Sunday, April 17, 2016


Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sometime in December, we bought tomato seedlings.
Once planted, they grew quickly and blossomed.
I posted the above picture to Instagram on January 2nd.
Since then, the transformation has been slow.
I had begun to wonder if anything would really happen at all.
But then, by March 9th, there were tiny green tomatoes.
A month later and the final stage of ripening had begun.
And since Thursday, we've been enjoying our own little bunch of homegrown tomatoes.
For lunch today I wanted something quick and easy so boiled some whole wheat macaroni with spinach and chickpeas in vegetable broth and seasonings. ( I took this picture while it was cooking so the steam gave it a hazy look.)  Stirred in some of our fresh tomatoes right at the end, drizzled with olive oil and squeezed in the juice of one lemon.
Then ate it with a spoon. 

Have a blessed day.


a writing place said...

Oh my, home grown tomatoes!

We will have to wait ages, for such, here. We can't even think of planting yet. :-)

But your weather is so different from ours.


Laurie said...

I love fresh tomatoes! I can't wait for mine to grow and ripen. My favorite is a fresh tomato sandwich. Looks like you had a very nice crop.

How about all that snow in Colrado?

Peggy Jones said...

It will be a while for us too. That looks delicious. I love tomatoes and avocados.

Tanya said...

Beautiful tomatoes...and, you succeeded in making me hungry at 9:30 in the morning! Happy Sunday, Tammy.

Dagmar said...

Hi Tammy, isn't it amazing how one small seed can produce such a bountiful harvest! Looks like a wonderful meal!

Teresa Kasner said...

I love how you cook so naturally.. you're an inspiration. But I tell you that about a lot of things! We're having a sunny warm weekend and it's just lovely. I'm off for lunch with the girls. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kit said...

Oh how cool! They look wonderful, even if I can't eat them. :) Have a great week! Kit

Mereknits said...

That looks delicious and I bet it was. My tomatoes are not doing so hot. Glad your are.

Serena Lewis said...

Such a delicious lunch and all the more satisfying when parts of it were home-grown. xx

Blondie's Journal said...

I think it's great that you grew your own tomatoes, Tammy. I like how you used them. Have you ever thought of posting some of your recipes...even some simple meals you throw together? I think you eat so healthfully and I'm always on the lookout for meatless meals.

Read your last post, too. I envy your ability and drive for exploring. I have suffered from some severe anxiety in the past---very personal, and it's very hard to push myself sometimes to be adventurous. I have to really work hard at it so I don't regress. Inspiration from you and others makes me feel more free from this affliction.


Betsy said...

Tammy, your tomatoes look delicious. We're just getting ready to begin our planting season here. Your lunch looks delicious. You make cooking seem to easy to just throw in a little of this and a little of that and wind up with an amazing dish! Can you come to my house please?

Preeti said...

Your tomato harvest is very good!! My tomatoes just didn't grow this year, the blossoms got dried and fell off completely from the joint:(

Diane said...

I can just smell your lovely tomatoes as they mature on the vine. MMmmmmm. Diane

Linda said...

They look marvelous and that looks yummy. :)
I think I would have to really get used to such a different weather schedule - of course here, in Central Illinois, we do not plant outdoor plants yet. Most wait until Mother's Day - 2nd weekend of May to do that. I've never abided by that rule and will plant mine by the end of April, having good success. Even so, it won't be before July at the earliest before I'll be picking tomatoes. Did get a fair amount of yard work done over the weekend in prep for all of that though.

linda said...

It looks yummy I made something similar yesterday but added feta cheese, there's nothing tastier than home grown tomatoes. Have a great week. :) xx

Jennifer Hays said...

Oh my gosh, your tomatoes look wonderful, as does your meal. I looove tomatoes, especially fresh ones off the vine. We have flowers on our tomato plants as of this weekend. I have everything crossed for a good harvest this summer. I hope you're having a good week so far, Tammy.

Sharon Chapman said...

Wow your tomayoes look so good. And the recipe delicious. Making my mouth water!

Susan said...

Oh yummy, Tammy. They looks good, both the tomatoes and the "soup." Mmm mmm mmm Susan p.s. Thanks for all visits. Susan

Createology said...

Home grown tomatoes are the very freshest and best tasting ever. Your lunch looks delicious.

Gracie Saylor said...

You definitely were rewarded by observing the pace of nature as your tomatoes grew into a beautiful crop, Tammy. Thanks for sharing the lovely growth process with us! xx

Aishwarya said...

You have been lucky Tammy. Been trying for a while. The plant comes quickly and even blossoms as Preeti mentioned. But flowers whither away. And now, all the leaves dried up. Looks like some disease. But am gonna try again

Melanie said...

There is nothing better than homegrown tomatoes! Unfortunately, I won't have any to pick myself until August, though the farmstands should have some in July as they get them from Kentucky.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Your photos make me very happy as I grew up between tomatoes, as one of Dad's grown veggies. Love tomatoes and as a kid I ate the tiny ones, hanging below and at that time they got discarded. No value yet and now the cherrie and grape tomatoes are oh so popular and I LOVE them.
You sure know how to cook healthy and that's my view of food as well. Seldom we eat any meat.
Mostly fish and vegetarian meals.

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