Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beating the heat and a whole lot of sweet

We normally have very dry heat here. When there is humidity, it is suffocating.

Currently it is 10:45 am and 109 degrees with only 9% humidity.

Hubby did not walk last night. When he walked Friday evening, he came back and said he felt like his insides were boiling. It was 111 degrees at the time.

There are not many visitors to my balconies these days. The odd dove will come along every now and then.

But it is lizard season. I still need to water the plants on my balconies and Jingles still insists on going outside in the evenings, but if I leave the door open for longer than a split second, little critters find their way in.

I caught a tiny one in my bedroom the other day and put it back outside (can you see him hiding in there?). The other one must have had a run in with Jingles as I found it tail-less and belly up.

Lots of sweet, juicy fruit is being consumed. I've not seen such flat nectarines before but they are exceptionally sweet and don't stay in the bowl long.

If you like a mix of sweet and salty, halloumi cheese and pear is delicious!

You can find me here surrounded by color and crochet.

The giant granny square on the sofa is one that belonged to my Mammaw. When she died, it was sent to me along with a red and white one that is in the kids room. I'm not sure who made them but I am very happy that they are here with me now.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Friendship blessings, Tammy


Garter Mademoiselle said...

Wow, that is some heat that you have there right now. I have been hearing from family on the east coast that the midwest's heat wave has reached them as well. 99° in NJ on Saturday and humidity that made the air thick enough to cut with a knife. I can hardly imagine 111°. We had 104° for two days last year, something totally unheard of here in ot her wise cool Germany. I love the crocheted blanket. My mother loved to crochet, and made afghans all the time. What the family did not get, she gave away to the church's annual raffle. We each have a "Grandma blanket", as the kids like to call them, and since my mom passed away 3 years ago, we like to cuddle under her blankets and keep her close to us!! Each of the kids' beds has an afghan hanging from the bedpost. There is something very special about handmade blankets! Enjoy yours! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday, and hopefully cooler temps soon. ~Debby

Linda said...

I wish I could train myself to love fruit. I just never ever crave it. We've always had it in the house because I brought Sarah up liking it, but me - it's still a rarity for me to eat more than just a small handful if that. It's wonderful that you have the blanket from your Grandma. No one I know has anything from ours -they've been gone since 1961 and 1972. Oh but wait, I DO have my Grandma's (1961) old furniture. I've been sitting on the couch in our garage theater room since I was born. It was hers before that. And the Wagon-Wheel Rocker of course in the Living Room belonged to my Dad and his parents (he lived with them until he married in his LATE 30s). :)

We're preparing to go out and work in the 100-degree heat in the backyard. It's Sunday morning and there are still yardwork things to do.

Tanna said...

Tammy, your photos of the fruit were cooling and refreshing after the shots of the heat stricken outside! I hate it has gotten too hot for your husband to walk. I admire his discipline to make himself exercise. Your color and crochet are soooo inviting. It is wonderful that you are surrounded by the handwork of generations past. I love that kind of thing... maybe especially because I don't have it.

Stay cool as you can. blessings ~ tanna

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Tammy Sweetie...
We too,here in the Phoenix desert are having our usual high temps, but humidity along with, which is unusual for us, and I DONT like it. This past week it has been as high as 41% humidity, unheard of for us. We have made it up to 118 and a little higher around the state. Hot, HOT and HOTTER. I am right there with you.

I leave at 5am for work and it isn't to bad on the way in. It is on the way home at 4-5 it gets so hot. I have never had air my vehicle, so I don't know what that feels like. Just the window down and 65 on the freeway.

Love seeing the fruit, looks so inviting and some evenings that is all we have as well. To hot to cook or heat up the house.

Mr. Jingles it like our Handsome Bruiser. He still likes to go out and sit on the HOT cool decking for awhile. I think they get cold inside.

Stay cool sweetie, and I am so enjoying seeing all of the beautiful creations that you are making. I especially love that granny square of your Mammaw's, and how lovely it looks on your sofa. Looks like you are getting there with your project as well. I have two left hands so I am hopeless in the crocheting department. I enjoy seeing your projects though. Thank you so much for sharing.

Have a glorious Sunday sweet one. Many hugs and much love from Phoenix, Sherry

Rebecca said...

Hi Tammy
I guess I will have to stop complaining about the heat... that is ridiculous heat! It has been hot here, stalling in the upper 90s but the humidity is very high here so it is hard to take. And we do not have air conditioning in this old house so the plaster walls get like an oven. If it cools off at night it isn't so bad but it as been still 90 degrees at 10 oclock...yuk - OK I said I wasn't going to complain.
Your crochet is beautiful, I have not learned to do that, my mom crochets all the time and I have a lovely afghan she made me and beautiful towels with crocheted flowers on them.
Have a wonderful day and stay cool!

