Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Abuzz With Activities

We had a heavy downpour early this morning that caused lots of flooding around the country.
This unfortunately is my view across the street now that someone bought the property and has started construction on a new house.  You can see the flooding that was around us.  That blue thing just to the left is a trashcan that was swirling around in the middle of the street.
The tarp protecting my plants fell and both balconies were like wading pools, they had filled with so much water.
Needless to say, I did not take my senior boy to school and we haven't ventured out the entire day.

Prior to this wacky weather, there were many lovely days of activity at The Secret Garden.
This past Saturday, in addition to planting and general cleanup, there was free Arts & Crafts for kids which was so much fun.
And on Sunday and Monday, I helped with two First Grade Field Trips to the garden.
We taught them about composting and let them rake and plant seeds.
Much squealing occurred when I picked up the beetle.
I read them a wonderful book about leaving a zero footprint wherever you go, then had them pick up garbage and their reward was a crocheted heart. 
On the first day, one boy exclaimed "This is the best Secret Garden day ever!"  And on the second day when the kids were lining up to leave on the bus, another boy told me "I wish I could stay at the Secret Garden forever.  I don't like school."

Hands-on experience is so much more meaningful to the kids and nature is a great classroom.
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Linda said...

Your secret garden space is becoming quite a blessing!! :) That's wonderful.

Sorry about the flooding. We hadn't had a good rain here in over 2 months and everything was extremely dry. Finally yesterday, it began raining and hasn't stopped since, but it's been lovely - a light rain, making everything very pretty and fallish with the beautiful autumn colors and no flooding as we really don't have much to flood here - we live in flat farmland, no valleys really, and no big rivers or streams. So, thankfully, just a nice couple of days of rain.

Hope the remainder of your week is lovely,

Mary said...

Gosh Tammy dear, you do have quite a weather pattern there lately! What are your feelings about climate changes? Are you seeing very different circumstances compared to when you first moved to Kuwait?
Anyway, hope all that water is mopped up and didn't get inside your home.

Meanwhile, here we missed 2 consecutive weeks of incessant rain whilst we were enjoying lovely weather in France and Spain - we certainly felt blessed to be on French rivers enjoying a wonderful Autumn, and it was lovely the few days we spent Barcelona - just required a light sweater for all the walking we did.

Love what you are sharing with the children - and their comments were precious.
Take care - hope better days are ahead for your plants and walking!

Hugs - Mary

Helen Philipps said...

So sorry about the flooding and all the wacky weather you have been having. Hope the water didn't do any lasting damage. Your secret garden is such a special place and the children are obviously really benefitting from lovely. Such sweet comments :)
Happy week, Tammy.
Helen xox

Terra said...

What fun at the Secret Garden. Did you know there is a coloring book for adults called Secret Garden? The black and white drawings in it are pretty. I think your balconies each need a drain hole!

Dagmar said...

What a down pour, it was almost like hurricane Patricia that hit Mexico and Texas with all that rain. Good plan to stay home..lots of crafty things to be done..the secret garden looks amazing...I am sure it brings joy to so many who are lucky enough to enjoy it.

Betsy said...

Oh my goodness Tammy! Stay safe there with the crazy weather. I love the secret garden and all of the activities there. It sounds like you are making a BIG impact on the children and how sweet of you to give each of them a heart.
I hope the floods are drying up by now and that your balconies are returning to normal. You see what happens when you clean them? Ha!!!

Teresa Kasner said...

Wow, Tammy.. I admire you so much for doing that with the children and giving them a heart for a gift.. you are so generous and wonderful! I can see those cute little hearts decorating little children's rooms and their worlds. Did your balcony hold that much water? Scary! I hope the new house by you will be pretty to look at. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Createology said...

I totally agree with the hands on teaching. I love how you are teaching them about zero footprint and picking up trash. The Secret Garden is magical...with you supporting it and the community. Bless You Miss Crochet Queen...

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

so sorry for all that pouring rain..... I hope now you are back to normal life!
I like all the pictures in the secret garden with the kids!!!! Very good !!!!
xxxxxx Ale

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

Hi Tammy, I think such lessons are much more important than algebra and a lot of other things that are taught in school. It's wonderful that you took the time to teach the kids about nature and environment protection. This is more important for their future than any formulas which most of them will never use again in their lifes.
I'm sorry about the flooding and the new built in fron of your house. Hopefully the architecture won't be too ugly.
Have a great day!

Pradeepa said...

Our place also looks pretty much the same when it rains. The secret garden trip seems to have been such a lot of fun. The crochet hearts are very cute.

Caterina Giglio said...

I didn't care for school either, the child must be an artist... Hope you like the house being built so close to you! Glad you were not flooded out! take good care! xo

Amy at love made my home said...

How wonderful that the children had such a great time! I think that they really appreciate and enjoy this sort of activity and that it is just as important as "real" lessons! Sorry to hear about the flooding, I do hope that the water will recede as quickly as it came and not leave any lasting damage. Love your crochet hearts! xx

barbara judge said...

Tammy -- Of course being out in nature is a great teacher for children -- so much freedom to imagine and learn. I bet you are a great teacher with them. Like the idea of rewarding them with a crocheted heart. Sorry about your flooding. What a mess to clean up. Great photos. -- barbara

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Wow, what a rain and water you got in a short time. Hope the balconies did drain rather quickly.
Oh, nothing is resistent against such a weight load, no wonder the tarp gave in...
Your Secret Garden project looks very colorful and fun. Great to hear kids say something like that. That's all the reward one can ask for.
Sending you hugs and blessings.

Kit said...

What a great trip! Loved the photos and sharing the zero footprint. Your hearts were such a nice touch. :) Kit

kathyinozarks said...

Tammy you are so awesome with the kids. so sorry about all the flooding and construction-what a "pain" for sure

Gracie Saylor said...

In the midst of your scary dust storms and now flooding, it is great to see that your efforts at the secret garden are bearing fruit, Tammy! I love the hearts you made for the children...sweet reminders of the values you are sharing with them. xx

Serena Lewis said...

No good about the flooding!

The Secret Garden project sounds wonderful!

Quinn said...

Brilliant! Nature is indeed an excellent teacher and a garden is a wonder-full classroom. It's lovely to see your Secret Garden in action :)
p.s. I've been feeling oddly unsettled today, and visited your blog in search of a little attitude it!
Thanks very much, Tammy!

Melissa Alajmi said...

So wonderful leaving an impressionable imprint on the youngins. It looked like a well planned organized day and fun too. Bring you back to the days when you were in the classroom?

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