Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a New Day!

It's a new dawn!

It's a new month!

Welcome November!

I feel like I can finally say Happy Fall (even if it is still in the 90's around here). Wishing you a great week ahead. Friendship blessings, Tammy


Anonymous said...

Happy Fall to you, too! FINALLY! Your wreath is lovely! Saw the post about Halloween, too. It's over here now (9pm), so I will celebrate a new month in a few hours with you!
November: grandson's birthday, daughter/sil's anniversary, hair appointment for ME (I need one), and looking like a beautiful start to the day.
Have a peaceful and autumnal week!

Unknown said...

YeAH for birthday month! And a big happy cooler homey November greeting to you and yours~


Marilyn said...

and a Happy Autumn to you too....hope the weather cooperates and you can enjoy a few "cool" days!

Jane said...

Here's wishing you a great week and a wonderful fall too! We have been enjoying a beautiful fall here in the midwest and I'm hoping it will hold out just a little longer before the winter winds blow in!
Have a great week.

miruspeg said...

"And I'm Feeling Good"....great song!
Happy November my dear friend. Love your photos.
Blessings and hugs
Peggy xxx

Melissa said...

Wishing you a beautiful month filled with love, laughter and smiles!

Love and Hugs:*

Brenda Pruitt said...

November is my two daughters' birthday month. One will be 32 on the 14th. The older one will be 36.

Jessica Rodarte said...

What a lovely sunrise! :) I hope the cooler breezes start up soon for you! It's been cooler here in California lately, but it's starting to heat up again!

glor said...

And happy November to you too. We've finally hit 40 degree temperatures, a might bit cooler then you! Have a wonderful week too. Your pictures are beautiful ... love the wreath!

Christina Lowry said...

Happy Fall. It's my birthday month too! Looking forward to a lovely month ahead.


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Tammy.....thanks for stopping by the other know I can totally relate to your is in the 90's in AZ as well .... in fact tomorrow and the day after are supposed to be 92 or 93....weird hugh??

Doesn't seem much life fall!!

Hugs to you,


Anonymous said...

Mashallah, I can't believe another month is gone. Happy November to you. I have little doubt that it will be a good month, as I get my first visitors this month. It is always so nice to have something to look forward to.
Your wreath is lovely. I hope the temps cool down soon so you can enjoy a bit of time outside.

Love ya,

Claus said...

How did November come so quickly?!! This year has indeed gone by so very quickly.
Happy Fall!!...under the high temperatures :o) No Fall foliage here either, and the sky has been clear and sunny. It's been windy and a bit chilly at nights, so at least that's helping so that I don't feel in the middle of summer :o)
Have a happy November!!

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