of the poor cats and knowing how you love animals it would be heartbreaking for sure. The world is in such a state of upheaval. It makes you wonder what will happen next. The quote you gave is beautiful. I have to believe that there are many more good and wonderful people in this world, we just don't hear about them. Take care and keep up the good thoughts and helpful spirit you have and share with all you meet.

SusanLotus said...

Hi Tammy!

I think you are admirable who "forces" you out on your walks
and manages to charge your batteries that way. The flowers you photographed are lovely.
I also try to enjoy the splendor of the flowers outside - it makes me happy too. You have to find new strength in the beauty around us - which after all is there.

Because I remember how enormous the grief for my Sally was.
It completely knocked me off my legs and life probably never became the same here with us. But what can you do other than take new steps ...

When it comes to garbage, does it look like people are throwing garbage out of the car window? Does not seem wise. But we have a lot of rubbish here too ...

Thinking of you and wishing you a nice week!
Bless you.


handmade by amalia said...

Nice to catch up, Tammy, I've not been able to visit much the past few weeks. These are strange, strange times but I also find comfort in the power of a good walk or a nice smile. Loved the beautiful quote.

Linda P said...

That's an uplifting quote Tammy. It's hard to stay positive when you see rubbish littering the places where you walk and the stray cats wandering around uncared for with the potential to breed more unwanted litters. A friend has just collected her much wanted kitten from the animal rescue centre. She lost her pet cat a few months ago of old age and illness. She had to apply, be vetted for suitability and then wait for her new kitten which originally had been dumped as one of a litter. I know that small, caring actions you do will help the environment and demonstrate love with your crocheted hearts.

Kit said...

I understand your feelings. Lately our political mess gets me mad. I will be glad when Nov 3rd is here and we hopefully have a change in leadership. I really appreciate all your photos you post on here and IG. You take care. Kit

Wanda said...

I do love your walks and your attitude. You are an inspiration.

Grammy Braxton said...

Dearest Tammy, having the trash to deal with and the cats to worry about is a drain on well being. Look up more at the beautiful skies unless you are like me and would trip and fall if you don't watch your feet. I swear I can trip and stumble on flat ground. Good to read your post. I haven't posted in forever. Everything here has me frustrated and anxiety ridden. But trying to stay calm and safe.

Hugs to you, my friend

Derya said...

Hello Tammy, I am having a hard time staying positive nowadays, as if life is getting more and more difficult, I am very angry with those who pollute the environment, I have to be a little conscious, I liked the quote very much. I wish our spirit windows will always be open, stay healthy .. :)

Mereknits said...

Blogger is a mess, the first time I posted all my words were in italics and underlined, frankly I just gave up. I am very down in the dumps these days. The never ending news cycle has gotten me so depressed. Yes I do turn it off but feel in part that is a privilege that I can do that and my life won't change that much. Many lives are horribly affected by events going on and they can't just turn off the news to make it better. Ah well, here I go again! Take each day as it comes. Pick up litter when you can and love those street cats. Take care Tammy.

kathyinozarks said...

That's sad about all the trash. here at the lake house there is one spot when I take a walk that always has bottles and cans-I keep thinking I should bring a bag and pick it up-but I would think those living right there and see it every day would pick it up-guess not though- we finally have a bit of cool down-feels wonderful Happy weekend-almost over

Mrs. Micawber said...

Oh Tammy, I hear you on the litter. It just boggles the mind. And so frustrating to see stray cats having kittens, and not be able to give them all a home.

Thank you for sharing such a positive quote. Keep looking for those beautiful things!

Angie said...

Tammy - good to hear from you ... I always get a little worried when so much time goes by without a post from a dear blogging friend. There is no doubt that it is easy to get depressed and discouraged in the world today. As you know, our son is living with us temporarily, and we get to talking about the "news". At times, he just doesn't want to talk about it because he finds it so depressing. That's concerning, coming from a 22 year old! We need them to carry the torch, right? Keep your chin up, my dear!

Serena Lewis said...

The rubbish everywhere and the thought of those poor street cats with their litters makes me so sad. I feel your anguish. Too many humans are ignorant to the damage their actions cause. A lot of times they just don't care. :(

I do love the quote! It's definitely a good idea to recharge and reset to your positive mindset.

With Blogger, I didn't like the new format as I felt it was sluggish. I reverted back to the previous version. If you want to do that, all you have to do is select the big orange button in the bottom left corner of the Editor screen...I think it says something like 'Revert back to classic version'.

Have a lovely upcoming weekend, Tammy. :) said...

Dear Tammy,
I posted late regarding your last post about Jingles if you want to go back and read it. I feel so bad as it is never easy to let go. With all that is happening in our world it is hard to feel uplifted. Where I live I can pretty much shut out the world and when I walk I am not reminded of the inequities of life. Blessings and, Sam

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