Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daily Happenings

Happy belated Mother's Day!
And Happy Tuesday!
It's mid-week for us here since weekends are Friday and Saturday.
 My husband was in Jerusalem for 5 days visiting family and just returned on Sunday. He brought back delicious homemade zaatar bread from his aunt who has been blind since the age of 2.  I was privileged to meet her when we visited as a family many years ago.  She's now 84 years old, lives alone and still cooks up a storm.  (Jennifer, this is probably the type of bread you remember eating when you were little.)
 He also brought back mahmoul from Jordan. Cookies filled with dates, pistachios and walnuts.  I've been sharing at the office which of course makes everyone happy.  I just love the pretty wrapping on each one.
 It's been quite exciting for Jingles here lately as she has been entertained and teased for days now by a little lizard that frequents our balcony.
He's really not so little and we must remember to keep the door closed.  Can you seem him there to the left?  It's so funny to watch her.  And listen to all the sounds she makes.
 As sunset approaches, I enjoy going out on the balcony to water plants and to watch the birds.   It's so hot during the day that they do most of their flying around in the morning and later afternoon.
 I especially love this next photo.  Three different birds that were flitting about each other and then settled on the same metal structure on the roof across the street.  To me it speaks of the truth that no matter our differences, we can all get along and live peacefully together.  How I wish that were true around the world.
 My weekend was filled with birds of the card and cross-stitch variety, too.  I crocheted little bags and combined them with the stitchings to make gift pouches.  I'm always more creative when  I have time to spare which is why I love weekends so much.
Only 2 more days.
Counting down.


Dagmar said...

GM Tammy from across the world, it is always so interesting to see the different foods you share with us..what an inspiration!
Love that Mingles is totally entertained by the lizard..hoping your mid week is a good one!

Linda said...

Hi Tammy,
It looks like you're spending your days in a delightful way and it's a pleasure to read your thoughts and view the photos of the simple pleasures in life (the best kind!) :)

Have a great remainder of the week and weekend. We're off to Canada on Friday for a family wedding, so it's very busy here - working on the garage party space for the graduation party... we arrive back Monday night and all of next week will be a frenzy with the graduation and our older daughters are here from Canada with us (traveling back with us since we drive the 12 hours).

Kind regards,

September Violets said...

The zaatar bread looks yummy! Too bad there's not a recipe to go with it! I don't think I'd like to have the possibility of lizards coming into my home ... Jingles probably would love that! Have a great week Tammy :) Wendy x

crafty cat corner said...

Wouldn't it just be wonderful if all the people of the world could get on better. I do despair sometimes with all the upset in the world.
On a brighter note, I could not make out the lizard or do I need stronger glasses?
The crochet bag make me feel lazy, I have neglected my crafts just lately and you remind me to get myself in order. lol
Warm wishes

Sheila Rumney said...

So glad to hear that you will be able to visit your son in the states this summer. I bet you are counting down the days...

Just got our daughter back from college but she is working this summer, so not able to see her much. But it is a comforting feeling to know that she is safe at home each night. Wishing you a wonderful week, sweet friend.

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love reading about your life and seeing things we would never have here. I cannot even imagine being blind and cooking! Thank you for sharing!

Teresa Kasner said...

That is wonderful that you've had some lovely days of doing whatever you want. I'm retired and I love being able to do what I want. I'm afraid I've filled too much of my free time with volunteer duties, but I'm going to work on cutting those back a bit. Love your gift bags! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Lorrie said...

The zaatar bread and pastries from Jerusalem look so tasty. Especially just now as I'm cutting refined carbs in weight-loss effort.
Yes, wouldn't it be wonderful if we all got along as well as the birds? Love your little gift pouches.

Serena Lewis said...

The zaatar bread looks yummy! Those cookies look like a real treat! Such a nice looking lizard too; I wonder what type it is? I can imagine Jingle's sounds as our Jack (Jack Russell mix) goes crazy with whines when he sees birds in our yard from a window. He wants out to chase them, of course, but I keep him in until the birds have finished looking for grubs and insects. The birds would fly off in plenty of time but I don't like to stress them because I love birds coming into the yard. I love your bird pics too! Your little crochet pouches are adorable! It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend and mid-week.

Love and hugs ~ xo

Jennifer said...

That is what I remember Tammy! I have lizards in my house sometimes too, it's just life in the desert, right? Happy Mother's Day to you. :)

Mereknits said...

You are such a treasure Tammy. Those gift bags are wonderful and so are you.

Alessandra Poggiagliolmi said...

the box full of mahmoul……delicious!!!!!!
your little gift bags are so sweet!!!!!
xxxxxxxx Ale

Caterina Giglio said...

What a great photo Tammy.. The three birds together.. Priceless!

Diane said...

A lovely post, Tammy. I like the 3 birds on the metal, too. And I can imagine Jingles chattering away watching them. Have a great weekend. Diane

homeschooljewelrymom said...

What yummy treats your hubby brought home! That bread looks delicious.
Love the bird pics, especially the one of the three. And the determined look on Jingles' face is priceless; she wants that lizard :-)
Your pouches and cards are beautiful. Clever idea :-)
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Hindustanka said...

