Friday, November 18, 2016


This picture of Jingles describes how I felt for several days at the beginning of the week.
I just wanted to keep the world at bay.
So I retreated.
On Tuesday, while checking plants on the balcony and talking to a friend on the phone, I was mesmerized by this little insect that flew directly into a tiny hole and then reemerged a short while later.
Emerging: "the act of becoming known or coming into view"
It was a true reflection of how I had been feeling.
That night, I was inspired by a post by my friend, Maureen, about a community coloring project in Brooklyn; so did a bit of my own color therapy.
And my youngest son sent the below image with the message "it's weird actually having an Autumn".
So, on Wednesday morning, I took a walk with my crocheted leaves, and created my own little Autumn here in the desert.
I left a little love behind at my neighborhood park.
And that afternoon I attended a volunteer meeting at The Secret Garden to plan our Saturday gardening day.
Finding this little fella in the dirt at the garden certainly brought a smile to my face.
Happy Friday!


faith76 said...

I love your happy little take on Autumn :) xxx

September Violets said...

It's nice to step back and retreat every so often. I hope you're feeling more like emerging again ... at least in time for Saturday's gardening. So nice that your son(s) are able to experience a real North American autumn ;)
Enjoy your weekend!

Laurie said...

Love those little crocheted leaves! I love how you spread joy among your city with your crocheted treasures.

Bee Lady said...

Hi Tammy,
Your little crocheted fall leaves are adorable. I was kind of in a slump about a month ago. Okay, not kind of...full blown lump in my throat slump. I just kept doing positive things, making plans to do Christmas type stuff, and I'm feeling good again. You are on your way! When you give, you get. Those little hearts of love are a wonderful way of giving. Happy Friday to you!

Cindy Bee

Susan said...

Hello Dear Tammy....Oh, I can so identify with wanting, at times, to just retreat from the world-at-large. Please tell my how your son is liking Albany. Today, in western Massachusetts, we are having snow! I imagine it's pretty snowy where he is, too. Sending warm thoughts to you. Susan

Kim Andersen said...

Happy autumn to you! I love your little love gift at the park - and then you were gifted back with the intrepid Woodstock :)

Mereknits said...

I made those leaves earlier in the season, I just love them. I bet your youngest is chilly today!
Hugs to you, wish I could emerge from the nightmare of this election.

Kit said...

I love how you created Autumn. So cute! In spite of the world, I have immerged and will continue to celebrate my life. :) Kit

Serena Lewis said...

A beautiful post, Tammy!

I understand about the lack of autumn where you's like that here in Brissie too. We did get to experience a Wyoming autumn though so that was nice. Your 'created' autumn was lovely!

Serena Lewis said...

I meant to add that I loved the pics of the insect. I get quite mesmerised by insect activity too. All life is precious. :)

Lotusblommans vardag said...

I retired for a while too. Just like your cutie Jingles.

Or for too long actually.
Time for me to wake up! :D

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