Friday, April 6, 2018

April's Arrival

The arrival of April always tends to bring with it rather unpredictable and inclement weather.  Last Friday, we took a visitor to Friday Market where we spent an enjoyable hour and a half browsing and shopping the antiques and flea market stalls.
We then popped into the grocery store to pick up a few things and when we exited, this is what we were greeted with.
A major dust storm.

Of course, it cleared and there were some very nice days for walking during the week.
It's amazing how much is blooming right now.  
This is Spring's last hurrah before the summer heat takes over.

Last night I watched an electrical storm for a couple of hours from our balcony.
I find them fascinating.
As I'm typing this, there's strong winds blowing and according to my weather app, there's rain somewhere in Kuwait, but so far we haven't gotten any.

Whatever the weather, wherever you are, I hope you are well.
Happy weekend wishes,


Mereknits said...

Hello dear Tammy. We are in need of a storm or two here, everything is so dry. No need for a dust storm through! All the flowers look so beautiful. We are still in spring here but the heat of summer is approaching fast. Have a great weekend.

Createology said...

Hi Tammy from Rainy Nor Cal. Your day was so interesting and the bazaar looks amazing. YUCK to the Dust Storm! I love seeing electrical storms also. So stunning and spectacular! Happy April Dear...<3

Betsy said...

Those are amazing photos Tammy. Your dust storms remind me of when the smoke gets bad here in the summer. The electrical storm was beautiful and eerie looking. Thank you for sharing them with us. I would love to go to the market. Dennis went to some in Turkey that looked very similar. I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Quinn said...

The Friday Market looks likes a fun ramble, even to a terrible shopper like me. And those colorful flowers are SO beautiful! I'm glad you're having some clear weather and not just dust storms. Clear skies are so revitalizing, aren't they? We had a cold but clear day yesterday, and I'm glad I took Piper for a walk in the woods because today it's been More Snow Again.
Have a great weekend, Tammy!

Jennifer Hays said...

Your lightning photos are amazing, Tammy! Wow. I hope we'll have good storms this spring and summer. Winter was so dry for us this year. That was some dust storm! Ours can be bad but not like that. I assume the sun was out for the orange color to develop? Our dust storms can make everything look brown, gray, red, or anything in between, depending on the sky conditions aside from the dust in the air. I hope all is well with you, take care.

Teresa Kasner said...

I adore the flowers you have blooming there.. Lantana is one of my favorite flowers as they change as they open and I find them fascinating. AND.. they come in different color varieties.. sweet! I enjoyed your lightning photos.. I also find it exciting and so electrifying! Have a fabulous weekend! OH.. did you buy any of that fun looking jewelry? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Terra said...

Lightening in the sky, dust storms and pretty scenes of flowering plants, that is quite a range of weather and scenes.

Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

I'm always glad when a regular storm is over but those dust storms must be even worse. The flowers are pretty. Hopefully you can enjoy them for a while before the heat burns everything.
Have a great weekend, Tammy

Angie said...

Hubby and I were shopping today for some items for the new house, and so my eyes were drawn to the textiles ... I am looking for some bedcovers with a combination of dark red, dark blue and light blue (some light green and or a creamy white would be good in the mix as well).

Glad the dust storm blew over and you have been able to get out and snap shots of the lovely flowers ... still cold and snowy here!

Have a great weekend!

linda said...

I used to love mooching around Souk el Hamedeah in Syria your photo's brought back memories. That dust storm looks awful but I love the spring flowers, I wish there were more signs of Spring here it seems to have been a very long winter. Have a great weekend Tammy. :) xx

Tanna said...

Oh, those dust storms! We had them in West Texas when I was growing up. They are one of the biggest reasons I moved to and stayed in East Texas! Ha! It is so interesting that your spring flowers are many of our summer ones! The lantana and sunflower particularly. Oh, my goodness, I could run myself crazy at your Friday Market. Enjoy your weekend, Tammy! I hope for NO dust storms for you. blessings ~ tanna

Derya said...

Hi Tammy, The first pictures I saw bakırlar and rugs are very beautiful landscapes reminiscent of our country. In the past few weeks, there was a dusty storm here, and then the rain has improved, happy weekend.. :)

Kit said...

Oh how much fun those stalls must be to rummage through! So many beautiful items. I am glad the dust didn't last too long. We are still cold and snowy over here. But I do see little red buds forming on my maple outside my window. Pretty soon spring will get here. :) Kit

Zaa said...

I do love a good flea market and traveling the countryside.What fun!!! We still have 6 feet of snow .. so I can appreciate your lovely pictures..Thanks for sharing..

Angela said...