That bread and cookies seem yumm! I would love to visit Kuwait some day, I bet you have a great sweets variety there.
We have exactly the same lizards here! Many in our house. Here they are believed to be poisonous if come on food... I have no idea if its true. Your cat is so cute looking at the creature.
The crochet pouches certainly were an inspiration - they are beautiful.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
What a gift that Zaatar bread; baked by your husband's blind aunt! That too shows to the world that a human being never ever is supposed to give up.
Lovely wrappings indeed and they are almost as pretty as you little gift pouches with lovely embroidery!
Poor birds out in the heat... and how in the world do they manage to find food?
The very same House Gecko we had in Indonesia, just click here: Y{Our Indonesian House Gecko & Green Crested Lizard}
Enjoy your upcoming weekend!
Sending you hugs,

Mereknits said...

You always make such yummy things and your heart is so big making lovely gift bags and sharing special treats.
Hugs to you,

Catherine said...

I am thinking that lizard watching would be very entertaining indeed! Jingles looks so cute! Enjoy your week Tammy!
xo Catherine

Aishwarya said...

Hi Tammy

Everyday is a MOTHER'S day. So nothing belated. I liked the gift bags that you created. They look cute. Its HOT here too! Waiting for rains. Its crazy these days.

Createology said...

My wish is also for World Peace. Jingles looks happy to be entertained by Lizzy. Yum to the bread and cookies. How amazing for Auntie to be so independent at her age and situation. Blessings Dear...

Melanie said...

Your food always looks and sounds so good - including those cookies your husband brought back from his travels! I'll definitely be trying the vegan mac and cheese. Thanks for the recipe.

Pradeepa said...

The bread looks yummy! I bet those nut filled cookies taste divine. Seems like Jingles is having a good time with the lizard. I hate lizards.

Sam I Am...... said...

Happy Belated Mom's Day to you too. It was nice and I was out walking and weeding and now it's cold and rainy so I am catching up with my blogging friends. Spring here is a "have to be out" as Summer is too hot.
I love your bird pictures and Jingles with his lizard friend. We have lizards here too and I love them except sometimes they hide under the wheels of the car...ouch! The girls are always trying to catch them but the lizards are too fast. Ours change into beautiful colors and this year I noticed there's a salamander that lives under the gutter. They are not as pretty at all....almost slimy looking.
Your bags just get prettier and prettier and God bless your husband's aunt for being so brave and independent. There are so many people to admire and use as role models. I've had my share of eye problems and was partially blind for awhile...it was pretty scary actually but once I accepted it I got right to work trying to adapt and then I got my sight back and didn't have to but it was a lesson I will never forget.
Your food looks so yummy and I haven't had breakfast yet. Have a great day!

Yarni Gras! said...

I love your photos...those cookies wrappers are so neat! The birds make me just as happy as the lizard makes Jingles....we have several visiting here too. I must get better about taking photos of them......have a wonderful weekend! I have 6 days of school left until I'm off for the summer, yay!

Claudia said...

That bread looks delicious, Tammy! What an amazing woman your husband's aunt must be!


Rostrose said...

Dearest Tammy,
the story of your husband's aunt sounds heartwarming, and the bread loks delicious!
Oh, and the cookies! I really would love them!
And Jingles watching the lizard - and all the birds, so sweet!
Warm hugs to you from cold and VERY RAINY Austria

Helen Philipps said...

The bread looks so delicious and I love the photo of the mahmoul and the wonderful wrappings! Your birdie gift bags are beautiful, and you have such a kind heart to give so many makes away to others, Tammy.
Helen xox

Willow said...

Hi Tammy,
I enjoyed all the photos.
The lovely doves are so peaceful aren't they.
I hope you have a wonderful and creative evening

Anitha said...

Hi Tammy, hope you are fine:) been busy recently and seems like i've missed lots of your posts. The Zatar bread looks yummy. I would see sparrows at my kitchen window sometimes. wonder how they cope with the hot summer here :( great idea to combine cross stich and crochet for making gift pouches.. have a wonderful day!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

Lovely post and wouldn't it be wonderful if all the world could get along!
The bread and treats look delicious and your work colleagues would be happy to have you share.
Cute photo of Jingles watching the lizard.
happy new week

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me today....it is hot where you are! I can not even image the heat. Your cat is so adorable....and your little bird pouches make me smile they are so adorable. Sending you some cool rain from Vancouver Canada. Oh and those cookies are packaged up so darling!

Liz D said...

Hi! Your food looks so enticing, yum!

Love th ebirds, wonderful photos. And the lizard is so cute, tho I d not be too pleased if he scrambled up my bedroom wall.

I am trying to teach myself to crochet because I want to do scalloped edgings on pillow cases..and maybe make some market bags. I have a newfound admiration for your beautiful work, it is quite challenging and you make it look so perfect.

lizzy at gone to the beach

Elna said...

Very nice that she still baking those breads. Jingle must have a very busy time with both the lizard and all the birds. Have a nice week.


Patty Antle said...

Hi Tammy! I enjoyed seeing your life in pictures and feeling the serenity through your words. Always enjoy seeing your projects too!

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