Saturday, April 21, 2012

Overcoming the Drear

Our days have been rather bleak and dreary with dust that blankets the sky.  Around 5 pm every day, I watch the doves, pigeons, sparrows and chickadees wing their way back and forth.  Although the doves and pigeons will happily sit for some time, those little birds are always on the go.
Jingles is sitting in a pot that once was filled with blooming moss roses.  All that sitting eventually did them in and now there's just weeds.  Can you see who she is looking at just above her?  
 I'm thankful for the bit of color and plant life on my balconies, even though it is so very hard to keep them clean.  One of my bushes has little purple blooms but the leaves are just filled with a layer of dust from all the storms.  I used to wash down the plants and balconies on the weekends, but it just seems such a waste of water, so haven't even done it this year.

So while it is gray outside, I have been inside doing what needs to be done, and crocheting in between the doing.  A bit of hooky time certainly adds much needed cheer and color to my day.
I hope that all things are bright, beautiful and colorful in your corner of the world.

Have a wonderful weekend.


crafty cat corner said...

Hi Tammy
I hope you're not too down, it must be depressing with all the dust, the sunshine is so good at giving us a lift isn't it?
My eldest son lives in Ayr on the west coast of Scotland and they get rain for much of the year, it really gets him down but he works in Air Traffic Control and so is tied because of his job.
Keep cheerful as we all need your lovely posts to read.
I love the collage of birds and dear old Jingles on the balcony.
Hugs from England

Susan said...

Hello Tammy....Wish I could send a cleansing rain to wash down your plants. Your "hooky" items are bright and colorful. Hope you have a nice day today. Susan

val said...

amazing how you've transformed your interior to reflect the bright cheerful things when outside can be so dreary. I love all your hooky stuff!

Elna said...

I think Jingles is looking at a pigeon. Puh all this dust, it's never end. We don't have dust but a lot of rain and it's still cold. A very late spring this year. Fun to crochet a lot of nice things. Have a nice weekend.


Daydream Living said...

Hi Tammy,
Well, we enjoyed the sun just now for a whole 15 minutes and now the sky is white again, rain will soon follow, again. Wish some rain will come your way to wash all that dust away.
Girl, your hands must be tired no? You makes things faster than I can blink, love the white and blue combination. hope the rest of the week will have no dust, take care!

Pearlin J said...

I'm tired of the dust too. No matter how much I clean, there's always a film of dust over everything. Those squares are soo cheerful.

Dagmar said...

Hi Tammy,
That purple little bush looks like what I can grow in AZ called lilac vine..although it has no scent it blooms lazy crazy from February until middle of March. Love your hooked squares..working in making a big bowl to contain some of my yarn..Happy weekend to you❤

Rizzi said...


vintage grey said...

HI Tammy!! So sorry your weather has not been great!! Love your colorful crocheted work!! Have a great weekend! xo Heather

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Tammy Sweetie...
Oh my I cannot imagine the dust storms there. (We have a few here in Phoenix, but nothing like you.) I wouldn't like the dreary. One of the things that drew us here to Phoenix was the sunshine, and NO snow or cold, really cold days.

Your patio looks wonderful. I love those pops of color out there. How fun is that? I don't blame you for not wanting to waste the water. You have your own little oasis out there.

Love seeing what you are crocheting. Beautiful as always. You have those needles flying my friend. I can clearly see that. Just beautiful.

I wish I could bottle up some sunshine and send it your way dear friend. Have a glorious weekend doing something special. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,

First off; congratulations with your 400th follower. There is always 'some' joy in any day!
Jingles looks up and the bird looks down at the greens it cannot get to while she's there... Tough life for all. Sad that there is not enough water for rinsing things off.
In Kuwait they must also desalinate the water or don't they? That way there should not be restrictions on the usage. In Curaçao they have to desalinate all their water and they use it for gardens and all. Makes it look like paradise. So I wonder what the system is like in your area. Of course, water is never cheap when the source is salt water!
Enjoy whatever you are doing and have a happy day.
Love to you,


Createology said...

Tammy I would gladly share our glorious sunshine with you if only I could. And all too soon we will have more snow which will devastate all the new Spring growth. Your crocheting is always a bright spot so keep on hooking. :o)
Creative Hugs to you dear...

glor said...

Your crochet is bright and cheerful, glad to see your brightening those gloomy, dusty days. Blue skies soon. Blessings.

Rita said...

Hi Tammy,
just a quick visit to wish you a great weekend.
It's good to see your beautiful and colorful hooky items which I'm sure help brighten up your days.
I adore granny squares: they're so versatile, aren't they?

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

It is hard to keep trying to fight that dust, isn't it? Your beautiful bright crochet does make things wonderfully colorful!! Jingles has her eye squarely on the dove! LOL! blessings to you, Tammy!

Theresa said...

your bright hooky designs are sure to keep a smile on your face Tammy! Our cat Oliver has been going crazy when we have warm enough weather to open the windows... he doesn't know what to make of it! We have mourning doves that he wants to meet! Happy Weekend! t.xoxox

Diane said...

I'm wondering how the creatures breathe this day in and day out. I like your little garden room, nice and private and cozy. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Diane

Pam said...

Sorry to hear about all the dust. Guess we are lucky that ours come and go quickly. Does it make breathing difficult? My allergies would probably really act up since I have a dust allergy.

Love the crochet. You are really making some great items. Love the all.

Your patio plants certainly do add color. Our dog thinks he should be able to sleep in my flower bed. I finally bought decorative stakes and placed them where he sleeps. We'll see if they keep him out.

lizzy said...

Loved seeing your birds..last post too. And Jingles! So cute. The dust storms look ominous, must be hard to keep things, well, dusted?

And such pretty crocheting, good to have an indoors project. Tomorrw we expect torrential rain! First in a very long it s a quilting day for me.


lizzy at gone to the beach

Little Treasures said...

Please don't get the drear get you!
Revert to soothing crochet activities and everything would seem brighter :)
Have a lovely Sunday !!

lovestitch said...

I'm sorry to hear about the dust storms. Hope it will get bright and beautiful soon. Your crochet squares look so pretty, at least it makes your corner colorful, right?! :)
Hope your Sunday is gorgeous!

My Life In Stitches said...

Thanks for your encouraging comment Tammy on my crochet, I am still hooking away just like you. The colours work wonders don't they.
Sorry about those storms not much fun for you, its sunny for short periods here and then lots of rain.
best wishes Julie.C

Linda said...

Your crochet definitely adds color to the drear. :)

Here, it's sunny this morning but too cool for my liking, yet I'll have to remind myself that even if it's cool out, at least we don't have dust and I should be grateful.

You'll have to stop by my blog when you have a chance and see what you've missed. Sarah took some wonderful photos at the art event the other night and last night - she saved three little girls lives.

You just never know what God has in store for us each day. :)

Blessings always,

Journeyin' Lady... said...

You take the drear and make it bright! What is Jingles looking at? Whatever it is, did she catch it?

Sam I Am...... said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my any comments I get are precious to me! I had scheduled Google to post for me and it didn't yesterday. I've used that before but they've been messing with it so now it doesn't work.
Anyway, Saturday is up and now Sunday and you were one of my featured blogs today!
It's sunny but cool here so I have a fire going and I'm getting ready to sit down and do some "hooky" myself. I love yours....what pretty colors! I saw a throw the other day that was just one GIANT Granny piecing! Sounds good to me! Enjoy your Sunday!

A Cottage Muse said...

We have had lots and lots of rain between yesterday and today, much needed here, but I would love to be able to send you some! Jingles looked so comfy in his spot!

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