That flea market looks like a lot of fun. We have a nice flea market near where I live and I just love going there!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, great lightning shots! I like to watch electrical storms too (from a safe distance or behind glass).
Your spring flowers remind me of what I used to see growing in Southern California.
The market looks fascinating - so many lovely metal items. (Sometimes it seems like all we have here is plastic.)
Enjoy your spring, Tammy!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, Tammy.

Here, we are still waiting for truly warm weather. This morning, it's snowing again.... very untypical for April for Central-Illinois. The latest we normally have any snow is end of March and even then, that's rare. But.... the weather forecast (if one can believe it) shows 60s by Wednesday and 70s on Thursday and Friday and so I'm actually planning on taking off either Thursday or Friday to get some outdoor stuff done. I've been wanting to start my garden seeds (indoors of course) and then to add them to our little greenhouse. Many years, I'm planting outdoors already by the end of April. Who knows, this year.

Hope you have a great week.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Such pretty blossoms. I have always wondered about antique flea markets there.How pretty everything looks! Be careful watching those electrical storms........lightning is pretty, but dangerous!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Tammy,
Oh, your climate looks like the one my Uncle used to live in Broken Hill, NSW Australia - a HOT desert climate with lots of dust.
People who never have been there, have no inkling what it can do.
Even in northern México where we worked it could happen and certain weeds would roll with the wind and spread their seeds...
Still, any climate and any region has its fascinating beauty!
I'm like you and often have sat on the patio in Indonesia, studying the heavens as the Superpower makes photos form tiny Mother Earth and shakes her up. Or even here in Georgia, sitting or standing in the front porch and watch.
Lovely market and who would not be thrilled to walk there for some hours...
From our Turkish friends we got several of those Middle Eastern objects and they are beautiful.
We too have forever changing weather; form low 80s to 40s and that feels ugly.
Glad that we both escaped another bout of back ache from such a drastic change.
Guess we dressed smartly for an elegant wedding venture on a Plantation, halfway to Atlanta.
It was so cold and the wind was the worst! Felt so sorry for the bride and bridesmaids.
WHY do nowadays such weddings have to be outdoors? Later the dinner was indoors and that was cozy!
I was on one crutch, down from two crutches. I fell on my left hip and x-ray showed no broken bone.
BUT after 2 weeks still in pain and unable to fully lean on that leg, from the Ischium as I'd indicated from the beginning.
Finally the doctor ordered MRIs and it showed something. To be sure this morning another CT scan and yes, my left sacrum and pubic bone show a hairline crack. Aha! I've still walked on Sunday 2 km... on one crutch and leaning on the shopping cart that Pieter pushed. Going to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market and to Costco and driving home. Getting in and out of the car is painful as well as gettin in and out of bed... But I'm happy! Tomorrow I will go to Ortho Georgia, don't want to ever face the person locally that ruined my left hand by messing up my index finger. Rather drive my one hour one way!
Got a lot of writing done and further chronicling our Australia trips and adventures together. Wonderful world, wonderful people and wonderful travels.

SusanLotus said...

What amazing nice things! Everything in Oriental/Arabic/Morroccan/Indian style appeals to me very much. Hope you found something nice for your already very beautiful home.

It looks powerful with sandstorm. Strange color in the atmosphere. I guess the sand gets in just everywhere .

The photos from your walk are very nice. I like it extra with the little yellow and pink flowers. Here with us, the sun is shining today. And soon, hopefully, the flowering begins.

I find it very fascinating with thunder and lightning too. Mother Earth is a powerful!

Hope you are having a very good day
and sending you blessings!

Lorrie said...

Hello Tammy,
The dust storm looks very unpleasant. I can imagine the grit that would get everywhere. But what amazing blue skies follow! I'm sure you're enjoying the beauty of spring with all the flowers. I like watching electrical storms, too, but we rarely get them here. I remember watching lightning flash from one side of the sky to the other when we lived in the Andes.

handmade by amalia said...

I would love to spend an hour in your market, it looks to be full of treasures. The dust storm will fill me with horror - did I leave the windows open?

Caterina Giglio said...

You would love Florida, then, we have the most lightning anywhere and often it is quite terrifying... your market is so charming.. just fascinating to see your part of the world .. xo

Anonymous said...

You got amazing shots of the lightning!!! Isn't it fascinating to watch from a safe distance.

I think what really is interesting to me though is ..... even though we live so far away from each other, many of the plants you show are plants we have HERE too.

Diane said...

Tammy, I received your lovely package yesterday. What a lovely surprise. Both of the gifts are lovely. It hardly seems possible that your son is graduating!!! Seems like he was only beginning - to me at least. Congratulations to him and your family. Thank you so much, Tammy. Diane

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