Saturday, August 12, 2017

Second Saturday Meet-up

A new day:
Be open enough to see opportunities.
Be wise enough to be grateful.
Be courageous enough to be happy.
(Steve Maraboli)
This morning my craft group (Kuwait Crafters) had a very successful meet-up at Starbucks, Boulevard Mall, which is just a few minutes from my home.  With a total of 10 in attendance, there was a new face and some I hadn't seen in a while, so there was lots to catch up on.
For the first time, instead of coffee, I had a matcha green tea soy latte, and Zahra provided us with a very, very, very delicious (did I say very :) vegan lemon cake.  Oh my, was it ever good.
She also made us sweet Friendship Day cards.
Mini from MinizDiary took a break from knitting to continue with her cross-stitch project.
Karen and Leanne were knitting away,
while the rest of us crocheted.
It's always nice to see what everyone is working on.  We have some very talented ladies in the group, that's for sure.
105 degrees and humid but it's all good when the day starts with friendship.

Happy Saturday!


Createology said...

Such a lovely way to begin a day with talented ladies doing lovely hand crafts. Lemon cake? I love lemon anything. Stay hydrated dear. Even we have had some humidity with our heat...very unusual for Northern California. Creative Bliss...<3

Terra Hangen said...

I see a lot of talent in these photos, and many things being created. Stay cool friend.

Susan said...

Yes, indeed. All is good with friendship, Tammy. Very colorful works! Lovely, one and all. Susan

Mary said...

Tammy, such a wonderful talented group of creative stitchers - I wish I was there to join in, and to have a slice of that delicious lemon cake. Are many of your friends vegan? It's the most humid day of the summer so far - rain coming and going, then a few minutes of sunshine to start the steaming process, and 95F - we couldn't even see out the windows for condensation early this morning! A day at a mall might just be a good idea - use their a/c, ovens, and just window shop, if that's possible!

Hugs - Mary

Maya Kuzman said...

It's great how you manage so effortlessly to celebrate creativity!

Betsy said...

Oh how fun. :-) What a great way to start your Saturday morning. The lemon cake and your tea both look absolutely delicious. Just look at all those pretty things everyone is making. The knitting group I went to dissolved about a year ago and I haven't figured out a way to get another one up and started. I know very few people here in town who knit it or crochet. All of my friends that share that interest are online. How I wish I could join you all.
Blessings, Betsy

Angie said...

Tammy - I can't think of a better combination than Starbucks, a bunch of dear friends and craft projects! I was really mesmerized by this phrase from your quote: Be Courageous Enough to be Happy - I needed that today! I plan on forwarding your post to my daughter - she will love the VW bus. I am tickled that someone in your group does cross-stitch - I am working on a cross-stitch project now but can't share it on my blog since it is a secret gift for a family member. I also plan to show your post to my Mom, who is visiting at the moment - she will love the crochet projects - I like the one that looks like a snowflake. Have a wonderful week, my friend.

Bee Lady said...

I love getting together with friends to crochet/knit/craft. We meet at Panera each week, but Starbucks is yummy too. I just discovered a 'new to me' drink there a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure what to get and the cashier said try a "White Chocolate frappuccino with a shot of espresso." I did. It was yummy. Expensive, but yummy. I don't go that often anymore so I don't feel guilty spending the money now and then on a $6.00 drink! I just made an imitation Starbucks Lemon Loaf cake for my sister's birthday. I wonder how that compares to your friends cake. Can't go wrong with lemon, right!


Kit said...

What a great get together! The perfect thing to do when it is 105 degrees! I have been hiding in my house (95 degrees and lots of smoke) and working on house projects but really only watching golf on Have a great week! :) Kit

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Looks like you had a fun day and you are all very talented with the work you are doing.
Must be nice catching up for a drink with your friends and something yummy to eat.
Have a great week

Blondie's Journal said...

A break from the heat-at least mentally. Meeting up with friends for a sweet treat and some needlework. I love your simple pleasures, Tammy.

Jane x

Teresa Kasner said...

I really enjoy seeing your crafty gatherings. That is so nice of your friend to make a vegan lemon cake for you and everyone. I just love how you all craft together. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lyn said...

It is so lovely when you can gather with friends who share the same interests. xx

Linda said...

That's a nice group. I don't have any women friends really or at least not a group of them. It's just never been my thing but I am looking forward to doing my own thing after I retire. Still have about 1 1/2 years until that, so in the meantime, it's work and time with Jim on the weekends.

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