Angela Richardson said...

We have had lots and lots of those 'donut' peaches here this year, every fruit stall in London had them, not so many here in the South West.
It's still cool in England with temperatures around 20C and showers too.
What is it like to have 'boiled insides', sounds horrid!!
Love the colours of your crochet.
Hugs, Angela.

Becky said...

Hi Tammy!Oh I guess its just hot hot everywhere.Our humidity is very high here.Yesterday we hit 105 with high humidity.My poor collie is throwing up and not keeping even water down.Hes inside where its cool but hes not feeling to good.

The fruit looks so yummy.I just love most fruit.Greeks usually take pears and drizzle honey over them.Its much sweeter but the cold fruit just absorbs it nicely.We have here in the states a flat peach,Im not real fond of them.We also have a white necturine,they seem to be a favorite of mine this yr.

Have a lovely new week ahead.Your kitty is cute,he must like it out there to check on the birds lol.

Shane Pollard said...

Dear Tammy

OMG that is hot - I don't think I could go out walking either - I hope he takes a bottle of water with him!

What a cozy looking corner of your room - I wish I could sit there with you Tammy - and you could teach me to crochet!!!!
Such a sweet blanket from your Mammaw and I'm sure it gives you a comforting feeling having something of hers close by.

Have a happy week
Shane x

Bolmara said...

Hello Tammy your blog is very nice !!!! I'm visiting at this moment and ejoying it a lot !!Do you live in Kwait !!!! wooowww this is great !!! a very rich place , congrats and tell me if you want more about Kwait !!!From Buenos Aires , Bolmara.

erin's art and gardens said...

it seems the whole northern hemisphere is so so hot!! all i can say about that, is thank goodness for air conditioning! i just love your granny squares! stay cool.

Maya Kuzman said...

I know the feeling - like you are trying to breathe cotton! Love the granny squares!

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog -- I am so glad you have conquered the Granny! It will give you so much pleasure
Kindest Regards Linda

Serena Lewis said...

We have high humidity here which just about kills me on our hottest summer days. Nectarines are one of my favourite fruits...YUM! What a cosy set-up you have there, Tammy...all the more special with the crochet blanket owned by your Mammaw ~ xo

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Tammy,

That is so hot, and wish I could send over a little of our cold weather, there is snow in a lot of places over here in NZ.
The fresh fruit in season is wonderful and I like the combination of pear and cheese.
Lovely to see your sofa and the beautiful crocheted blanket from your Mammaw.

Happy week

Nancy C said...

I'm always on the lookout for old crocheted afghans. I love the colorful ones, they are works of art in my mind.

The fruit looks delicious. The nectarines remind me of the Saturn peaches that are also flat. Not sure what the benefit is, but they do look cool. :)

Diane said...

Your lovely fruit looks refreshing and cool compared to the description of the heat there. It's hot here but not that hot, I'm ready for cool. Diane

val said...

Hi Tammy, this post is wonderful as usual. Jingles looks content and the fruit looks amazing. Seeing your granny squares make me want to make a blanket but today I make some crochet catnip toys and amigurumi panda bears :-)
Have a blessed day........and a wonderful week.

crafty cat corner said...

Hi for the first time and not the last, thanks so much for commenting on my blog it was lovely of you to take the time to have a look.
Hope you will pop by again.
Wow, how can you stand the heat, it only has to get a bit warm here in u.k. and we are moaning, we are more used to cloud and rain. lol
My mouth was literally watering looking at all that fruit, yum


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I feel bad for complaining about our little heatwave recently! Sending you cool thoughts! My weekend was nice as we attended my father in laws wedding!

Brandy Marie said...

I love your window shots. Heat & humidity are horrible. I feel for you, its been 102-105 here with t-storms/monsoons. Cools off just enough during the storms and steams right back as soon as they pass by. How your cat stays outside in that fur-coat is beyond me! ;) I hope you get some cooler weather. As well as the lizards and bugs stay out!! _B

Barbara Jean said...

Love the pic with the little birdy in it.
And, Love when I see you have come to visit.
Thanks for blessing me with your comments.

barbara jean

Anonymous said...

UGH!! I can see the condensation on the windows on that one picture. That does not look nice at all!! Sorry to know the humidity has found it's way to Kuwait. It is hot here, which is not nice after temps in the 70s earlier this week!! We will manage.
Your fruit looks wonderful especially now, with Ramadan going on. Peaches seems to be my passion right now, as I cannot get enough of them. Last night I ate two of them at about midnight. I am thinking I will probably do the same thing tonight.
Enjoy your fruit!! I will be doing the same!!


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